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Best of Money Carnival – Curling Edition

My husband and I were at a Curling Bonspiel (tournament) this weekend, so I do have Curling on the brain.  If you don’t know what I am talking about, think of Bocci Ball combined with Shuffleboard on ice.  Here are my Best of Money picks for this past week combined with David Letterman’s Top 10 Surprising Facts About Curling!

10. Every year it’s watched by dozens of people.

9. Consistently ranked the world’s No. 1 broom-related sport.

8. It’s a lot like hockey, minus the speed and excitement.

7. No #7 – writer fell asleep while researching curling facts.

6. Not to be confused with Norwegian sport “Carling” where you push a guy named Carl across the ice.

5. Longest match ever: unknown, because no one ever stays till the end.

4. No #4 – writer still asleep. Damn, curling is boring.

3. Mickey Rourke making film about washed-up curling legend who comes back for one last big curl.

2. Thing they slide down the ice is called “thing they slide down the ice.”

1. No one cares.

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