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Build a Home Series – Brick, Tile, and Oops

Welcome to my Build a Home Series! These posts are to document the process of having our home built by a local builder in an existing subdivision.  The update last week showed them bricking our house.  This week, that is 99% done.  They’ve also painted inside and have started to lay tile!


So we are now in the middle of Week 22 of getting a home built and we only have about 2-3 weeks to go (supposedly).  They bricked the entire outside now except for the floor of the front porch.  They also painted the main color inside and have started to lay tile.

Here are some updated photos:

Front of Our House with Brick

Only the front porch to go, yay!

Back of Our House

99% of the brick is done, so they just need to paint the trim to finish up the outside!

Family Room and Breakfast Nook Tile

They started laying tile in the family room and breakfast nook downstairs!

Our Downstairs Tile

This is the tile color for the main floor. The bathrooms will have a slightly different color (since it was a cheaper option), but we wanted the main floor to pop.


Issues Updates

The issues being handled right now include a nicked wire in the family room, a dry wall repair at the top of the stairs, and a big problem they have promised to fix.  They put a door from the dining room going to the kitchen instead of an archway.  It would make it really difficult to carry hot food from the oven to the table when you have a door in your way.  Especially since that door can bounce off the pantry doors if they are open and smack you in the face.  Needless to say, adding back in another archway is probably a pain in the butt, but it is necessary.

Dining Room Door that Should Not Exist

This is the dining room-to-kitchen doorway that is being converted into an open archway.

Stuff I Have to Stay on Top Of

Our closing date was originally August 31, then September 4, then September 10, then September 20, and now September 28.  Since our estimated closing date keeps getting pushed back, I have to keep calling and pushing back the delivery of our appliances.  The refrigerator, washer, and dryer have been waiting to be delivered and installed for more than a month.  I also have to call our cable provider again and push back the switch over date.  Plus, when we are pretty sure we are truly moving in, I need to schedule the actual movers and have the new blinds installed.  And we have started packing.  I am truly hoping nothing goes awry with all of the changes.

How are your projects going now?

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17 comments to Build a Home Series – Brick, Tile, and Oops

  • Your house is SOOO nice! I really love it. I hope nothing else goes wrong so that you can move in asap.

  • They are really working fast. And to have the whole front of the house brick is quite something. Usually the best I see these days is brick on the first level and siding upstairs. Good luck with the rest. Sounds like you’re hitting the home stretch.

  • We redid our flower beds in front of our house this weekend but nothing on the scale of managing a new house. We have owned our house for a little more than a year now this month so that was pretty cool!

  • Looks like you’re getting really close. At some point I’d love to do a custom house, but we’re not quite there yet.

  • Having that door could make for some good comedy during family holidays. You sure you don’t want to leave it? The house looks really beautiful. Congrats!

  • I remember when my parents built their house when I was in high school. It’s such a fun process. I love the idea of the archway into the kitchen.

  • Looks fantastic! It looks like you have a good sized backyard.

    If you haven’t budgeted for it yet, I’d plan on putting a few trees in the back. We had no trees in our yard in Houston from the house we built, and we regretted it every summer…

  • Looks really nice! Construction dates always get pushed back for good and bad reasons. Good luck.

  • The house is looking great! My goal this weekend is to organize my garage. Get the lock cut off it, check and see if the doors work, and clean it out for garage sale and get the camper into the garage for the winter. Wish me luck!

  • @Michelle, thanks. I honestly think we will be moving the first or second week of October…

    @Money Beagle, yeah, we picked this neighborhood for a lot of reasons. One was that we would have brick on all 4 sides of the first floor and 3 sides of the second. :-)

    @Lance, hey, redoing landscaping kicks butt. I had 2-3 posts on it a couple of years ago when we started our flower beds, lol.

    @W, we probably could have waited too…

    @Kim, hahaha. I actually had some of that comedy yesterday. I walked through that dining room door since there was no tile in that room, but I didn’t know the tile guy was measuring the pantry, so the dining room door hit the pantry door and popped back at me. That door is going to die…

    @Sean, I remember my parents having their home built too, but it was super stressful…

    @Joe, it’s huge and I don’t even like yards, lol. We are going to have a red oak near the back fence and probably a couple of crepe myrtles along the sides. :-)

    @Krantcents, yeah…we’ll be lucky to close by October 8th…

    @Jenna, good luck!

  • Your house it looking great! I love brick exterior. Can’t wait to see the final product!

  • Beautiful house!

    Glad to see it’s brick all the way around!

  • I would love to have either an archway or a swing door to the kitchen. I think it will be a nice idea. I hope everything will be finished as soon as possible.

  • Looks awesome Crystal… Notice how you didn’t give us any bathroom pictures this time ;) – did you not want any more stick!?

  • Bridgette

    Congratulations Crystal! It is a gorgeous house. Can’t wait to see the finished product and new appliances, savor every moment and keep the photos coming.
    Btw, how is your planking??? Up to 2 minutes yet?? :)

  • Ivy Lane

    Just let us know when to get bean bags ready for party time :)

  • […] Build a Home Series – Brick, Tile and Oops – Budgeting in the Fun Stuff Crystal is nearing completion of building her own home. I am majorly jealous of how awesome it is! Furthermore, she has a bathroom with a hot tub and shower big enough for a ….. party? […]