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Babysitting was a Blast!

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So not only did I survive babysitting this past weekend, but it was actually a lot of fun!  Here was how it worked out:

The Kids

Just to remind you, I was taking care of three kids:

  • 6 year old girl – I’ll call D
  • 9 year old boy – hereby known as R
  • 11 year old boy – now called G

Hanging Out

They ended up only needing me from 1pm Friday through 10pm on Sunday night.  The original plan had me getting there at 5:45am Friday morning.  This worked well for me since I didn’t have to wake up at 4:30am Friday morning as expected.  🙂


Friday was the honeymoon period with kids.  First my friend explained the routines including the kids’ medicines and the animals’ feeding habits.  Then they headed off around 2pm and the kids and I figured out what to do.  D, R, and I played a board game right off the back called “Puppyopoly” for about an hour.  This game became a daily habit and I sort became addicted myself.  It’s like what Monopoly really should have been.

While we played, G (who is mildly autistic – like the dictionary version of mild autism, not like a “light” form of autism) kept himself busy by reading Wikipedia articles.

After the board game, D, R, and I watched a movie (“Over the Hedge”).  Then all 4 of us headed outside to the pool for an hour to two hours when the sun wasn’t as bright.  After swimming and playing around, we all changed, and I warmed up some frozen pizza.  We ate, and then G decided it was time to get on the iPad again.  D, R, and I played another round of Puppyopoly.

Then it was 9pm and I asked them to brush their teeth, gave G his night pill, and we headed to bed.  I read a few kid books to D and R.  Overall, I was beyond surprised how easy it was to get them to go to sleep!  I worked until 2am and headed to bed myself.


The kids were up and about by 7:30am Saturday morning.  I was zombie-Crystal while I fed them breakfast, fed the cats, filled the dog’s food bowl, chased off the dog from the cats’ food, and gave G his morning meds.

I was then super excited because the kids brought up Saturday morning cartoons, so I got to nap on and off for another 3 hours!  🙂  Yay!  I also read a book for a little while since they were still super happy watching cartoons and G had found the iPad again.

We had lunch around noon, and then the kids still wanted to watch tv and play on hand-held electronics.  I knew they would get a ton of exercise at the 2 hour birthday pool party that I was taking them to at 4pm, so I totally allowed it.  🙂

My friend, Isabelle, actually texted for directions sometime that afternoon and came over right when we were leaving for the pool party a couple of streets away.  She kept me company while we chatted with the other guardians at the party, and we all were going nuts with “head checks” every couple of minutes.  I was counting bobbing kids’ heads in my sleep later on…

Anyway, after the very successful pool party with hotdogs, cake, and icecream that also sent home every kid with a water gun and bright-colored beach towel, we headed home.  Isabelle, R, and I played Puppyopoly again, D watched cartoons and then came out to keep us company, and G went back to the iPad or a hand-held device of some sort.  No one was super hungry for dinner, so we all snacked.

Then around 8:45pm, we did all the night stuff again, I read a couple of books, and they went to bed.  I seriously think that it is just too easy with them…they definitely spoiled me as far as babysitting night-times go.  Isabelle kept me company until 11pm, then she headed out, I finished some work online, and I went to sleep around 1am.


The kids woke up around 7:30am again.  I had to fuss at D a little for trying to scream R awake.  She wanted him to make Netflix work for her and was going to get him out of bed hell or high water.  Anyway, after she stopped the don’t-fuss-at-me-crying spiel, I helped her make Netflix work, and R joined her a few minutes later.

Then I did all of the same morning stuff as before including feeding all of the living beings in the house, and read my book while they all did their thing again.  At around noon, we all had hamburgers, and then they wanted to go back to tv and stuff.  At around 1:30pm, I declared that everyone should get unzombified and asked about swimming – that got them moving!

