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Board Game Geek Convention 2013 – Still Awesome!!!

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I wrote about my first ever experience with the Board Game Geek Convention last year, and it was time to do it all over again!  Yay!  This year was even better!

Reasons to Go

This isn’t a hard section to write:

  • Board gaming is fun
  • Hanging with other great geeks for 5 days is fun
  • Vacations away from home are fun
  • It’s especially awesome to leave when everything around you is breaking and companies are giving you the runaround to get them all fixed.  I needed a mental health recovery period.
  • The Board Game Geek Con is just extra cool since it’s still in Texas and one of our easier places to visit.
  • There’s 2300-2500 gamers, so there is always something to do.
  • This year they even offered free Wi-Fi, so I was able to keep up with work pretty well and have an awesome break too.  🙂

Crystal Stemberger – Tackling Men Since 2013…

I played quite a few games.  My absolute favorite was Reverse Charades.  In fact, it was probably my favorite single experience of all 5 days!  I literally tackled an unsuspecting teammate during Reverse Charades to successfully get our other teammate to guess “Tackling”.  It was the highlight of my con.

To really get what I mean, you have to understand that I’m a 5’2″ average-sized redhead tackling a 6’4″ regular sized guy in the middle of a chair ring in a large hotel hallway.  And, I tackled him pretty dang well – shoulder down, head turned left, full arm wrap, take-down into the chairs.  I had asked my ref husband what a tackle really entailed a few weeks ago, and I did that step-by-step as I went for it…hehehe.

Our teammate successfully guessed “Tackling”, so woot!!!  And when I wrote about the experience on the forums, the poor guy I tackled actually replied!  Here is that note:

At the moment, I was thinking, “Hmm, how can I get the concept of tackle across to my teammate holycowwhyamIsuddenlyfallingbackwards?”  And since it didn’t see it coming, yes, it was a very good tackle. – Bryon

Thank you Bryon for not getting mad at the midget on your legs!  😉

Other Great Games

I also really enjoyed the Johan Sebastian Joust super late Friday night.  It’s an interactive game using microphone-shaped (or large snow-cone shaped) controllers.  You can only move as fast as the music goes, which changes, while you try to get the other people to screw up or hit their controller for them.  Tons of fun.

“Charades Against Humanity” late Saturday was an adult-only riot.  Picture charades but with Cards Against Humanity cards like “A Mother-F$#%^& Sorceror”.  Try acting that out…I dare you.  One card really was something like “A Fat Man Lost a Lot of Weight and Uses the Excess Skin to Glide Around the Country”.  And you have to make sure that you get ALL of the words said, including “a”, “the”, and stuff like that.  That particular one took our friend about 7 minutes to get us to place together.

And all 10 of my volunteer library shifts were tons of fun.  I got to meet fellow volunteers and figure out what games were the hottest.  Plus, it made me feel like a larger part of the convention…I like being needed.  🙂


I went to several organized events at the convention.  My absolute favorite this year was the Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Tournament.  I went out when there were only 20% of more than 250 participants left, so I was super happy.  Last year, I was out in the first 10%.  This year, I actually used patience and didn’t place a bet unless I had a great hand or was really sure that I could bluff everyone out of the pot.  I lost to a river card when I had a very good hand, plus I was just moved to a high chip count table when I came from a very low chip count table (conservative players without a lot of loss), so I have no regrets.  😀

Even though I might not be the most gamiest gamer ever, I still think this is a super fun event!  If you are ever around Texas this time of year, you should totally jump in!

Do you go to board game conventions?

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  1. Well done tackling your teammate, anything it takes to win. I’m not a board game convention enthusiast but I do like a good comic book or superhero convention. It is just a whole lot of fun being with people who love what you love. Sounds like a great time.

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