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Please Help Kylie Ofiu. We Won't Let the Abusers Win!

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Let’s Get Kylie to #FinCon14!!! We Won’t Let Abusers Win!!!

Update as of April 24, 2014

We’ve raised $350 so far!!!  FinCon14 will cost a total of $2500 for the plane, the entry tickets, and room and board if she shares.  I’d love to help her raise some money for her legal fees too.  So our minimum target is $2500 and our main goal is $5000 total!!!  Please help!!!



You may know of Kylie Ofiu from Aspiring Millionaire.  She’s a mother, a blogger, a speaker, and raises awareness for the charity, Communities@Work.  I first “met” Kylie online as a great guest poster and cool blogger lady.

Kylie Ofiu

Then I had the pleasure of meeting her in person at The Financial Blogger Conference.  She’s a strong woman that turns true life crap into pure opportunity.  Since 2012, she’s published occasional updates about that crap along with stories of her amazing growth as a person overall.

Kylie’s Past 18 Months

To save all of us major browsing time, and with her permission to share what she’s published, here is a general synopsis of her situation:

  • She’s in Australia.
  • In 2012, her now-ex-husband started abusing her physically.
  • By the end of 2012, he tried to stab her and started stalking her.
  • While extricating herself from that, she was raped by someone else.
  • She and her children lived in a garage while she got on her feet.
  • Now court cases are sucking up all of her money and she may have to skip FinCon14 on top of everything else.
  • Despite all of that, Kylie swears that she wouldn’t change her past at all since she is stronger now than ever.  Her exact words (which make me want to hug her)

I am very grateful for the experiences, I have learned so much, grown a lot and changed so much. I really like the person I am now, the place my life is at and I have been actively involved in helping the homeless and domestic violence victims and love it. I have been offered a dream job because of it all too.


Now for what I didn’t tell Kylie that I was planning.  I want to get her to FinCon14.  During the worst parts of our lives, getting away can be amazingly beneficial.  Hell, just sleeping well overseas may help.  And even if she can’t make it, I want to help her with what we can for all of the costs that she is incurring because of evil people.  Here is what I am suggesting:

  • Donate directly to Kylie via her Paypal – k_ofiu *at*
  • Donate to the current charity drive, CEO Sleepout, via her page to help her hit her $2000 goal.
  • If you can’t donate, or even if you just want to help more, please leave a supportive comment to her below and promote her charity drive via Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, etc.
  • Forward this post to everyone you know!!!

Please help any way you can.  We couldn’t stop the abuse, but we can stop the abusers from killing her financially.  She doesn’t know I posted this yet, so let’s make her really wonder about where all this money is popping up from before she catches on!!!  Make it an Eggceptionally Amazing Easter weekend!!!  ;-)


Have You Used Not Hearing or Experiencing Good Things…


I was looking at other ways to grow my side hustle, Crystal’s Cozy Care Pet Sitting, and came across I decided to try the free version, spent a few hours over a few days to create a solid profile, and splurged $10 on a background check. Now I am slightly worried. Here is what I’ve heard so far… Feedback from Others One of my current pet sitting gigs is with a lady that tried to find help through, but she found out AFTER submitting her needs that if you don’t join all the way for $40 a month, you can’t reply to anybody’s applications or see their contact details. She only needed one visit on one day (a $25 job), so paying $40 upfront just wouldn’t make sense for her. That means that everyone I’ve answered on their site so far couldn’t even get back . . . → Read More: Have You Used Not Hearing or Experiencing Good Things…

Are You Not Receiving Opportunities, or Are You Just Ignoring Them?


Jason at Live Real, Now wrote about some family members that are unemployed and aren’t looking to change since “it’s in God’s hands”. Apparently, they have lived like this for as long as he’s known them. It reminds me of this joke I heard in college:

There’s this huge flood one day, and an entire town looks like it’s going to be swallowed up by the waters. The Police and rescue organizations are running all over the place trying to get people to safety.

They send the rescue boat over to this house where a guy’s sitting on the roof with the water lapping around his ankles, and they say “Come on, quickly, there isn’t much time!”

To which he says “Nah, it’s ok, God will provide.”

About an hour later they’re zooming past in the boat again, and they notice the guy’s still there, only the water’s up . . . → Read More: Are You Not Receiving Opportunities, or Are You Just Ignoring Them?

Wealth Is a Choice.


The following is a guest post by my blogging buddy, Marie Phillips. Marie blogs at Family Money Values and writes for multiple other personal finance sites. She has just authored her newest eBook – Choose Wealth! Be a Millionaire by Midlife – available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and other eBook online retailers.

Each person chooses their own life’s destiny – either on purpose or accidentally. Every day, you make many small choices which, over your lifetime, add up and cause you to become the person you are. Sometimes the choices are deliberate, other times we choose by not choosing.

Some of us are born to privilege, some to poverty. Some of us are born and live in peace and plenty, others deal with conflict and paucity. Some are born into stable and loving families while others lack such support. Whatever our circumstances, we choose.

We either choose to . . . → Read More: Wealth Is a Choice.

Wicked Cool Wood Watch and GIVEAWAY!!!


Have you heard of JORD wood watches? I hadn’t until last week, but they got me. Not only did I offer to write a review, but they let me snag one for a giveaway too!

Unique Look

JORD’s are watches with wood wrist bands and faces, so say goodbye to metal and plastic! I generally don’t buy into new fads, but I really thought this new wood design just looked cool. It also was delivered well packaged in a nice box. This is definitely the fanciest watch in our house right now.

There were several options with this style alone. I chose the Fieldcrest Black since it can be feminine or masculine. They were sponsoring the exact same watch for the giveaway, so I didn’t want to pick one that was obviously not meant for a certain gender.

Here is how the Fieldcrest watch looks on a . . . → Read More: Wicked Cool Wood Watch and GIVEAWAY!!!

The Convenience of Credit Card Debt


The following is another post from Lyle, a self-employed guitar instructor, performer, web-designer and blogger. For the past twenty years, he has adopted the tenets of voluntary simplicity to live a thrift shop life and has recently began blogging with these concepts in mind at The Joy of Simple.

If you read my previous guest post, How Being A Credit Card Delinquent Saved Me Thousands of Dollars, you might recall that for more than twenty years I had been happily credit card free…well…at least that’s the way it was until about six months ago when I received a MasterCard in the mail.

How They Got Me

Normally I don’t fill out credit card applications, but I felt sorry for the woman who was being constantly passed by and ignored by this particular stores’ customers. So when she sheepishly asked if I wouldn’t mind filling out the . . . → Read More: The Convenience of Credit Card Debt

Could Forex Trading Set You Free Financially?


By a visitor.

Financial freedom is something that we all crave and desire, but unfortunately only a few of us ever seem to achieve this landmark. The secret: have a plan and stick to it. There are many different strategies on how you can gain financial freedom, and what may work for someone else may not necessarily work for you. This is fine, of course, because the key for reaching financial freedom is finding something that works for you. In order to live a financially independent dream, many are now looking at more ambitious ways to achieve their goal. Some of these methods we’re not available even 20 years ago. One of these is forex trading. Here’s what it is and how it can work for you if you want to be financially free:

Not Just for the Big Wigs

Not long ago, trading was generally perceived as . . . → Read More: Could Forex Trading Set You Free Financially?