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Almost Made it to that $500 Mark!

Mr. BFS and I need to cut down our spending, so we are bringing our total food expenditure down to $500 or less a month.  Then we’ll start aiming for $450.  Here are the results for May-June 2014!

Food Spending from May 13, 2014 – June 12, 2014

In order to track our spending without logging into our credit card account every day, we keep a running tally on a sheet of paper stuck to our refrigerator.  The weird “month” from the 13th through the 12th is because that is our main credit card statement term.  It’s not the prettiest method ever, but it usually works great to keep our eyes on the prize. We stayed on top of it pretty well this past month. I had some blanks to fill in.

Here’s how we did:

Food May-June 2014

Eating Out – $362.17

Groceries – $140.73

That comes to $502.90 total.  Yay!

So we didn’t hit the target on the head, but we also didn’t start cracking down on ourselves until mid-month.  Our friends meet up with my husband 2-3 times a week at restaurants like Jason’s Deli and Steak and Shake for board game play testing (testing out unpublished board games).  We’re pushing the eating-at-home-for-fun thing way more now.

What We’ve Been Eating

Mr. BFS and I have been eating all kinds of stuff this month…

  • Spaghetti
  • Restaurants like Mexican, Jason’s Deli, and Black Eyed Pea
  • LOTS of cereal
  • Frozen pizza
  • Peanut butter and jam sandwiches
  • Milk

Knowing that we need to start cutting back long-term is very motivating.  We’ll see if we beat the $500 mark for June-July.  :-)

Did you hit any specific goals lately? How is your food budget coming along?

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4 comments to Almost Made it to that $500 Mark!

  • I think what’s more impressive than anything here is that you MANUALLY ADDED IT ALL UP!!! Haha… you practicing for a math competition anytime soon? :)

  • @J Money, LOL, if only rapid addition powers were super useful to life. ;-)

  • We’re working (and failing) on staying under $200/mth for groceries for the 3 of us, and $0 for eating out, and alcohol. (We *can* cheat a bit – we each have fun money we can use to go out for lunch, whatever). We’re at $203 and some change for groceries, with two more weekends to go. I expect we’ll be buying another gallon of milk ($3.19) and some more fresh lettuce ($3.34) to round out at about $210 for the month. Still not bad being down from almost $400 for groceries alone last month!

  • @Mom of 3, wow. That’s hard core!