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“Budgeting in the Baby Stuff” – First Official Update

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WARNING: I’m an over-sharer who will be talking about trying to get pregnant once in a while here on BFS, and hopefully in the future, about pregnancy itself and a baby and a kid and so on. If you didn’t know, all of that stuff includes subjects that some people may find too personal or think it’s “too much information” (TMI). If you are that sort of person, my blog is probably not for you but specifically, these posts aren’t for you. Move on or be offended – totally up to you. Don’t post about your bad choice of reading and being offended or I will just delete it and call you an idiot to my husband and friends. Thanks!

I’ve been getting emails and a few comments asking for updates about us trying to have a baby. I think it’s pretty cool any of you would really be interested and I love being the center of attention. That said, here’s the first official “Budgeting in the Baby Stuff” update!

Nope, not pregnant yet.

I’m 33 years old. I was using the Nuvaring for birth control for more than a decade. I stopped in November 2015. It seems to be working itself out of my system – girl stuff is happening regularly again (that had become few and far between for several years) and my hormones seem to be flowing. Yay!

I have no idea when or if I will get pregnant. I’m not worried about it, especially this early into the whole attempt. My current feelings on the baby-making subject are at the “It would be cool if it happens but not the end of the world if it doesn’t”.


I have been asked about alternate plans. Since it is early in the process, my hubby and I aren’t really strongly considering alternate plans. We’re trying the classic way of getting pregnant (penis to vagina hokey pokey) and that’s it.

Our plan in 6 months if necessary – getting fertility tests to see if all of this is moot, getting totally wasted before trying since that seems to work for like everybody (may try this earlier than 6 months if the opportunity comes up), different male underwear, keeping myself propped up afterwards, peeing on sticks to see when the best time to try would be, etc.  Easy stuff.

As of right now, I don’t want to try in vitro fertilization ever. I also wouldn’t be comfortable with a surrogate. I’ll either get pregnant “naturally” or won’t and that’s that. Adoption is our main backup option but we’ve seen how freaking stressful that process can be.  It’s a final resort option for us.  Based on what I’ve seen and heard, adopters get so much respect from me…seriously, holy moly.

Throwing this out there – no, I am not against any of the stuff I don’t want to try. IVF and surrogacy are great options. If that is how you got pregnant, that’s awesome. Just my own personal opinion for my own process.

Opinions and Advice Welcome, Assholes Aren’t

I’m Crystal. I like blogging and getting comments and having an online community. I will welcome opinions and advice. I may not use all of it, but I won’t be offended you wanted to share. Please don’t be offended if I basically smile and nod.

BUT, assholes and trolls will be deleted. Also, if you take offense pretty easily (like if my use of “assholes” just now made you cringe), then you should move on. I think blogs are words/ideas on a screen that can be chosen to be read or not. Vote with your time – spend time reading and commenting on blogs that you appreciate but completely ignore ones that piss you off. It saves everyone a headache, even you. 😀

Cool beans, that’s my current “not pregnant” update! I’ll post about this pretty regularly since it’s on my mind. Thanks for checking in!

How are you? I don’t see comments as often from all of my regulars as usual, so I’ve only been able to keep in contact with a few of you awesome people. What’s going on? 😀

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15 thoughts on ““Budgeting in the Baby Stuff” – First Official Update

  1. Love your honesty! And you’re so funny….the classic way of get getting pregnant! So glad it worked for us; I don’t think I’d be up for medical intervention but I’m glad it exists…otherwise my brother and I wouldn’t. Ironically we have a little sister (not even a year younger than said brother) who was created in the classic way. All the best, and am glad you’re sharing this part of your life.

  2. It’s funny now with the two kids, my wife keeps saying tongue-in-cheek “Why didn’t you just say let’s get another cat when I said let’s have kids.” That said, they are great and keep me on my toes constantly and are worth all the grief they give me. We went natural as well and I think it took at least a couple months of trying with each. Enjoy this part of the process!! 🙂

  3. Good luck to you and Len! I, for one, and excited to read your updates on this subject. I can’t imagine why anyone would be offended.

