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Happy Thanksgiving Week!


Between returning from the 2014 Board Game Geek Convention, pet sitting, routine doctor’s appointments, a surprise foster dog arrival 3 weeks early, and cooking enough sweet potatoes for 32 people, I will simply wish you all a HAPPY THANKSGIVING and get back to work, LOL.

Hug your loved ones, eat good food, and have a relaxed week.  I’ll be back on Monday!!!  Oh, and remember to enter the Great Thanksgiving Charity Giveaway!

Remember to Enter The Great Thanksgivi​ng Charity Giveaway!!! Win $125!!!

Tweet It’s ALMOST Over!!! Enter to Win by November 27th!!! It’s time to WIN a little and GIVE a little at the same time!!! Welcome to The Great Thanksgiving Charity Giveaway!!!


Kevin, formerly of Invest It Wisely and now a great application developer for apps like the Easy Voice Recorder at Digipom, came to me with an idea for a November charity drive and giveaway. I jumped on and was honored to co-host it here!

Here’s how it’s working:

The 10 bloggers below started things off with $25 per blog being added into a big pot. Then a few other bloggers chipped in and joined in. That is what led to the $125 prize for one big winner, plus the charity pot of $200!!! Sponsorship ended November 20, 2014. This whole giveaway will run from November 5th, 2014 at 7am EST to November 27th, 2014 at 11:59pm EST. . . . → Read More: Remember to Enter The Great Thanksgivi​ng Charity Giveaway!!! Win $125!!!

Readers, What Are You Up To?


The holidays are around the corner. I know that means most of you are probably not reading many blogs right now. BUT, if you are seeing this, what are you up to in your life? I want to know. You all make my day just by reading my daily entries…it’s time for me to learn more about you.

How is life? How are your loved ones? What’s your favorite hobby? What plans do you have? What goals are you trying to achieve?

Help a girl out – I want to know about you!

It’s That Property Tax Time of Year…YUCK!


The property tax bills are flowing in. EWWWW!!!

Our Property Tax Breakdown

Okay, so we own two homes. Each home receives three property tax bills – school, county, and water district taxes. Texas doesn’t have state taxes, but property taxes range from 2%-4% of a home’s value in total depending on the exact area. I’m in a 2.8%-3.1% suburb of Houston.

Our rental property is appraised at $110,000, isn’t in a home owner’s association (HOA), and is pretty straight-forward. Our own home is appraised at $262,000 and we get a single homestead exemption on the county tax bill that simply is based on a $247,000 value rather than the full $262,000 value. Our HOA dues are about $720 a year.

I’ve received four tax bills so far and the HOA dues letter. By December 1st, I will receive a total of 6 property tax bills and the one . . . → Read More: It’s That Property Tax Time of Year…YUCK!

Do You Prioritize Sleep?


Over the last 4.5 years of blogging, a bunch of you have asked about how I keep up with it all. My responses have all boiled down to making and following lists and many nights with about 5-6 hours of sleep. Well, I’m getting a little older every day just like you. It may be time for me to admit that I need to prioritize sleep.

The Power of Sleep

If I get 7+ hours of sleep, I don’t feel like I need a nap right after lunch. That mid-afternoon sluggishness just disappears. It feels like my head is clearer, I can accomplish more in less time, and I can stay perky pretty much all day. When I get 5 hours or less of sleep in a night, I feel like a sloth on and off all day, my lack of productivity turns me into a whiny grouch, and . . . → Read More: Do You Prioritize Sleep?

Vacation Planning Gets Trickier with More Businesses…


It’s that time of year again. Time for the Board Game Geek (BGG) Convention in Dallas! Last year, I actually tackled someone. I wonder how much more awesome this year will be?!

Oh, and the coolest part is that for the last two years, I was just a normal attendee. This year, I’m a Team Geek volunteer and hope to get to know everybody by the end of our 5-6 days there! It’ll mean more work since I will be helping where needed a lot of the time, but it also means getting to know the organizers and even other attendees better. That’s my favorite part of any event.

Juggling Work Requirements

As excited as I am to be throwing down with my fellow geeks, I have two full-time businesses to handle too. For my online world, we’re getting free WiFi at the BGG hotel. I plan to . . . → Read More: Vacation Planning Gets Trickier with More Businesses…

A Good Financial Education


Does receiving a formal financial education lead to more prudent financial decision? This is something that is currently being widely discussed, as fragile economies reach recovery. While many commentators believe that there is an alarming lack of financial literacy amongst adult populations in developed countries, there is still considerable doubt as to whether formalized financial literacy training has any impact on our money-related behaviors.

Those who have grown up knowing how to be sensible with money are in good stead to turn it into a career as well as living a healthy financial lifestyle. This could even take you overseas to study at the Manchester LSBF campus in England or the LSBF business school in the heart of Toronto.

We take a brief look at some of the main arguments about finance education below.

Arguments in favor of a formal financial education

A recent Cambridge University study suggests that . . . → Read More: A Good Financial Education