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Current Retirees

If you haven’t heard about it yet, MoneyTips principal Michael Dubrow and FinCon founder Philip Taylor are hosting the Retiree Next Door social movement today!  There are more than 70 bloggers and podcasters participating – all hoping to bring some attention to retirement planning.  You can download the Retiree Next Door eBook free of charge from now through September 30, 2014.


This is one of my pet sitting clients – Meiko. I call him my grumpy cat…

The Current Retiree at a Glance

Moneytips sent over the survey results that they gathered from more than 500 retirees from all over the United States.  Here were the most interesting results to me:

  • 81% are fully retired
  • 54% have net worths between $500,000-$5,000,000
  • 58% are male
  • 48% are 70-79 years old
  • 46% have a graduate degree
  • 85% rely on Social Security in some way
  • 73% carry Medicare
  • Their top concern overall is healthcare costs
  • 66% had a Traditional IRA
  • 23% regretted a stock decision at some point
  • 44% spend less than their monthly income, which means that 56% spend more!
  • Only 14% were self-employed
  • 52% lived on a monthly budget
  • 36% never calculated what they needed to save before they retired
  • 51% didn’t save for retirement before their 40’s!
  • 10% still bring in rental property income

My Plans

That’s a lot of statistics – there was even more, lol.  But based on those results, I don’t think my overall retirement plans have changed much.  My personal retirement info so far and future plans:

  • Aiming to retire by age 52
  • Would like to be self-employed until then.
  • Are aiming to have a net worth around $3,000,000 by the time we retire
  • Not planning on getting a graduate degree, but Mr. BFS has one
  • We hope we get about 50% of what we should from Social Security
  • I’m trying to stay healthy to keep healthcare costs lower.
  • We each have a Roth IRA instead of a traditional one.
  • I am sure my hubby regrets at least one stock decision.
  • We do have a monthly budget that we try to stick to…
  • We do spend less each year than we make (monthly is a bit different)
  • I calculated what we needed to retire in my mid-20’s
  • I hope we definitely have rental property income throughout our golden years.

Okay, so maybe I’m not planning to be the “classic” retiree, but when have I ever tried to be normal?  ;-)

What do you think about their survey results?

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening – Personal Review and Giveaway!


I have good, hardy teeth that just aren’t picture perfect. But they rarely have issues and never hurt me. They just have a few overlaps that I have to floss more than normal and have always been a tiny bit more yellow than I’d like even though I don’t drink coffee, smoke, etc.

That said, I took up an offer to review the Smile Brilliant teeth whitening trays when they sent an email my way (three times since I wasn’t really on top of product review emails that month). In exchange for an honest review, they are also giving away a teeth whitening kit to the luckiest one of you! I’ll go over that below.

My Smile Brilliant Review

Their teeth whitening kit is a two-parter. You can check out their video if you’d like. First you have to make dental impressions of your teeth so that they can . . . → Read More: Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening – Personal Review and Giveaway!

Different Shade of Blue – Ion Brights Sky Blue to be Exact!


For anyone following along with my hair saga, my last update was early this month. I had switched from Manic Panic Ultra Violet Semi-Permanent to N’rage Cobalt Blue Demi-Permanent on September 1st. Manic Panic had lasted strong for 3-4 days, and lasted in total for exactly 2 weeks and 3 main washes.

Love at first sight. :-)

N’rage – Less Than 2 Weeks

N’rage lasted from September 1st through September 11th pretty well, and it wasn’t completely gone. But then I got my hair cut/updated on September 10th to look spiffy at FinCon14, so that definitely stripped a lot out. It was stronger than Manic Panic, but it wouldn’t have lasted much more than 5-6 regular washes with me. Keep in mind, I hadn’t been using sulfate-free shampoo or anything special.

This only lasted 11 days with me…

Ion Color Brilliance Brights Semi-Permanent – Sky Blue

I’ve . . . → Read More: Different Shade of Blue – Ion Brights Sky Blue to be Exact!

I’m a Cruise Addict and Other Financial Oddities


I saw this question left in my newsletter post this month from Alexis (thank you for subscribing and commenting!):

What financial things do you do that makes you think you are a little overboard? Is there anything you do to save money that makes you think “OMG, I’ve really lost it now”?

Cruise Addiction

I have gotten better at judging myself for my financial oddities, lol. I also understand that Alexis was asking about my savings habits BUT my main financial oddity is at the other end of the spectrum. I am addicted to cruising. I love cruise ships, dining rooms where I’m spoiled, ports of call, and just showing up to scheduled activities all day. If I won the lottery tomorrow, I’d be booked for several cruises in a row that would start next week after #FinCon14.

In case you haven’t been reading for the entire last . . . → Read More: I’m a Cruise Addict and Other Financial Oddities

Attending #FinCon14?


I’m in a mastermind group with a handful of close blogging buddies that meets nearly every Monday. We started our online group since we hung out physically at all of the Financial Blogger Conferences in the past. But due to the increased costs to attend #FinCon14 if you are coming from the north like they are, and because of some life circumstances, only myself and Ashley from Money Talks Coaching will be able to make it this year.

Only Extroverted Some of the Time

I am a crazy extrovert…when I am around my people. A couple of my blogging buddies laugh because they consider themselves introverts that adopt an extrovert like me to introduce them to everyone. What they may not have realized is that being surrounded by friends leads to my confidence to be as extroverted as I am. Without my little group of lounge lizards, I will . . . → Read More: Attending #FinCon14?

And the Winner Is…Patience


Last Friday, I posted about choosing between our want list and buying a new rental property. Well, we’ve decided to postpone everything for at least a few months.

Patience for the Win

I usually love making money decisions, but this time around felt different. I felt awkward. Then I realized that every time we squirrel away a large nut, we spend it or invest it nearly immediately. We always keep a solid emergency fund, but the rest seems to flow in and out like water.

For example, when we had saved up $50,000 at age 23 in 2007, we invested $15,000 in a friend’s business (that failed miserably) and $25,000 into our first home. It took us about 2 years to save it and was gone within 4 months. When my online work started taking off unexpectedly in 2011, the money I brought in started adding up . . . → Read More: And the Winner Is…Patience

Busy By My Own Design…and Whining Anyway


Ever feel whiny even though life is good? I’m thisclose to throwing a 3 year old’s hissy fit, yet my online business is doing well, pet sitting is thriving, I spend time with friends, and I have the Financial Blogger Conference next week! Yet I feel stressed. Not just a little stressed, but like a whole body, I-just-want-to-crawl-back-into-bed stress…

Time Management Fail – First World Problems

I spent 2010-2012 making a habit of accomplishing what needs to be done by sacrificing free time and sleep time. But then late 2012 through early 2014 spoiled me. Not financially, since business slowed down, but I was rich with time. I slept late, finished work in 4-5 hours each day (including weekends but still…), and spent tons of time with friends and family.

But then I got into a funk since I felt like I was wasting my money-making years, so I . . . → Read More: Busy By My Own Design…and Whining Anyway