    I’d like to say one thing about adoption – it doesn’t have to be stressful. When I adopted my daughter (private infant adoption) it look less than a year from making the decision to move forward to getting the call. It was less than six months from the time the home study was completed to my daughter being born! If it comes down to you going this route, I’d say the best way to keep this a calm and stress-free process is to not have any high expectations. I went into the process expecting it would take three years, so I didn’t worry too much about things. Boy can you imagine my shock when I got a call out of the blue six months after completing my home study saying a baby had just been born and the birth parents chose ME to be her mom. Despite being a natural “planner”, in this case not really planning really helped keep me sane while I waited.

    Regardless, good luck with whatever path this journey takes you on.

  4. Eeekkk!!! I am so excited for you guys!!!

    Ok- total TMI here. When my husband and I went through marriage counseling, the church had us go to a family planning class. We are Catholic- the class was way tmi, and we were heathens that were living together! BUT, the instructor taught us to see ovulation by our cervical mucus. I know gross! We got pregnant the second month just by paying attention and timing our “activities.” Well, I’m sure a little luck too! It is worth googling and is of course free!

  5. Enjoy the process, as I am sure you will. I fondly remember those days. Also, let your imagination go a wandering. Who knows, you might come up with a fictional book or something to add to your entrepreneurship, if that’s a word.
    Enjoy the hokey pokey, and keep up keeping up! Best of luck!

  6. @Charlotte, glad you laughed! I almost took that out but then realized it was “so me”. And yeah, I’m glad the medically-assisted ways exist too. They have helped a few of our friends and family. I just don’t want to mess with my hormones more than necessary since all sorts of hormonal stuff runs oddly in my family.

    @MikeS, thanks! This is the fun part after all. 🙂

    @Denise, you are a much more mellow person than me, but you are also the person I am going to email first if we want to pursue the adoption route. I knew you went through it successfully and comparably easily. And I could pick your brain about the process and costs, lol. Yay for your daughter! Hope she is doing great!

    @Kim, LOL. Thanks! And thanks for the suggestion, I’ll look into that. I don’t think “TMI” exists in my brain. I was raised Catholic but we went to a Baptist preacher for our pre-marriage counseling…that was boring as hell.

    @jill, lol, thanks!

  7. Good luck with the baby making! I look forward to your life stories and updates. I started following you when I got on a financial kick, but I’ve since dropped the other finance blogs out of boredom. With 3 young kids, reading time is sparse so my blogs need as much entertainment (or voyeuristic) value as informational.

  8. I second Kim’s answer—it worked for me twice. Our second is due at the end of March.
    It’s a good thing TMI doesn’t bother you because normally people have a hard time talking about everything that happens “down there”—especially during and after childbirth.
    In fun money news, Verizon has been randomly sending my husband codes to turn in old smart phones (cause he bought a specific phone)- Each phone bringing us $200! We just turned in our 4th old smart phone (which was 8 years old) for $200. We have put all $800 in our son’s savings account. Each phone we turned it was useless to sell on ebay or as a trade…but they all worked. So score big for us!!

  9. @Abby, glad to fill the need! 🙂

    @Lindsey, yeah, I don’t think it’s taken over my brain yet.

    @Michelle, huh…cervical mucus for the win? Way to go on what amounts to a free $800!!!

    @Jackie, lol, thanks!

  10. Good luck to you! Heard of many successes after going Paleo, seems to level out hormones, and increase baby making for some!

  11. Congrats on moving forward with baby making and whatever additional route(s) you decide to take. Love your attitude!

    Just make sure stay in control and do what is best for you and forget what everyone else wants. Sometimes we are influenced by “others” and that may not be good for you.

    Best Wishes

  12. You said vagina!

    The best part is, you’ll spend the next several years fighting off advice from well-meaning(or asshole) strangers on the street. It sucks.

    Sucked a lot as a 20 year old guy. “Thank you, Mrs. Bluehair, but I grew up in a daycare center and I’ve been changing diapers since a couple of years after I quit wearing them. I’ve got this.”

    Good for you!

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