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“Fun Stuff” on a Tight Budget – Cheap Fun Things to Do

I’m really looking forward to Friday.  Why?  Because I’m hanging out with one of my best friends, Dee.

Our Cheap Fun

Yep, we’re grabbing lunch with my hubby’s grandpa and then just chatting all afternoon.  She’ll also get to show off her trailer now that she is close to moving into it for the next year.  We may then grab dinner at a cheap fried seafood place that is delicious too.  The whole day will cost me less than $20 in gas and food.

See, she’s pet sitting at her mom’s house outside of town about an hour.  It’s BORING.  I pet sat for her mom twice now and can 100% agree that there isn’t anything to do close to that house, but the area is pretty and peaceful.  I figured that having some company would make it way more fun since good company makes everything more fun.  ;-)

Other Ideas for Cheap Fun Things to Do

Since you may not have a friend to rescue from boredom, here are some other ideas for cheap fun:

  1. Board gaming with friends
  2. Have some alone time with your significant other.
  3. Online games with others – like the free card games or Ticket to Ride
  4. Picnics – I love them!
  5. Local parks
  6. Feed the ducks
  7. Discount movie theaters
  8. Used book stores
  9. Under-valued kids’ games like Hide and Seek, Freeze Tag, and Shadow Tag.  How long since you embraced your inner child?
  10. Potlucks
  11. In-Home movie nights
  12. Pajama parties and sleepovers – not just for kids!  The adult version can include rated R movies and booze.  :-)
  13. City museums, zoos, and theaters usually have discounted times.
  14. Read a book or two or three…
  15. Libraries kick butt.
  16. Play with your pets!
  17. Call friends or family that you haven’t talked to in a while.
  18. Write actual letters to those you love that would get a kick out of finding something in their mailbox other than junk mail.
  19. Turn a hobby into money.  Sell a craft, babysit, pet sit, write a post for a blogger, brew a beer, etc.
  20. Cook something new.

What comes to mind for you?


What to do When You Need Cash Now but Have No Job


When you lose a job and the cash runs out, it is hard to figure out which direction to turn in. Getting a loan is not an option since you have no way of repaying it. Borrowing from friends or family may also not be an option due to their own financial status. Even getting a credit card is impossible with no income. There are a few options to consider when you need cash now to purchase groceries, pay rent/mortgage and keep the utilities on.

Obtain a Loan from a Pawn Shop

If you have items of value, this is one way to get a loan. Pawn shops do make loans that are generally required to be repaid within 90 – 120 days. The amount of the loan is based upon the value of the item or items you take in. Some will loan money on vehicles, so if . . . → Read More: What to do When You Need Cash Now but Have No Job

Cheap Way to Kill Fleas on Your Pet


Mr. BFS and I are pet sitting two foster dogs for SMART Rescue while their normal foster family is on vacation. Riley and Missy are both adorable and settled in well very quickly, but then I realized that Missy had fleas! Ack! I hate parasites.

Eradicating Fleas

Missy just had her flea prevention and heartworm prevention medicines, but I don’t mess around with fleas. So I searched online and found a cheap and easy method for killing fleas on an animal pretty easily. Dishwashing soap or shampoo plus a little water, then a full bath. Specifically:

1. I used a plastic cup to do a half and half combo of dishwashing soap (off brand Dawn) and water. 2. I started on Missy’s head and spread the heavy soap solution all over her, making sure not to miss her legs, the tail, and all of the hard to get . . . → Read More: Cheap Way to Kill Fleas on Your Pet

Do You Charge Friends for Services?


I’m a full time blogger and now I’m pretty much a full time pet sitter too. But now that it is an actual company, our friends ask about my rates when they need their pets watched. Even friends that we’ve pet sat for before for free. It’s just a weird situation. Do you charge friends for your professional services?

I stuck this in because it made me laugh…

The Situation Matters

Obviously, the situation makes a big difference. For example, one of our friends has dropped off his dog with us more than a year ago and we watched her for free while he was gone for a few days. She was house trained and just fit in really well. It was hardly any extra work. Well now, the same friend is paying us because he and his family have adopted a menagerie, lol. He is still dropping . . . → Read More: Do You Charge Friends for Services?

Deleting Time Sucks


My name is Crystal and I am a silly game addict. Have you ever played Candy Crush? How about Farm Heroes Saga? What level have you made it to? Still fit in play time in those free minutes that you can steal? I myself made it to level 181 of Candy Crush with all 3 stars all the way up to level 84. And I have deleted it from my phone…

The Time Sucks

I knew it was time to delete the suckers from my phone when I started to literally have dreams about perfect Candy Crush matches. I woke up feeling more tired than when I went to bed.

I stopped playing a few weeks after those dreams and finally deleted it from my phone completely a few months after that. The “few minutes” that I spent on it every day started adding up to more than . . . → Read More: Deleting Time Sucks

Keeping Our Electricity Costs Low AND Enjoying My A/C


I hate heat. Rising temperatures generally lead to my rising temper. Overall, I am a summer heat wuss that uses her air conditioner as a weapon against the world outside. Given that, our current Houston, TX electricity costs are definitely not as low as they could be. BUT, I don’t think you have to suffer to save money. I shop around.

The Long Game

At the end of every contract that I have with an electricity company, I look around to make sure that I am still getting the best deal for our situation. Two of our friends live with us in a pretty large house, so we have four adults that all appreciate keeping our home pretty cool. During the day, we generally want our thermostat between 75-76 degrees. At night, we all like it at 72 degrees so we can hibernate appropriately. I know how lucky . . . → Read More: Keeping Our Electricity Costs Low AND Enjoying My A/C

New Orleans on a Budget


As I mentioned yesterday, I was in New Orleans last week with my husband and a couple of our friends. I’ll be going back in September for the 2014 Financial Blogger Conference. I figured I could help a few of us out by posting how we can visit New Orleans on a budget.


For this last trip, we drove to New Orleans from Houston, TX using our 2007 Prius. Altogether, it cost $60 for gasoline. If you live close enough to drive, it may be something to consider.

If you can’t drive, check out your public transportation options. I’m using the Megabus in September to get to New Orleans and my mother-in-law is picking me up. The 1-way Megabus ticket cost me $9.75 and that includes the upgrade to the best seat and the 25 cents to receive text notifications of any changes. It looks like most . . . → Read More: New Orleans on a Budget