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Baby BFS Did Indeed Arrive!!!

So, our daughter was due around June 15.  BUT, she must have heard “you’re going on a low carb diet until she gets here” at our OBGYN appointment on June 6, because she quickly said “SCREW THAT!”

My water broke June 7 evening, and 31.5 hours later, Baby BFS was pushed out early June 9!  She weighed in at 7 pounds 5 ounces and measured 19.5 inches.  😀

Baby BFS Fresh Out the Oven

She had to be observed in NICU right off the bat but got their seal of approval by lunch the same day, woot!

I don’t know what is worth sharing and what isn’t.  Every minute of that 31.5 hours seemed of the utmost importance to us, but I’m guessing that there are only bits and pieces that would be of real interest to anyone else.  Here were the most entertaining bits…

It Doesn’t Just Happen in the Movies…

In honor of my new low carb diet orders, Mr. BFS had made us a delicious dinner of grilled salmon, grilled zucchini spears, and pan cooked green beans with onions and garlic.  I had been feeling off all day and mentioned it while he was finishing making our meal, so he rushed off to put the child-seat into the car just in case I was having mother’s intuition (despite me telling him to eat first and being ignored).  Within a few minutes, I felt a gush and made the split second decision to take the 3 steps to the back door instead of the 30 steps to the nearest bathroom.

Mr. BFS returned from the garage to find me stand-squatting in the back yard with my maternity dress raised with one hand to my neck and an old towel shoved between my legs with the other hand.  I just looked at him and said “my water broke”.  He looked like he was thisclose to busting a gut from holding back a laugh.  He then immediately went into oh-hell-we’re-not-ready mode. 

I walked into the hospital with the towel still between my thighs…

Labor and Delivery

I was in labor long enough to have the same nurse start with me and finish with me, despite her leaving for 12 hours in between her shifts.  We sent our nurses thank you cards with Starbucks giftcards.  They were amazing.  So was our doula, Leigh Ann Sharp.  She ended up being with us for more than 24 hours straight.

I’ll just summarize all of that time with:

Stubborness and a deep fear of future back pain again meant that I wanted to avoid all pain meds, and especially the epidural, the entire time. I got lucky that Pitocin, a drug forged in the fires of hell, worked for me there at the end since it was the only reason I was able to avoid a c-section.  I can vouch that Pitocin does indeed make your contractions feel 10x more painful.

My very patient OBGYN spent 45-60 minutes on my delivery, telling me when to push, how long to push, when NOT to push, etc. while helping me out down there.  So I didn’t suffer any major damage.  I was up and walking around in minutes and back to nearly completely normal in about 6 hours. 

The scariest part for everyone but me was that I hit out my IV during delivery and was spurting blood everywhere, like a scene from Kill Bill.  I, concentrating on other things, didn’t notice at all.  My hubby had to point it out to the nurses, and I still didn’t notice.  It wasn’t until it was all over that I was walking from the bed to the wheelchair and saw the puddles of blood and the blood-soaked mattress.  My poor husband was truly afraid for me although I was assured later that it just was bleeding a lot, like a head wound.  I was never in real danger.

I was so very lucky to have had the kind of birth I wanted and we ALL know it.  The stars aligned and we had the right nurses, the right doctor, the right doula, and just all the luck.  31.5 hours is a LONG ASS labor and delivery, Pitocin contractions will be a pain I never forget (ain’t enough mommy hormones in the world), but recovering to 95% within hours of pushing out our daughter was a truly nice trade off.

Mommy and Baby BFS


We ended up being on the recovery floor for 2 nights and nearly 3 full days.  Our nurses there spoiled us too, so it was actually hard to leave.  They showed me how to breast feed, how to pump when I wasn’t making enough milk, and just made sure baby and I were well monitored and supported.  We sent them thank you cards and gift cards too. 

Just when hubby and I were getting used to our baby routine there in the hospital, we were discharged and sent home to figure out our new life.  😉

First Week at Home

The first week at home felt like a camp out.  We hunkered down in our bedroom and living room and just threw everything at making sure Baby BFS stayed fed and fresh-diapered.  Her 3 day checkup with her pediatrician went really well, and that was the only time we all left the house.  It truly felt like a parent boot camp where we were in parent-only survival mode.

Second Week at Home

The second week was about finding our new routine.  Baby BFS also seemed less fragile, so we ventured upstairs.  Mr. BFS was able to set up a little baby area in his office so we could start doing a tiny bit of work again.  Exhaustion has kept us both from catching up all the way though…we’re just treading water.  BUT her 2 week checkup went really well and she had gained 1 pound, 3.5 ounces and grew 2 inches since she was discharged from the hospital.  Healthy baby for the win!

Daddy and Baby BFS

Third and Fourth Weeks…Gassed Out

The last two weeks have been all about Baby’s gas attacks.  She is still getting accustomed to having a fully functioning digestive tract, so everything must come to a full stop for every fart that comes out of her…which is many.  Lots of burping, full body crunches, and occasional doses of Gripe Water have made her life much easier, which gives us more rest time.  Not a lot more since she still only sleeps in 1.5-2 hour bursts, but enough extra sleep that we aren’t napping when we blink.

Baby BFS Eating FingersGassy Baby BFS

Life Now

We are close to having a 1 month old baby!!!  It both took forever to get here and feels like no time at all.  Sleep deprivation messes with time.  Life is also both pretty much the same and completely different…our routines have been able to return to normal, but now there is this mini-human that we are in charge of raising into a non-sucky adult.

For me, my husband and baby have become my world.  Blogging and pet sitting are still how I want to spend my work time, but I already know that I’ll just be doing the basics to keep them running for a while.  I don’t want to miss any time with this baby or my baby daddy, LOL.  My world has become milk making, diapers, outfit changes, and leaning on my husband when I need it.  And I am extremely happy with that despite my sleepy eyes.  

I’m smitten.  I’m content.  I’m falling behind on other parts of life temporarily but I’m okay with that too.  Welcome to parenthood, indeed.

My Family


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15 thoughts on “Baby BFS Did Indeed Arrive!!!

  1. Congratulations!!!! I’m glad it turned out well. She’s adorable, and I know the 2 of you will ensure she grows up to be a non-sucky adult!

  2. Congratulations!!! So incredibly happy for both of you!!! You look fantastic. By X-Mass time you will be back in a swing and will want another baby;) Joking!!!
    I love your blog! Stay strong… those first weeks are magic. When it gets really hard…. I think about people who have triplets or military wives… all survived!!!
    I have 3 kids 16,10 and 5…. my husband and I had no idea what to do when our first son was born… we had no help other than paid nannies for 15 years…. raising a kid makes you bond with your husband so much. Congrats once again! Just wondering what did you name your daughter… just curious….

  3. Happy one month tomorrow!! It felt like that entire first month was a total blur for us, between my trying to recover and JB having no idea how to “sleep like a baby”, and Seamus being very concerned that we were all so bad at our job 😉

    I hope you’re having all the good feelings and more sleep with each passing day.

  4. YAY!! Congrats lol even though I couldn’t wait and asked on Twitter but very interesting delivery!! Try to get some rest and I love the picture where daddy is sleeping on the breastfeeding pillow!! LOL

  5. Great News Crystal!

    Welcome to the parenting club.

    Get ready for months of sleepless nights and lots of dirty diapers. We had two diaper changes this morning and meltdown over breakfast.

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