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“Budgeting in the Baby Stuff” – Third Official Update

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The road to having a baby is more than just pregnancy, there are a lot of details to plan for!

WARNING: I’m a sharer who will be talking about trying to get pregnant, and hopefully in the future, about pregnancy itself. If you didn’t know, all of that stuff includes subjects that some people may find too personal or think it’s “too much information” (TMI). If you are that sort of person, my blog is probably not for you but specifically, these posts aren’t for you. Thanks!

Nope, still not pregnant.

I’m 33 years old (turning 34 in a month), and I was using the Nuvaring for birth control for more than a decade. I stopped in November 2015.  My body returned to normal, baby-making processes in early 2016.

I still have no idea when or if I will get pregnant.  I’m not too worried about it, though now that my best friend is pregnant, I am taking it more seriously.  I’m hoping it happens for us soon so our kids can grow up together.  But we’ll have a good life either way.

Our Process So Far

We’ve been trying the “classic” way.  And because of a couple of commenters during my first update, I started paying attention to my cervical mucus (which should have been called ‘gina juice, hehehe).  That didn’t make it happen though.

Thanks to Kasey, a commenter in my second official update, we are going scientific on this stuff!  I ordered some ovulation testing strips from Amazon about a week ago.  Now I’m peeing in tiny cups and ovulation testing every other day.  Next week and the one after, I’ll test myself more often to nail down the timing.  Hopefully all of this will make it easier to target the best times to jump my husband. 

If we still aren’t having any luck in a few months, and we are found to be fertile by doctors, then we’ll move onto a next step like Clomid, a med used to stimulate ovulation.

I still think that I will either get pregnant “naturally” or won’t and that’s that. Adoption is our main backup option but we’ve seen how freaking stressful that process can be.  Throwing this out there – no, I am not against any of the stuff I don’t want to try. IVF and surrogacy are great options for others. If that is how you got pregnant or were conceived, that’s awesome.  I just don’t want to go those routes.

Opinions and Advice Welcome

I like blogging, receiving comments, and having an online community. I will welcome opinions and advice. I may not use all of it, but I won’t be offended. Please don’t be offended if I basically smile and nod.

Cool beans, that’s my current “not pregnant” update! I’ll post about this pretty regularly since it’s on my mind. Thanks for checking in!

How are you? Any other pregnancy-the-easy-way suggestions?

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8 thoughts on ““Budgeting in the Baby Stuff” – Third Official Update

  1. I loved the Ovia app! I also tracked my basal body temp with a thermometer from Amazon that I think was about $7-8. The good thing about tracking bbt is that you can tell if you actually ovulated vs. the strips telling you that you will ovulate soon. My morning schedule can fluctuate as I imagine yours does too, so I picked a time 15-30minutes earlier than I would normally wake up at the earliest and set an alarm to take my temp. I would input it in the app and go back to sleep. The temp has to be tracked at the same time daily to be as accurate as possible. I am now 14 weeks pregnant. I wish you the best of luck and baby dust!

  2. My advice: don’t let timing/temp taking take over your life. It can put a big damper on things, even if he won’t admit it.

    And yes, you will start seeing pregnant women and babies *everywhere*. Kind of like when you buy a car and then it seems everyone else has that same car. It’s on your radar now.

    Lastly, best of luck!

  3. Good luck. Have you considered doing any fertility testing just to make sure that there’s not something potentially in the way? Maybe it’s too early in the process but might at least be something to consider down the road if things still aren’t changing.

  4. One piece of advice — be sure to have your hormone levels checked. My wife and I tried for awhile with no success, and then learned that her thyroid levels were off. Once she got the thyroid levels right (and they did the thing where they check the fallopian tubes for blockages using dye), we got pregnant immediately.

  5. @Danielle, I will say that the bathroom antics of your first trimester have made me a little less whiny about not being pregnant yet, LOL.

    @Trista, if the strips don’t help us get the job done, I’ll start temping myself too. Thanks!

    @Laura, you are a wise woman. Yeppers, I am trying not to let the baby-making part ruin the rest of our sex life. But in our relationship, it’s not the timing stuff that wears him down. I’m a 33 year old who got off birth control and went back to the sex drive of a teen. My husband is a 33 year old that has the sex drive of a 33 year old. He’s just tired at me in general at this point…

    @Money Beagle, we were going to 6 months after I got off birth control, but that was the summer of everyone dying. So we put it off until this coming January…if I’m not knocked up by the end of January with the timing help of ovulation testing with these strips, then we are both getting fertility tested. 🙂

    @chad, thank you. If/when we get fertility tested, I’ll be sure to ask for a hormone test too if that isn’t included. Thanks again!

  6. Yay!! I’m so glad you got the strips, they are a big help. One tiny thing I will mention though is that you should be using them once a day (at least when you know O-time is approaching) or you could easily miss your surge if it happens in the day you don’t test. Then you might end up thinking you haven’t ovulated, but you actually did. Some people actually do them twice in one day when they are right around the window. Good luck and happy babymaking! Hope you get your BFP (big fat positive) as a Christmas present =-)

    Btw, a post you did months ago about not procrastinating on starting a blog actually got me off my ass and doing it! I meant to comment and tell you that earlier but the last few months have been insane with an international move.

  7. @Kasey, I love hearing that my posts actually make a difference!!! So glad you got started!!! I’ve been using the sticks daily since my last period stopped. I started doing them twice a day 2 days ago since this is supposedly around my window…no super positives yet. It’s weird though, no one else’s seems to look like two solid lines after they dry like mine…for example, I dip a stick, it shows a faint line in 3-5 minutes (a negative for a surge), but when I look at it the next hour since I taped it into the journal, it always shows two clear lines. On every test. But the pictures of everyone else’s journal in the Amazon review shows that the test results stayed the same even after being taped into their journals…

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