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Build a Home Series: Closing Delayed…Again

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Just a quick update.  We were supposed to close yesterday on our new home.  Didn’t happen.  Were supposed to close today instead.  Didn’t happen.  We’ll supposedly be closing now on Monday at 2pm but won’t get our keys until funding goes through Tuesday morning.  Is Columbus Day even a real holiday?

Anyway, I am way too stressed right now to give a play by play, but I am sure I’ll have a ton to say next week…especially if we get delayed again…

Thanks for all of your notes of support!  And thanks for reading BFS!

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12 thoughts on “Build a Home Series: Closing Delayed…Again

  1. What total horse manure! I hate stuff like that… When my ex-husband and I bought our first house, the sellers had been out of it for months but left it staged with quite a bit of furniture. We showed up for closing all excited about getting the keys, only to find out that they were exercising their right to take 30 days to get everything out. Not because of any real reason but because, as the wife said, “We’re busy people and that’s not a priority.” I could have strangled her with my bare hands.

    Crossing my fingers that there are no more delays and you guys get moving next week!

  2. Sorry to hear this. What was the reason for the delayed closing? My house hasn’t even started yet…and it’s been over 2-3 months, lol. Doing my pre-con next week.

  3. Hang in there, Crystal! When we re-financed our home back in 2001, we had a 4 PM appt. for closing. At 10:30 PM, we were still sitting there – yes, ir was 10:30 PM! One piece of paper was missing, and they were on the phone all evening trying to track it down from the appraiser, who was out and about having drinks and dinner with friends. Unbelievable!

    When my daughter and her fiancee closed on their home a few years ago, they drove from one end of the state, where they were living, to the other end, where the house was. They got there and the bank told them no closing that day – someone had forgotten to get INCOME VERIFICATION on my son-in-law! Now, when it took a month to put the closing paperwork together, how does someone forget income verification?

    I am surprised funding is going through that quickly. I was under the impression the usual hold was 3 days.

    Keep your eye on the prize! You’ll be sitting in your library with your feet up before you know it!


  4. Poo! You’ll get there! When we bought our house the sellers were supposed to be out the next day and even though they knew we had just moved 1/2 way across the country and were staying at a Microtel with all our earthly possessions in a truck, they couldn’t seem to get their shit together and we had to wait until 3 days after closing to move in our house. :/

  5. On the bright side, at least you’re not renting the house you live in right now! I’ve heard of people who are supposed to close on the last day of the month, and then have to move to a hotel because they’ve given their notice and stuff!

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