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Budgeting in Super Bowl 2013

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Whether you watch the NFL or not, you may have noticed that a ton of people were interested in the Super Bowl yesterday.  🙂  Mr. BFS is a huge football fan and I can have it on while I’m doing other things.  That said, I still love me a reason to host a potluck, hehe.

A Day of Fun

Since we do have a lot of room, we figured we could host a great potluck for anyone – super fans or someone who thinks football is for special people.  😉  It ended up working out pretty much as we planned (which rarely happens, lol).  The sports fans squirreled away into the media room to watch the game on a 100 inch projector screen and the non-fans played board games and hung around the food.

Specifically, our Super Bowl party actually started around noon since we invited people over to play board games before the football stuff even started.  🙂  Then everyone started showing up with food in hand, including some main dishes like homemade spring rolls, pigs in the blanket, and sausage balls.  Pairing all of that with the general setup stuff that I started doing, I completely forgot to start cooking!

So all of our guests pretty much fed themselves apparently, lol.  We ended up having those main dishes, great sides like a multi-layer dip, croissants, butter chicken, and a lot of different desserts like cake balls, maccaroons, brownie cake, black forest cake, and chocolate and peanut butter banana pieces.  And of course, there were wine coolers and a variety of other alcohols for people to choose from.

Costs for the Super Bowl 2013

The best part is that no one spent extravagantly individually since potlucks kick butt like that.  As the hosts, we generally have the highest expenses but we think it’s worth it since we don’t have to drive.

Here is what we ended up spending for Super Bowl XLVII:

  • 60 Cake balls – $20 (thanks to Veranda Delights for some yummy, yummy cake balls)
  • Mini Egg Rolls – $8 (we forgot to cook and now have for next week’s potluck, lol)
  • Totino’s Pizza Rolls – N/A (we bought them for a past party, used one bag, and were going to cook them yesterday…and forgot…so next week again…)
  • Soda – $1.50
  • Plasticware and cups – $3.00
  • Tea – $negligible
  • Cleaning supplies for the after party- $negligible…maybe like $1
  • Squares Game Board – $30 (my mother-in-law made us a fantastic game board for us to pick football squares that worked out great and we’re just covering supplies)
  • Squares Game – $10 ($5 per person to participate)
  • Total = Less than $75.00

In my opinion, $75 for a whole day of fun is totally worth it once a year.  Even if we splurge and actually remember to cook food next year, lol, we’ll be at less than this year since the squares game board is totally reuseable.

In the end, we had 19 guests.  The vast majority watched a grand total of 10 minutes of football.  Board games like Tichu and Small World were played until 2am.  A bunch of us just hung out and talked.  But the handful of sports fans had a fantastic time too.  Overall, yay for a great party for a bargain price in my opinion.  🙂

Did you host a Super Bowl party or attend one?  How did it go?

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7 thoughts on “Budgeting in Super Bowl 2013

  1. How fun! Sounds like a great time! I think you did great with the spending for sure. I stayed home and watched it with my husband and some other family, but I wouldn’t call it a party. I have been to parties in the past, but it was nice to just stay home.

  2. I forgot about the Super Bowl. My daughter and I were worrying over two new pets, digging up a new area for a rose garden, and trying to plan out how we could set up our pond/waterfall. We came in and hubby said the electricity went out for 30 minutes at the Superdome. Poor guy was snacking on popcorn, tangerines, orange, apple, and nuts because I forgot to cook or buy snacks. We went to Repticon and a monument Saturday, so Sunday we hit all of our projects and I just totally forgot about the Super Bowl. We had spaghetti for supper. Cost about $6 (used 90% lean), with a romaine/herb salad and homemade bread from the bread maker.
    That commercial about making your own cokes cracked me up, as water is free and tea cost like 50 cents for two quarts. Poor hubby had to do without his traditional coke. Don’t know how he will survive, lol.

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