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5 Apps to Help You Budget Better This Summer

Be honest. Sometimes finances get away from you, especially during the summer months. The weather’s nice, everything worth experiencing is finally happening, and summer sales are hot, hot, hot. Unfortunately, that means summertime can drain your bank account faster than you can drain a Mike’s Hard Lemonade at your uncle’s barbecue.

We’ve all been there. Thankfully, we have all of this technology floating around to lend a hand. Since there’s an app for everything, you won’t be surprised to learn that there are apps that help you budget your finances and save money.

1. Mint

Let’s start with the most well-rounded app: the Mint financial planning app. It’s available on the iPhone, Android, and Windows mobile operating systems, and it’s completely free to use.

The app gives you a visual of all your spending, lets you set financial goals for yourself, and plans out a budget based on your lifestyle with bill reminders and mobile alerts.


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Mint likes to claim that its incredibly detailed spending reports make you feel good about where your money goes, but that’s only after you feel great shame at looking at a pie chart that is 75% McDonald’s, 20% Netflix, and only 5% grownup things, like your  or underwear. That’s okay, though. We need a starting point.

2. RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot is a great little app for Android and iPhone that serves no other function than being a treasure trove of promo codes and coupons for thousands of businesses. You can get anything from a half-price pizza to discounted airfare, and anything in between. Scrolling through this app’s deals is more addictive than browsing related YouTube videos. Trust.


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All jokes aside, RetailMeNot is a lifesaver. We can’t always resist the seductive gaze of online shopping (FREE two-day shipping–how could we not?), so this app serves as a great buffer between our weakness and the poorhouse. This app can use quite a bit of data when you’re on the go, though, so you may want to look at getting a T-Mobile Simple Choice Plan or something similar that has generous data allowances for users.

3. Hotel Tonight

What good is summertime without an unforgettable road trip? Not much of a summer, is it? Money shouldn’t hold you back from visiting places you’ve dreamed of visiting.

So, when you find yourself in a strange city, and your back seat smells like feet, you’re going to want a nice bed to sleep in. News flash: hotels are a huge money sink. Unless, of course, you pick up Hotel Tonight, available on iPhone, Android, and Windows.


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Every day at noon, the good people at Hotel Tonight post unsold rooms at ridiculously discounted rates. What ensues is a feeding frenzy of last-minute bookings, but you’re sure to snag a great deal with this app. You’ll enjoy a comfy bed, complimentary WiFi, and more money in your pocket than if you had booked a hotel the archaic way.

4. Manilla

Here’s another budget app, but this one takes things to a different level. If you’re feeling particularly grown up, check out Manilla for iPhone and Android.

Manilla is a versatile financial app that lets you sync up every single account you pay into, keeps track of your bank accounts, and gathers up all of your account documents to store for safekeeping. Basically it’s a filing cabinet without the cabinet and an awesome way to keep your money in order.


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If you have tons of different bills, even things like babysitters or dog walkers, you’ll love being able to keep track of them all in one place. Late fees are friends to no one, so let them know they aren’t invited to the party by downloading this app.

5. RedLaser

Everyone has experienced it at least once. You go to one grocery store to pick up a few things. On the way home, you realize you forgot cheese and decide to stop at another store only to discover everything here is so much cheaper. Frustrating, right?

Well, with RedLaser for your iPhone, Android, or Windows device, that level of rage becomes a thing of the past. Scan a barcode, and the app looks up prices online and at local stores to find the best deal available.


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You’ll know exactly where to go to save money, and the app even shows you reviews of products, nutritional values, and coupons.

Each of these suggestions offers users a unique way to budget and even save a little money. In this economy, every little bit helps. If your bank account starts looking a bit parched this summer, give these apps a try.

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3 comments to 5 Apps to Help You Budget Better This Summer

  • jp

    I do believe Manilla is now closed :(

  • I just downloaded Mint on my phone because I really need to keep track of my expenses and income. I need to save because I have some plans for this coming Christmas! :)

  • I really like Mint because not only does it help you track down where your money goes but it gives me also a picture of my spending habits. Being a mom, earning money online is a great career but I must make sure that I stick to my budget and Mint does the job by reminding me that I have some unusual expenses.