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Baby Update – Around 2 Weeks to Go!!!

The last two weeks have been extremely productive when it comes to baby prep, but obviously not so much when it comes to blogging.  I think the best way I can describe this last month of pregnancy to someone who hasn’t been through it is to equate it to an old phone battery.  I am given a certain amount of energy to use before I just shut off without warning.  Then I nap for 1-3 hours, and *poof*, I’m back.  But I never know how much energy I’ll be assigned.  It’s a fun mystery every time I try to tackle a project or to-do list item.  😉

Shout Out to Liberty Healthshare Thus Far

I’ve explained that we don’t have classic health insurance before, but I’m not sure if I’ve brought up Liberty Healthshare recently.  We switched over to this health sharing company in mid-2016 and they’ve been amazing so far.  $299 a month into a group pot and an annual unshared amount of $1000.  This will go up to $450 a month once our daughter arrives and $1500 up front each year.  Still way cheaper than the $750 a month that regular healthcare was rising up to when we switched with a max out of pocket of $13,000 a year.

In 2017 alone, I had a blighted ovum miscarriage and got a D&C (surgery to clean out the uterus).  I also had an ectopic miscarriage and received methotrexate shots to the butt to keep my tube from exploding.  We caught it early enough to avoid surgery, but nothing is cheap when it comes to healthcare.  Then I had a really early chemical miscarriage that pretty much just cost a blood test.

Altogether, we paid the $1000 “unshared amount” like we understood, plus about $150 of prescriptions, and Liberty Healthshare covered the rest.  Since the rest came to around $20,000-$25,000, I thought they would dump us for sure in late 2017 when we were up for renewal.  Nope.

And this successful pregnancy looks like it will end up costing them about $15,000 when the high risk OBGYN ($200-$400 per visit), regular OBGYN ($4200 just for delivery and another $1500-$2000 in combined visit fees), hospital fees ($5200), and all the blood tests are added up.  We again have covered the $299 monthly amount, $1000 out of pocket for med expenses, and $200 in prescriptions and over the counter meds so far.  There are a few outstanding bills we are waiting around to receive for the genetic testing, but I’ve been totally impressed.

If you’re interested, here is the most comprehensive post about health sharing companies versus health insurance that I’ve seen so far.  If you end up contacting Liberty, just let them know that Crystal Stemberger is truly thankful they exist.

Last Stages of Baby Prep

This last month of pregnancy pretty much is just pushing us to organize all of the baby stuff in some way that will make it easy to find and grab after our daughter is out of me.  That means utilizing and organizing the nursery as well as parts of another guest bedroom and our living room.  Mr. BFS has been putting together bookshelves, storage furniture, baby toys, a high chair, hanging things in the nursery after moving around the furniture, and pretty much doing anything else that requires any physical labor at all.

It’s nearly completed. Still have a bit more to get into place and then need to remove all the tools and whatnot.

I’ve been relegated to the phone calls, online stuff, and clothes sorting.  I’ll admit, I am super clutzy right now and he’s correct about me needing to stay away from ladders and moving anything big enough to give me a back ache.  Especially since all of my joints are currently out of whack.

So I’m making myself as productive as possible doing what I can and am just grateful to my husband pretty regularly for being more than an equal partner right now.  He keeps telling me that I’m growing an actual human so I need to stop whining about my usefulness.  He’s right of course, but I’ve never felt as physically helpless as I do right this second.

I’ve stopped whining about it out loud to him though.  I just give lots of hugs and encouragement and go off and take my naps as needed, lol.  I figure I’ll be a full time nursing cow in a matter of weeks, so I might as well stock up the energy while I can.  I’ve been surviving on water, microwaved bean burritos, watermelon, salads, and chocolate milk.  I’m eating everything else hubby cooks too, but those are my staples.

Still Doing Great Emotionally

Despite being side-lined physically, I’m still feeling pretty bouncy and positive overall.  I feel like our daughter is doing well.  She’s moving a lot but has been head down like she needs to be for the last 5 weeks and counting.  She also is taking up much more room than a few weeks ago, though I still haven’t reached max capacity yet, which is nice.  I’m just uncomfortable as opposed to being in the hell I’ve heard described by other women who were 38 weeks pregnant.  All of that means that I can keep a good sense of humor without faking it.

I also just feel extremely lucky for my support network.  My husband is truly doing anything and everything that might be the tiniest bit difficult for me and then some.  Our immediate families are offering all of the support we could ever want.  And our friends have been amazing too.

We were slightly worried that the child-free ones would dump us by now, but every single one of our close friends has been there for us in some big way during all of this.  I am just all full of love and gratefulness and appreciation.  It’s a nice feeling.  Hope it holds on through the new baby sleepless weeks.  🙂

How has it been on your end?  What’s going on in all of your lives out there?!

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6 thoughts on “Baby Update – Around 2 Weeks to Go!!!

  1. Random helpful hints (from someone with a 6 month old) and wish someone had told me,
    My newborn was pooping often (just a little at a time) which caused her horrible diaper rash, what worked best was to SLATHER and I mean slather on the ointment (doc recommended too). The stuff I liked the most is called triple paste. Huggies little snugglers plus are awesome diapers (from Costco). White noise is your friend. Vacuum cleaner, stove fan, anything. We even used apps on our phone that played those noises. It would calm her when she was fussy. Also “shushing” helps as it sounds similar to what they hear in the womb. If you are going to be pumping milk at all make sure to get the correct nipple shield size. This made a HUGE difference for me. No one ever mentioned it at the hospital. We started probiotics at one month old and her pooping went from lots of times a day to 1-2. Oh and the most important thing. Buy a nose frida. It is disgusting but it works amazingly to clean babies’ noses out. Babies can’t breath out of their mouth until sometime after 3 months so it’s scary when they get sick before then. The boppy lounger is an awesome pillow for the baby as well. Wish I had bought one sooner.
    Ok done with random comments. If you ever have any questions feel free to email me if I annoyed you just ignore my message. 🙂

  2. June felt like a water balloon bursting over my head – she’s DUE this month! OMG.

    I spent half the pregnancy wondering if my child-free friends would inch away from us like we had the plague too but I’m not sure why I doubted them.

    You’ve made so much progress with the nursery, it looks great!

  3. Your staple foods reminded me of something I did throughout both pregnancies. I love watermelon, and both my boys were born at the end of summer (and major props to pregnant ladies in a Texas summer!!!), so I got in the habit of cutting a watermelon in half, and carrying it around with a spoon in it and just eating the whole thing out of the rind.

    Also, I so love your hot air balloon theme! (I actually now know what I’m going to send the peanut as a welcome to the world gift.)

  4. I’m a grandma x 7 3/4 and you are due at the same time my youngest daughter. She’s also having a little girl. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog and your thoughts on life in general. You can even teach this “old” dog new tricks.

    Good luck with your delivery and enjoy every minute with your little one. It goes by way too fast.

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