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Bad Customer Service is the #1 Way to Lose Your Business!!!

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Mr. BFS and I were craving Chinese last night, but our favorite place is closed on Sundays.  So we called our 2nd favorite and ordered our norm – General Tso’s Chicken and Chicken and Broccoli for pickup.  And now, I doubt I will go back.

Picking Up the Order

This part wasn’t so bad.  I walked in, waited for the person in front of me to finish paying, and asked for my order.  I handed them my credit card to pay and saw him bring out one of those old, mechanical, credit card copy machines.  He explained that the normal machine was down.  I didn’t mind, but took back my credit card, and handed him the last of my cash.  That covered our meal and a nice tip even though I was picking up my own order.

The Main Issues

When I drove back home and handed over the food, Mr. BFS had his General Tso’s Chicken, but I had Beef and Broccoli.  I really do not enjoy their beef – it’s spongy.  🙁  So I called at 5:50pm and explained that I received Beef and Broccoli instead of chicken like I ordered.  I then asked if they could just make a note so I could order it for free a different day since I did not want to drive back out again.

Bad Customer Service

No, they wouldn’t make a note.  I had to drive back out to pick up the correct order.  So, my first question:

Why didn’t they offer to deliver my corrected order? 

I didn’t think about this until later, but that would have been the appropriate way to handle this.

So I waited the time they quoted and drove back over.  It’s now 6:15pm.  The woman in front of me pays by credit, so that process with the old card copier takes 7 minutes.  It’s now 6:22pm.  Then I get to the counter and ask for my corrected order.  The guy acts surprised that there was a wrong order, but I handed him back the Beef and Broccoli minus the few bites I took to make sure that I couldn’t just suck it up and eat it.

He sends his younger coworker to the back to have my corrected order made.  What?!  I had called 30 minutes earlier!

I ask the younger guy why my order wasn’t remade when I called 30 minutes ago and he says that he wasn’t working the phones.  So I look to the older man, and he just gives me a blank stare.  No explanation and no apology.  So I wait for my new order and finally make it out of the place by 6:40pm.  Still no apologies.

I seriously wanted to ask for my earlier tip back.  These shenanigans make me an hour later than I wanted to be to pet sitting.  Luckily, Pendek and Zim, my current awesome pet sitting pup and kitty, are fine when I get there.  No accidents.

Not Going Back

Now I don’t want to go back for two reasons:

1.  Yesterday
2.  It happened 2 visits ago too!  My friend and I were eating in the restaurant and I ordered Mongolian Chicken with steamed rice.  I received Mongolian Beef with fried rice.  First I noticed the rice, and they brought out steamed.  Then I noticed it was beef, and they asked if it would be okay.  I tried to eat it, but the beef was spongy as usual and the Mongolian seasoning made it worse.  So I asked for Chicken and Broccoli instead.  I blew off this experience since I did end up happy, but along with yesterday, I know that this Chinese place doesn’t care enough to read what they write down or to follow through well when they make mistakes.

I’m a little sad because their seasonings and sauces are good, plus they are much closer than our favorite place.  But they cost 50% more and their customer service stinks.  So, their loss.

Do you have any bad customer service experiences to share?  Come on, vent away!

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6 thoughts on “Bad Customer Service is the #1 Way to Lose Your Business!!!

  1. There are so many, but I do not like shopping at Trader Joe’s.
    I find their staff over-the-top.
    At the checkout, they always seem to talk about themselves or ask personal questions.
    Meanwhile, the line grows longer and longer.
    My main goal at the grocery store is getting in and out as quickly as possible.
    No need to spend the whole day there!

  2. Every time I go to Wal Mart, that is what I feel like. I made it a goal to boycott them for 2014, and aside from prescriptions, I haven’t spend one penny in Wal Mart this year. Not that they care, but it makes me feel better.

  3. I also hate WalMart, especially the one near our house. The last time we went there was a bad experience in just about every spot of the store we touched. We went to pick up some pictures, and there was nobody in Photo or any surrounding department. I had to walk literally halfway across the store to find someone to go on the intercom to page someone. An item we wanted did not have a price on the shelf, and the nearest price scanner was…missing. The men’s room was disgusting and out of paper towels. There were three registers open and each was eight people deep. I talked to the assistant manager a few days later and you could tell he had no idea that this was happening, no idea how to fix it, and probably no real interest.

  4. I LOVE General TSO chicken (though… I get mine non-spicy) and beef and broccoli (Chicken and Broccoli is great too) and Chicken Lo Mein!

    Well, look me up if you’re ever in Cleveland and I’ll take you and your husband to the best Chinese take out ever!!

    Hmm… I may be getting some Chinese now…

  5. @Mortgage Free Mike, that’s funny to me – they are losing your business by being too chatty. 🙂

    @Kim, I only go to Walmart a few times a year for the stuff I know they have cheapest. I try to save up a list so I don’t have to put up with the hassle very often.

    @Money Beagle, I have never been into our Walmart’s bathroom…that sounds scary.

    @Raquel, I am avoiding them for sure.

    @David, if I’m in Cleveland, I’ll give you an email. 🙂

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