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Brotherhood: How Far Would You Go To Get In?

The following is a guest post from Buck Inspire. Buck is a fellow blogger, who is living a fulfilled life within his means while delving into personal finance sprinkled with dining, entertainment, pop culture, technology, and travel.  If you like what you see here, please consider subscribing to his RSS feed or following him on Twitter.

I didn’t know what to expect from Brotherhood, an independent award winning film. In the end, it packed quite a punch and could give studio produced films a run for their money. The picture quality wasn’t as crisp and vibrant as a bigger budget film, but the story, the acting, and pace were all top notch.

I was on the edge of my seat for the entire movie. Words that came to mind were gripping, edgy, but realistic. All the actors were amazing, especially the fraternity leader (Jon Foster) and the pledge leader (Trevor Morgan). He actually is a spitting image of a young John Cusack, right down to his speech and mannerisms.

The supporting cast was stellar as well, especially the store clerk and the medical student who provided much needed comedy relief. It was an emotional roller coaster as the Brotherhood went from one life or death situation to the next. If the event wasn’t life or death, it was life changing. Overall, a brilliant movie which provides a dark look at college life, different personalities, human nature, and mob mentality.

Brotherhood blew me away.

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4 thoughts on “Brotherhood: How Far Would You Go To Get In?

  1. Brotherhood is one of my favorite movies, I was also in the edge of my seats when I saw it.. I expect more people and critics to give it rave reviews when it starts becoming more mainstream

  2. Terrific, you saw it, too? Can’t beat a powerful story, talented actors, and interesting characters. I hope with more rave reviews it does get a chance to go more mainstream. Guess we’re doing our part! 🙂

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