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The Super Bowl Will Cost Us $15 or Less

One of my newsletter subscribers, Pedro, asked me what I thought about the Super Bowl.  I replied in today’s newsletter that it’s awesome since it gives us a reason to socialize, eat, and gamble.  I forgot to mention that I also think it’s cheap fun.  :-D

Our Super Bowl Cost

My husband and I will be bringing cheese dip and chips to a Super Bowl party (there’s $5) at my in-laws.  We’ll also be throwing $5 each into a “squares” pot.  That’s a form of gambling since you get 1/4 of the pot if the quarterly scores end in the numbers you end up being randomly assigned on a grid.  We usually don’t win, but the year we did has paid for the rest, LOL.  Yep, the Super Bowl is costing us $15 for a whole afternoon and evening of entertainment.  Plus I could win even more than we spent.  I call that a win in general!

This Year’s Super Bowl Will Be Slightly Special…Deflate-Gate

If you have heard of “Deflate-Gate”, you probably laughed (like me) at the name.  And you know that the New England Patriots were found to have been using footballs that were missing about 2 pounds of air pressure in the game that let them into the Super Bowl.  Missing air pressure makes the balls easier to handle.  It’s like throwing a spitball in baseball (altering the way the ball flies by putting saliva on it).  It’s cheating.  And it’s stupid since professional American football players should be able to handle a properly inflated football.  It was unnecessary, stupid cheating that will probably lose the Patriots at least one draft pick next season.

So there are now a ton of people who want “the cheaters” to lose.  I still don’t really care since I rather play sports than watch them (not football though – it looks idiotically painful).  But I do want the Seattle Seahawks to be so motivated that this is their best football game ever.  That would make my snacking and gambling even more fun.

What are your spending on the Super Bowl?  Are you looking forward to it?

P.S.  Funny Deflate-Gate Memes

Deflate-gate 1

Let’s start with the pre-teen humor that made me giggle…

Deflate-Gate 2

Then we’ll move on to the one that’s funny because it could be true…

Deflate-Gate 3

Lastly, the poor 12th ball…

Yo, McDonalds, Serve Breakfast All Day!!!


I was talking to Mandy (my friend and roommate) last night, and we were laughing at things that happened in the McDonald’s drive through when she worked there at the end of high school. Like the time she had to call the cops because a stubborn drunk guy decided to park and eat in the drive through lane at the same time a different customer’s car BURST INTO FLAMES in the regular parking area…

Or the time that a lady THREW HER SANDWICH across the counter and all over Mandy because she “specifically ordered it without onions.” Mandy calmly explained that it was lettuce, not onions, while she also calmly fetched the manager…

Or the time that a lady in the drive through that paid with 1087 loose pennies…

Or the time that a guy high on something life paid her $100.08 instead of $1.08 and drove off while . . . → Read More: Yo, McDonalds, Serve Breakfast All Day!!!

Retiring the 2012 New Home Wish List


In April 2012, I posted about our wish list for the new home that we were moving into by the end of that year. I stated that we would only buy something on the list if “it has been on there for at least 6 months and we already have the cash on hand in our Wish List ING Savings account to buy it. The only exception will be if we see the item on a sale so good that it is literally 50% or less of its normal cost and perfect for our house.”

The 2012 New Home Wish List

Well, we never actually created a wish list account, so that became moot. But we did take our time to jump on some solid deals.

– Refrigerator. We found our refrigerator in September 2012, a month before we moved in. I kept cringing at $1500-$2000 price tags, but . . . → Read More: Retiring the 2012 New Home Wish List

What Do You Pay for Your Internet?


We cut cable in August 2014, but we kept AT&T Uverse High Speed Internet. We pay for their highest speed option and it comes to $55 a month.

It has some service issues a few times a month for about an hour, which is really annoying, but I assumed this happened with lots of companies. Yet a couple of our friends thought they paid $10 less with Comcast (though they have cable too, so it’s not a direct comparison), and they felt like theirs was faster. I can’t find a ton online, so I’ll be calling around and asking for quotes. But where should I start?

“High Speed”…I don’t think so.


What do you pay for your internet? What company are you with? Do you know if it is in Texas or not? I really appreciate your feedback!

. . . → Read More: What Do You Pay for Your Internet?

Debt Doesn’t Have to Be Forever!


Jackie at the Debt Myth has started a movement and I am joining in! Debt can be insidious, but it doesn’t have to be forever. My personal story is still writing itself and I’ve been on a few different sides of debt so far.

My Debt Story So Far

Thanks to my parents and working up to 60 hours a week during my last year of college, I didn’t start off with student loan debt. But I did get a shiny car loan in 2005 as soon as I had my first real job a month out of college. It wasn’t a huge loan, $11,000 over 5 years, but that was nearly half of what I made per year after taxes. My new husband and I made the conscious decision to pay it off as soon as possible, and ended up doing just that a few months after we . . . → Read More: Debt Doesn’t Have to Be Forever!

Food for Thought Friday – $1 Drinks at McDonalds


Here’s a random food thought for this Friday:

McDonalds Offering Any Size Soft Drinks or Tea for $1 was GENIUS

I NEVER bought a drink from McDonalds before unless it came with a meal I really craved, and ordering a meal was rare for me. I’m a value menu girl and can get along great with a $1-$1.50 sandwich and a $1 Fruit and Yogurt Parfait.

Then they started offering their drinks, any size, for $1. Now the “large sweet tea, half cut” has become a consistent order from me at least once if not several times a week as I travel between pet sitting jobs or to visit friends. “Half cut” is just their way of making a half sweet, half unsweet tea.

Seriously, between me and my husband, they probably make at least $150 a year on us in just teas. Yes, we make unsweet tea . . . → Read More: Food for Thought Friday – $1 Drinks at McDonalds

Have You Seen Revolution? What Would You Do Without Power?


I’ve been watching the tv show, Revolution, and I just keep thinking about how insane my life would become without electricity. I won’t ruin the show or do any plot spoilers, but it starts out showing a quick glimpse of the world without the use of any electricity or electricity-related items all caused by a mysterious something that happened 15 years ago…

The Obvious

Okay, so no electricity equals the end to our life as we currently know it. In the show, people turn cruel and only the strong or smart or cunning seem to survive. I hope we wouldn’t turn on each other quite as quickly, but rioting and general people-ness probably doesn’t lead to anything good.

I think my husband and I would spend the first weeks seeing if we could gather friends, family, and supplies for a hike to the country. We live in hurricane . . . → Read More: Have You Seen Revolution? What Would You Do Without Power?