We played in the pool for nearly an hour and a half, and we only had one bad moment when the 6 year old got too playful during water gun wars and threw a gun towards me in the pool that hit my thumb.  I screamed an obscenity accidentally when it happened, and then just told all of them very bluntly to get out while I examined my thumb and calmed down a bit.  Then I went back to the living room, apologized for yelling the obscenity, and explained that it hurts to have stuff hit you.  We all moved on.

The rest of the afternoon was filled with a game called “Headbands”, a game called something about a Circus that I can’t remember, snacks, tv and stuff, D built a fort with the dining room chairs, and then we had dinner.  Hotdogs and Spaghetti-O’s, lol.  I love kids.  We then watched “The Smurfs” and headed to bed again.  Their parents got home when I finished reading a pretty long chapter book for a night-time story, lol.

Headed Home

Overall, I only had to get stern a handful of times all weekend.  Mainly to get D to stop using her mom’s furniture like a play place and G to lower his voice when he was being bossy (which R assured me was just his autism…but I think a lot of big siblings are probably bossy, lol).  In general, the kids actually seemed to listen!  I don’t know why that surprises me, but it did.

I made sure to tell my friends that they can call me anytime that they need an overnight sitter again.  I had a great weekend and got sort of attached to the kids.  Even G seemed to warm up to me by the end and was occasionally answering the first time I asked stuff, which is rare for him.  He even said goodbye without me asking.  And the other two hugged me.  🙂  I hope my friends need a vacation at least a few times a year, lol.

Do you like babysitting?  Were these kids pretty normal or did I just get lucky?  I remember kids being way harder to take care of when I was younger, but my 30 year old self may just be a little more patient than my younger self…

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8 thoughts on “Babysitting was a Blast!

  1. I was a babysitter through my teenage years because my youngest brother is 9 years younger than me and my parents worked crazy shifts (including nights). It was usually fun, but tough at times because I had to be the bad guy and tell my parents when Adrian caused trouble.

    One time, I had to rat him out for walking home alone. He was 5 and wasn’t allowed to walk home from school. I got to the school and couldn’t find him. It turned out that he wanted to see how it feels to walk home alone. I felt bad, but I had to tell my parents.

  2. Those are good ages. They’re young enough to still need fairly constant supervision, but old enough to make decisions and play independently. Kids that are well behaved for mom and dad are generally well behaved for babysitters, and obviously kids who aren’t as well mannered…well let’s just say I stopped babysitting for several families because their kids were just too much for me to handle.

    I’m glad you had a good weekend and that the kids treated you well!

  3. Now that I have kids I have absolutely zero desire to watch other people’s kids! Ha!

    However, I used to work as a nanny and loved it. It was definitely an easy way to make money.

  4. I think non-primary caregivers (babysitters, grandma, etc) have a much easier time of it than parents do. I know that Daughter Person is much more behaved for her babysitter, her daycare, and most of the time her grandma (grandma lived with us for 2 months when she was born, so grandma is kind of a parental extension). She’ll act out with us, but I think that’s a sign of trust that she’s not on her best behavior with us, but is very behaved with others.

  5. @Anne, yeah, I think teachers are saints too.

    @Christie, awww, thanks!

    @Martin, yeah, my younger sister is 8 years younger than me and the youngest is 13 years younger than me. Between them and the kids down the street, my teens were booked solid.

    @Elizabeth, yeah, I babysat a few years ago for two kids about 3 times for 7-8 hours each time. I had to quit because by the last time, they refused to listen to me at all, call me a fat b*tch, and screamed like I was trying to kill them when I asked them to go to bed. They were a 5 year old girl (the screamer) and an 8 year old boy (the cusser).

    @Holly, LOL, I can imagine. 🙂 And being a nanny could be cool…

    @Mom, oh totally. I always expect the kids I babysit to be nicer to me than their parents. But I was surprised by how well behaved these kids were. Of course, you can read my reply to Elizabeth to see what my worst babysitting experience has been…

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