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All is Well! Just Been Traveling!

Hey you lovely people!  I’m not only alive, but am living it up here in pregnantsville right now.  I haven’t gotten large enough to get my waddle on, and am still able to eat without throwing up, so I’ve been fitting in some end-of-2nd-trimester travel.  🙂

You all probably saw my post a few weeks ago about the mini-farm Airbnb I got to enjoy with my bestie and her 9 month old.  That was a ton of relaxing fun!  The following week was an 8 day trip to California!

Chillin’ in California

I spent the first big chunk of the week hanging out with Revanche from A Gai Shan Life and her family like I did last year around this time.  JB, Revanche’s 3 year old toddler, is into pushing EVERY limit and is smart as all heck to boot.  I’m now officially sure I will be a very odd mom.  The consistency needed to deal with toddler temper tantrums is MONUMENTAL and I’m a very sarcastic person, so we’ll see how that goes with our own daughter in a couple of years.  Revanche and her PiC are stellar at it and had me in awe. 

I had a fantastic time overall (after getting a little teary-eyed a couple of times about how much I don’t know about parenting…seriously…all of you parents…freaking hero status).  It was so nice to just hang with friends for days and days with talking and eating.  Yummy and fun.

Then the last part of the week was spent hanging with my uncle, which was also truly great.  We visited with my cousin and his 1.5 year old kid a couple of times.  She has just entered true toddler-hood and learned the word “No” about 3 days before I arrived.  Her temper tantrums were short-lived and sort of adorable…I’m guessing she’ll catch up with JB-level emotions in about a year.  I forget how much I miss my family until I’m hanging with them.  We’re a pretty spread out people, lol.

All in all, California was gorgeous as always.  The views were amazing.  My people are still my people.  It was a very fulfilling week. 

I’m *GASP* Maturing

The whole week was also a bitter-sweet goodbye to my non-parent independence.  It is obvious that you can still be you and a parent at the same time.  But you as a person becomes very wrapped up in creating non-crappy mini-humans, as it should be, so I’m definitely in the process of accepting how much of me is about to change.  Though the last couple of years of personal loss have been a huge mindset shift for me, so I’m assuming age and experience were going to change me permanently anyway.

Now to concentrate on the fun part of the parenthood adventure that is less than 13 weeks away now…

27 Weeks Pregnant Update

Our daughter-to-be is kicking away and can stretch across my whole belly now.  It’s a really strange but cool experience to get whacked on in two places at once on different sides of my mid-section.  I also like interacting with her when I can – if she notices me poke her where she has a kicking/punching appendage, she’ll kick/punch back nearly immediately.  So I can sit there and play whack-a-mole with my internal baby for several minutes straight. 

I immensely enjoy those few minutes.

All in all, I’m content with life right now.  My husband is being a true partner every day.  Our family and our friends are being hugely supportive.  Heck, even neighbors I didn’t know well before getting pregnant have been loading me up with hand-me-downs, and I think I’m forming some first mommy friendships.  Our two businesses are doing well.  I’ve gotten them both to the point that I should be able to run them well full-time from home after this little one pops out.  I have all the normal parent-to-be worries, but they aren’t overwhelming me yet.  I think I’m just going to try to roll with what comes and enjoy as much as I can. 

Life’s short and I don’t want any regrets about how much time I spent worrying about things I can’t change.

How have you been over these last few weeks?  Come on, hit me with your life updates!  Y’all are my people too and I definitely haven’t been keeping up like I should!

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