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Expensive Week – Now Brainstorming Money-Making Ideas with a Baby…

It’s been an expensive week.  I’m officially brainstorming ideas for a baby-related side hustle.

We Bought a Car

Hubby’s 2007 Prius decided that anti-lock brakes weren’t necessary for its existence last Tuesday.  While technically true, isn’t helpful for a couple having a baby.  It made it a nice 178,000 miles and could go further with a $2100 repair.  But I’ll leave that to the next lucky owner.

We waived the white flag and bought hubby a new 2017 Prius for $28,250 drive-out at 0% interest for 72 months last Wednesday.  Not a bad deal, but not a world-ending, amazing one either.  All of that happened within 24 hours though, so I’m not going to kick myself.  At least I’m efficient, LOL.

Genetics Testing is Trying to Give Me a Heart Attack

But then, a few hours later into Wednesday evening, I login to Liberty Healthshare and see that Progenity, the genetic blood testing company that our doctor had us use for me in December, had submitted around $25,000 in charges.  Liberty recalculated that down to around $5000 but said it wasn’t eligible.

I freaked the frick out.  Not only because a blood test could possibly run us $5000 but also because that doesn’t even include hubby’s follow-up genetics testing 3 weeks later because I am a carrier for Cystic Fibrosis and they wanted to make sure he wasn’t (he isn’t).  So…I freaked out for 15 minutes and then started Googling frantically for other people’s experiences.  Then I mellowed out.

Apparently, this is Progenity’s normal operating procedure – submit a crazy high number, see what the insurance company will pay, and maybe send us a follow up bill.  If they do, it should be able to be negotiated down to $25-$595 depending on the test.

Okay…that’s not as horrific…now to wait 2-3 months to have that fun fight if/when the actual bill arrives…

Baby-Related Side Hustles

Yet another side hustle is not technically necessary since our online business is still bringing in $1000-$3000 a month, Crystal’s Cozy Care is bringing in $3000-$4000 a month, and we still have our rental home.  BUT, I’m producing a tiny human.  I want to see if there is some way to make money from that process.

My favorite options right now:

  1. Sell extra breast milk.  Looks like I could bring in $1-$2 an ounce if I happen to be one of those who produce more breast milk than my baby inhales.  I won’t know if this is even an option until at least a few weeks after our baby girl arrives.
  2. Start accepting pet sitting clients into my own home regularly.  My pet sitting insurance covers us visiting the pets, but I also technically pay for coverage over my own home for pet sitting as well.  If we need extra money, I could just take on an occasional overnight client in our house.
  3. Baby sitting.  A lot of people make good money taking in additional children for a set daily or weekly fee.  This is my least favorite option of these three since my own baby is going to probably be using up most of my baby-care internal resources for a while.

What do you think?  What other side hustles or jobs are awesome for someone with a baby?

FYI:  I worked at a dead end cubicle job from 2005-2011 for about $30,000 per year.  I went self-employed in July 2011 and make between $70,000-$90,000 through blogging, professional pet sitting, hubby's reffing, and our rental home.  If you’d like to start your own site (link to my free step-by-step guide), I highly suggest checking out Bluehost (my referral link with a nice discount for you, PLUS a free custom header banner from me!).  Please contact me any time at budgetingfunstuff*at*gmail*dot*com with questions or just to brainstorm! I’d love to help!
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8 thoughts on “Expensive Week – Now Brainstorming Money-Making Ideas with a Baby…

  1. I wish I had researched selling my breastmilk sooner. I didn’t learn about it until I was weaning from the pump. I was an over producer that exclusively pumped due to my daughter not transferring effectively. I usually pumped about double what she ate which was usually between 20-25 ounces per day for my LO. We are using the excess now to give half breastmilk, half formula until she is one. I pumped until she was 8 months old. If I had known about this option sooner, I would have bought enough extra pump supplies to be able to wash and sterilize everything once a day. I just put my flanges in a baggie in the fridge between pump sessions. It worked great for us. The CDC has since changed their recommendation for this and recommends cleaning after each use, but that happened in the middle of our journey. I could have had a decent side income if I had thought to be prepared like you are and I probably would have pumped longer if so.
    I also encourage you to look into breast pumping supplies being tax deductible if you itemize. I didn’t keep my receipts for pumping supplies, breast milk bags, breast pads, pumping bras, etc. we probably could have itemized this year between all of that and the extra medical bills.
    Also, I have watched my nephew a few days while my daughter was about 7 months and he was 8 months. It was tiring for sure. It might be okay if you could get them on the same sleep schedule and if both would lay down and go to sleep without being held/rocked. I think this would be easier done after they can play independently without hurting each other.

  2. I’d have a heart attack at that bill for testing too! Glad it appears it won’t be that much.

    As for side hustles, my milk was useless even for my own kids but I think that is a great option.

    Babysitting has helped many I know as have things like ironing, Etsy stores etc.

  3. Baby sitting. Putting your child in the home of a competent, smart, loving neighbor who has (or has raised) her own children is SOOOO FAR PREFERABLE to dumping him/her in a daycare center that people will pay you decently for the privilege.

    Here’s one for ya: How about car-pool driving? You HIRE OUT to take over a parent’s car-pool days. Or maybe you just hire out as the car-pool driver for a bunch of rich kidlets who need to be delivered to private school every day? Or soccer? Or whatEVER. If, say, five parents band together to pay you to pick up and drop off their kids, you could generate a fair per-trip wage. Might have to get a chauffeur’s license, though. And it could affect your insurance premiums.

  4. I think im the minority but i say no don’t do any side hustles unless financially you have to. The reason i say this is because your a new 1st time mom and youll want all the focus and you and baby for a while maybe up to a year if not more. It will be very tiring and its an awesome bonding time. Other than that of all the options i would say #2 take in more pets or overnight kennel maybe keeping them in your home for like 1 day or a weekend for side hustle. That way you still make money but are still close to home for you and baby and you don’t have to travel with car seat, diaper bag, etc.

  5. I wanted to be the one to sell breastmilk but then reality said ahahaha in your face, your baby wants it all and more! We ended up spending a fair amount on formula because I could not keep up with JB’s needs.

    Some people have more energy than others after giving birth. It’s worth having all the side hustle things on the backburner and then you can see how you feel when you get there. It’d be cool if you could add one or more of them.

  6. @Trista, don’t feel bad! Apparently it’s about $1 an ounce and not everyone thinks it’s worth the process. I’ll be keeping all the receipts if I do it. And thanks for the kid-watching pointers!

    @The Thrifty Issue, I hadn’t thought about ironing as a side hustle, but that’s genius. Nearly everybody hates ironing, lol.

    @ESI Money, lol, we’ll see if modeling is an option…I was not a very cute baby. Adorable kid though. 😉

    @Funny about Money, great idea! Most moms I know in my area are constantly looking for ways of getting all of their kids to their different activities on time.

    @teinegurl, I only do side hustles when I want to do them, so this stuff only happens when I am independently self-motivated. 🙂

    @Michelle, yeah, I usually start side hustles when I start getting the itch.

    @Revanche, as someone who has met JB, I could imagine you not making enough milk to keep up. Your little one can eat!

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