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Amazon for the Win Yet Again!

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This is not a paid post.  I just really love Amazon.

Do you change things like filters on the schedule they tell you to?  We bought a new refrigerator in October 2012, and it has a water filter for the dispenser.  The manual said to replace it every 6 months.  Well…we didn’t.  But the water started flowing slower last week, so I started looking into pricing.

Water Filters are Expensive!

Sears had sent us some letters offering to sell us a replacement filter for “30% OFF” at $45 each.  OUCH!  So I did what I usually do when I think a price is unfair – I started searching online.  I usually go to Amazon and Ebay before looking all over since I know those two sites, and truly trust Amazon.

Side story – Over the last decade, I’ve bought hundreds of things from Amazon.  And we have only ever had a handful of problems.  I ordered an Ipod Nano a couple of years ago that was marked as delivered, but I hadn’t received it.  I called a few days later, and Amazon sent me a new Nano without even blinking.  🙂  Recently, I ordered a “used” garden gnome that was marked as perfect except for his packaging.  Well, my battle gnome arrived with a broken sword.  I couldn’t get an exchange since it was their only “used” one, but I didn’t want to return my awesome gnome for a refund.  So I asked their online chat rep to send me some super glue or a $5 discount for the inconvenience.  He immediately credited me the $5 and wished me well with my new, awesome lawn ornament.  😀

Back to the filter.  I looked on Ebay and could have made a bid at $13 and waited around to see what would happen.  Or I could “Buy It Now” from several places for $28.  But Amazon had one for $22 with solid reviews and it was Amazon Prime.  I am grandfathered into Amazon Prime without paying since my mom and I were beta testers, so yay!  So I ordered my $45 filter for $22 on Wednesday and had it working in my fridge by Friday evening.  How cool is that?!  Never had to leave my house.

Always Look at Your Options

If you have a computer and internet access, don’t waste them.  I have spent a lot at Amazon.  Some on stuff that I needed, some on stuff that I wanted, and some on stuff that we “sort of” needed.  In the end, I’m sure that online shopping has led me to buy more “wants” than I could have without them.  But even with those expenditures, I think I have saved more overall.  So “need” plus “wants” for the same price or less than just “needs” without online options.  I’m fine with that.

Do you use Amazon, Ebay, or some other online site for most of your shopping?

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7 thoughts on “Amazon for the Win Yet Again!

  1. Amazon is definitely our go-to shop when it comes to online shopping. We don’t have Prime, but we generally don’t have an issue finding $35 to spend on a regular basis. I think having to hit that threshold probably keeps me from spending more money unnecessarily.

    But, yeah, point is, Amazon rules.

  2. We pay for Prime because we use it so often (and we’ll still keep paying after the price is increased). We buy *so* *much* *stuff* from Amazon. We’ve even done their subscribe and save in the past for some of the things Daughter Person needed on a regular basis. They’re not the cheapest all the time, but most of the time they are!

  3. I love Amazon for a lot of things but found that for my fridge water filter that had the best prices if you purchase a 3-pack. I also like I go back and forth based on which has the best price when I need to re-order.

  4. I love Amazon. I’m totally an evangelist for them. I buy everything I can there, including toilet paper and toothpaste.

    I love, love, love Subscribe & Save. If I get 5 or more things auto-delivered in a month, I save 20% AND I get to stay home.

  5. @Money Beagle, I never thought about it like that. I assumed that having to hit that $35 would rush a few add-on purchases. Cool.

    @Mom @ 3, that is a great recommendation!

    @Sher, cool beans!

    @Nicole, thanks for the tips!

    @Jason, totally cool!

  6. I had to laugh at this post. I’ve not yet done the exercise with Amazon but another online retailer, where I went back through my past orders over the past few years. I listed my total spend… a somewhat sobering exercise!

    Still I explained it all away. I could have paid much more elsewhere and all the purchases were discounted bargains! 🙂

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