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Happy Halloween!!!

I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!  What exciting plans do you have today?!  Make sure they kick butt! It’s a rule!

Love Halloween on a Friday

I’m going to finish up work as soon as I can. Then I’ll help turn the guy that fixed my roof into a zombie.  Long story short, he was fixing our roof and ceiling and met Mandy, my roommate that also does costume makeup.  He’s hiring her to turn him into a creepy zombie.  :-)

Then we’re going to eat grilled chicken and mashed potatoes that I’m making for girls’ nights, hand out candy to all of the goblins and goblinettes, and then we’re hitting an 80’s dance club with a costume party.  Woot!  A $5 entry fee and $1.50 well drinks – Cat Woman will ride again!!!

Oh, and I give extra candy to the kids that know the Weeping Angel reference from my garage door.  If your kid knows Doctor Who, they deserve more sugar.  And I give out awesome candy – Snickers, Skittles, Starbursts, and gummy body parts.  :-D

Garage Door Halloween Decorations

This is my absolute favorite. Please try to really understand the detail work involved with this. I watched Will make the cuts into the poster board with a box cutter, and I still have no idea how it turned into something so amazing!

Anyway, Halloween is happening at the Stemberger house! Be merrily spooky, everybody!!!

Being in Big Brothers Big Sisters – Awesome and Inexpensive!!!


It’s been nearly a year since I updated all of you about being in Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS). Honestly, it just became part of my life and I forgot that I stopped talking about it here, LOL.

My Little Bro

That’s my Little Bro watching his favorite animal ever, a sea lion, jumping out of the water. This was his first ever trip to the zoo! Yay!!! I got lucky to get this shot, lol. And yes, his mom gave me permission to use it or any of the photos I take. :-)

My Little Bro and I were matched up in September 2013 and started hanging out in October 2013. He was 10 years old when we were matched up and is 11 now. I am 20 years older than him, and I love that since it makes remembering his age way easier. Hahaha.

Overall, he . . . → Read More: Being in Big Brothers Big Sisters – Awesome and Inexpensive!!!

Hair Dying Experiment Update – Meet Magenta!


It’s been about 6 weeks, and my hair just changed again. Someone asked me this past weekend why I’m not happy with what God gave me. I asked if they only eat one thing all of the time. They laughed and said no. I just looked at them with a “duh” face until they laughed again and said “I get the point”. I then just explained that I love my real hair (strawberry blonde) and just wanted to love other colors too! That said, I’ve continued my hair coloring saga…

Colors So Far

Manic Panic Ultra Violet – Dyed August 17, 2014 and lasted about 5 days at this color. Faded quickly and was gone completely in 2 weeks.

N’Rage Cobalt Blue – Dyed September 1, 2014 and stayed vibrant until September 10, 2014.

Ion Brights Sky Blue – Dyed September 12, 2014 and stayed bright . . . → Read More: Hair Dying Experiment Update – Meet Magenta!

Tips to Having a Millionaire’s Net Worth


A young man named Anton guest posted at Budgets Are Sexy yesterday with his 10 Habits to Become a Millionaire. His list worked for him and he’s about 27 years old!

10 Habits to Become a Millionaire

Here was the list and how I added up:

1. Set detailed and actionable goals. CHECK 2. Track you net worth. CHECK 3. Save 60% of your income. Nope. 4. Avoid expensive things. Nope. 5. Pay yourself first. SORT OF… 6. Avoid consumer debt. Nope. 7. Have an emergency fund. CHECK 8. Save ahead for large expenses. CHECK 9. Invest no matter what. CHECK 10. Invest when others panic. CHECK

My Reply

I thought Anton had achieved something very cool and I liked his tips! Here is what I replied yesterday morning:

Great tips to live by! We were getting close to hitting all of those a few years ago, but we . . . → Read More: Tips to Having a Millionaire’s Net Worth

Another Successful Halloween Party and Potluck!!!


We hosted our annual Halloween bash again this past Saturday and it was FANTASTIC!!! I didn’t have pet sitting and all of the house stuff is pretty much wrapped up, so I was finally able to let totally loose for the first time in weeks!


The theme was “comic books”, but we are really open to every costume imaginable. I dressed up as Cat Woman for half the night and then switched to the Black Widow since the cowl was getting restrictive. Mr. BFS wore a Batman t-shirt, LOL.

Left to Right: Me as Black Widow (and yes, my hair is Magenta now), Anne as a flapper girl, Isabelle as Snow White, Ivy as a SHIELD agent, and Mandy as Marilyn Monroe.

Mandy was a classy Marilyn Monroe. Her boy, H, was Hugh Heffner. Dee was Max from Where the Wild Things Are and her guy was . . . → Read More: Another Successful Halloween Party and Potluck!!!

What Can People Find out about My Company Using a Public Search?


If someone wanted to find out more information about your business, just how much could they learn using a public search? Public business records about your company filed with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) provide a wide range of information that is publicly accessible. All someone needs is the Australian Business Number (ABN) Australian Company Number (ACN) for your business and they can use online databases to gather information about your company, its directors, and even the nature of your company’s relationships to other businesses.

Using an ASIC search to look for a basic snapshot of a business is called a Current Company Extract. The extract will provide basic information about the company such as current office addresses and the address registered as the principal place of business. The amount of information available depends upon the type of organisation, but in many cases the extract will list . . . → Read More: What Can People Find out about My Company Using a Public Search?

I’m Discovering Dollar Stores


I haven’t ever been a huge proponent of dollar stores since I generally thought that most of the things they sell aren’t worth $1 or will break too quickly. Well, the new Dollar Tree near my house is changing my mind.

Plethora of Choices

This Dollar Tree is huge. There are seasonal items, household goods, tools, makeup, toiletries, and even food. It’s like a mini-Walmart except I never feel like I’m being trapped into small aisles between baskets and motorized scooters.

I was honestly surprised by the selection. In the 1990’s, I remember dollar stores having cheap toys, candy, wrapping paper, and random stuff that I usually bought elsewhere. Boy, has it changed!

I went in about a month ago to check out their Halloween decorations. I had time, so I browsed around. That’s when I figured out that they had so much. I think I spent . . . → Read More: I’m Discovering Dollar Stores