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If You Have to Go…

I know it seems dark, but do you ever think about dying earlier than expected? It pops into my head once in a while, and then I start thinking about the people I’d leave behind. Then I get all teary-eyed. And then I attempt to leave the emotion part out of it and think about the financial repercussions for my husband. That is how I try to make insurance and other financial decisions that would affect him if I die first.

Not Dead Cat

This is one of my clients again with Crystal’s Cozy Care Pet Sitting. His name is Meiko the cat, and he is a trap. If you pet his belly as he intends, you will bleed. Seriously. Cute can kill.

Life Insurance

When we hit about 28 years old, my husband and I started taking life insurance a little bit more seriously. Our coverage before that was just one year’s income, which would cover our funeral cost and pay off our first home.

But at 28, we noticed our accumulated assets, we paid off our first home and bought a more expensive one, and he joined me and took the leap into self-employment. We decided to get more coverage and bought a 10 year term life plan that will cover each of us for $250,000 for an accidental death (or $37,500 for a natural one…). That is enough to cover our funeral costs and about 3 years of not working at all, which should be long enough for whichever one of us is still alive to get back on their feet.

Funeral Insurance

If you have a super low budget or just rather not look at the big life insurance plans, you may want to check into simple funeral insurance. Plans like HBF’s funeral coverage can be extremely affordable and at least take care of your final resting costs. There’s a low monthly premium in exchange for a $5000-$15,000 payout if the worst comes to pass.

Our Assets

Other than insurance, I also look at our largest assets and see how we would be affected if the other one of us passes away. Our home and our rental property are in both of our names. So are our major investment accounts (or at least our spouse is the beneficiary in all accounts). The only main assets that we have that aren’t co-owned or have beneficiaries is our cars. My husband is the name on his car and my name is on my car. It was easier than filling out financing paperwork for both of us. So, worst case, one of us dies and their car is in probate for a while? Not too worried overall…

Honestly, our next step is to get a real, legal will written up. We have an informal one signed and have told the executor where it is. But by age 35, we should have a legal one wrapped up just in case.

How about you? Do you have stuff squared away if the worst happens?

Still All About the Thrift Shop!


Back in May 2013, I started a challenge to only buy “new” clothes from second hand shops like Goodwill for a full year. I did pretty well and am still all about the thrift shop!

New Clothes Over the Last Year

I said in the challenge to myself that I would allow myself to buy brand new undergarments. I stuck to this pretty well. Here are the only new clothes that I have bought since May 2013:

A package of new underwear – $6 Swim suit (not technically an undergarment, but it touched my womanly bits directly and ended up being an amazing Amazon deal that looks fantabulous) – $33 Cat suit that I used to dress up for Comicpalooza as the Black Widow and Cat Woman (again, touched my lady parts, so I made an exception) – $28 Flexees (like Spanx) to make the Black . . . → Read More: Still All About the Thrift Shop!

If You’re Happy and You Know It…


This past week has been good. Really good. I am content. That never happens, LOL.

This is one of our foster dogs, Missy, as she was recharging for round 2 of fetch…


I didn’t do much for our online business while I was at #FinCon14, so I used this last week to play catch-up. I whittled my Inbox from 163 to 17. I’m staying on top of all of the new messages coming in. I’ve been blogging every day. Pet sitting has picked up again and next week will be booming.

I’m busy and happy. Happy busy. That’s a nice feeling.

Income-wise with work, September looks like the online job won’t bring in as much as usual, but we are hitting our minimums through sports officiating (Mr. BFS) and pet sitting (me). I have learned that a break-even month of self-employment has been more rewarding to me . . . → Read More: If You’re Happy and You Know It…

Thinking Outside of the Box for Small Businesses


I’m a full-time blogger and blog ad manager, but I’m also a full-time professional pet sitter now. I’m great at marketing myself for my online life, but I am slowly learning to market myself for the pet sitting.

Business Cards

I did have business cards made for Crystal’s Cozy Care nearly as soon as I started. But I keep forgetting to put them out in restaurants and other facilities that wouldn’t mind. I also have been meaning to go door-to-door in my neighborhood and deliver them like the lawn guys and maid services do all of the time. Yesterday, I solved this issue!

A couple of maid service ladies handed me their business card while I was walking back from picking up my mail, and then they headed off to continue going door-to-door. I had a light bulb moment. I asked them to wait, ran inside and grabbed my . . . → Read More: Thinking Outside of the Box for Small Businesses

My Red Beans and Rice Recipe – Cheap and Delicious!


I’ll admit that I miss the food in New Orleans. So much so that I did what I rarely do – I decided to full out cook something.

Crystal’s Scrumptious Red Beans and Rice Red Beans Ingredients: 1 pound dry red kidney beans – $1 Favorite meat for beans – ham hock, bacon, or sausage – $2 for 2 small sausage links at Kroger’s 2 diced onions – $1 1 seeded and diced bell pepper – $0.75 3 stalks of diced celery – $0.50 4 cloves of garlic (up to 1 bulb to taste) – $0.50 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil – $negligible 1 bay leaf optional – $negligible ½ teaspoon of Cayenne pepper – $negligible 1 teaspoon Chili powder – $negligible 1 teaspoon Paprika – $negligible ½ teaspoon rosemary – $negligible 2 tablespoons of Creole seasoning – $0.50 (I used “Kevin’s Stuff” from the New Orleans School . . . → Read More: My Red Beans and Rice Recipe – Cheap and Delicious!

#Fincon14 – Another Great Year!!!


The Financial Blogger Conference (Fincon) is my absolute favorite get together of bloggers every year. I have published a review of every Fincon since the first one in 2011. This year’s conference, #Fincon14, was held in New Orleans and I had an incredible time!

We were so lucky to get this view from the 30th floor of the New Orleans Marriott.

I was in charge of organizing and running the smaller, more intimate “camp” that occurs the Wednesday and Thursday before Fincon officially kicks off. I’m playing with a new name for it like “Mincon” since it is like Fincon, but more one-on-one and way less people…we’ll see if the new name takes off…

My Mincon14

I had help of course. Phil (PT Money) and his go-to help, Jessica, pick the Mincon location and get all of the physical stuff together when it’s ready. Favado was kind enough . . . → Read More: #Fincon14 – Another Great Year!!!

Cheap Date Ideas


Dating, or courting as they say, is how we get to know someone who may become our significant other or partner. However, dating takes time, and also money. It can be costly to wine and dine and get to know someone. Naturally, thinking about money and love at the same time isn’t exactly romantic, but you may find yourself looking for a short-term loan from someone like the UK payday lender eCashWindow.

The first thing to think about if dating is who is going to pay for the date?

The old fashioned way is whomever is asking for the date, usually pays. You ask someone out, you pay.

A more modern approach has been to split the costs, or if you are the one being asked out, to offer to contribute a portion of the expenses.

Vouchers: I am an advocate for the use of coupons and vouchers, and . . . → Read More: Cheap Date Ideas