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Build a Home Series – Getting Closer and Title Frustrations

Welcome to my Build a Home Series! These posts are to document the process of having our home built by a local builder in an existing subdivision. The update last week showed the new brick, our interior paint, and the start of our tile work.  This week, I have more pictures for you and I am venting about title policy craziness.


So we are now in the middle of Week 23 of getting a home built and we only have about 2 weeks to go (supposedly).  This is where finishing work is done and paperwork is wrapped up.  All of the brick is done, the tile inside is done, and they have been adding fixtures.  PLUS, the front door has been added AND the library shelves have been built!  It is changing by leaps and bounds every few days now.  Take a look!

Front of House

The texture spray was finally cleaned off the windows and coach lights were added.

Front Door

They installed the front door yesterday afternoon and we LOVE it!


They built the library shelves!!!

Master Bathroom Shower

Here is our master bath shower…or as Isabelle named it, “The Monkey Sex Shower”. ;-P

Master Bath Garden Tub

I really like how the master bath tub came out!

Downstairs Guest Bedroom

They installed all of the fans and cleaned the windows finally!

One of the Upstairs Guest Bathrooms

All 3 of the guest bathrooms are looking great!

Issues Being Resolved

We are still waiting for the dining room door to the kitchen to be switched to an archway.  We also had to point out that there should be picture frame trim all along the back wall of the dining room too.  There is still a nicked wire to be replaced and a small drywall repair to be made.  Lastly, the cabinetry in the kitchen on one wall needs to be cut into to make room for the double oven.  Overall, there is still 1-2 weeks of work left depending on how fast they really get going…

Stupid Title Policy

I have been trying to secure ourselves the best closing deal as possible by shopping around.  Our current mortgage provider has been trying to keep our business every step of the way.  They even have stepped up to the plate to cover our title policy costs since another lending company does the same thing with our builder.  The tricky part is that our lender wants to use their own title company and our builder says that switching title companies is impossible.  They only use Company A and that’s that.  Well, I thought that was hinky and spoke to our lender.  Our lender says it is downright illegal and called the builder last Friday to remind them of that…

The good news is that our lender will cover the title policy whether or not we end up using the builder’s title company.  But the lender’s title company will waive about $400 in extra fees on top of the title policy and I want that.  I just can’t help feel a bit blackmailed to use the builder’s preferred lender.  I shouldn’t be forced to work with them just to get a title policy covered.  In fact, even though I may have switched if the builder’s lender had lower fees overall, I am now angry enough to give my current lender a little more breathing room just because I am stubborn and do not like to be bullied.

Well, over the weekend, it worked out that Company A had already started the title work and would be owed money if we switched now, so the builder is covering the extra costs that occur above and beyond what Company A will cost compared to the company my lender wanted to use.  Yay!

Big picture:  We should be at the closing table in 2-3 weeks.  :-)

Have you ever had something as annoying as this pop up at the last minute?

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17 comments to Build a Home Series – Getting Closer and Title Frustrations

  • When we did the walkthrough inspection prior to closing on our townhouse we found out they quit watering the lawn as soon as we put an offer in and the whole entire yard died. Unfortunately it was a short sale so there wasn’t anything we could do about it. It cost a few hundred to sod the yard and a LOT of work to get it to look good again.

  • It’s coming together nicely. I love the master bedroom shower.

  • Wow it looks so nice! You are making me want a new house :)

  • I was actually just learning more details about this particular title issue in a class last week. It is illegal for a seller to require the deal to be executed by a certain title company as a condition of sale (Federal Law). However, many builders request that you use their preferred title company due to the longstanding relationship with the property, and the fact that many of the documents drawn up for one property are similar to the next in the conveyance process. Apparently in many cases the builder will even offer to pay for most of the title fees, but only if you use their preferred title company. It sounds like instead of incentivizing or commuicating your builder just biffed that entirely. But keys are just around the corner! :)

  • This post is so timely for me. I really just don’t like title companies. When I built my house four years ago, the process went incredibly smoothly. The only trouble I had was with the title company.

    In June I sold the house I inherited from my cousin to a nice family via a land contract deal. The process went smoothly except for my dealings with the title company… in fact, the title company would have cost me over $5000 had I not been very detail oriented when going over the paperwork. And even when I caught their error they kept trying to convince me I was wrong. Finally had to get my lawyer involved to convince them my math was indeed correct.

    Now just THIS WEEK I am again dealing with a title company and feeling stressed. The nice people who did the land contract deal on my cousin’s house have sold their prior house, so per the terms of the land contract they are now paying me the balance due. It needs to be taken care of this week or else they will owe me another month of “rent/mortgage.” Well, here it is Wednesday and we still can’t get a straight answer from the title company… no hud, no appointment set. Nothing. Sadly, I am finding this is very typical. Sigh….

  • Wow that’s a lot of shelves! You weren’t kidding about it being a library. Are they all going to be filled with books or some other types of things?

  • I love front doors like that. They’re so fancy. And I’m so jealous of your library. All of those book shelves!

  • My lender spent two weeks trying to contact my former employer to confirm my employment status. (Seriously?) Delayed our closing by a week!

  • @Lance, well that just sucks. :-(

    @Call Me, thanks!

    @Michelle, sorry. :-)

    @Andi, that is what I am holding onto…keys in just a few weeks…

    @Denise, YUCK! I’m totally sympathetic.

    @Emily, books and picture frames is all I’ve come up with so far…

    @Madison, lol, thanks!

    @Jenna, wow…sorry. Glad you got your place!

  • that is awesome that they are almost done – be thankful that you’re watching them do the work from afar! Putting in ceiling fans is hard work – those things are heavy!
    Looks like a nice place!

  • Your master bath is perfect for using a squiggy!! Love to do that in nice showers :-) Looks like you’ll be moving very soon.

  • Nice front door, shower and library Are you paneling the library? I always wanted a paneled library. There is something about a great room to read. Good luck.

  • Bridgette

    Love the master shower (enough space for planking), and the bookshelves! Best of luck with the other stuff.

  • Absolutely love the library! Beautiful home!

  • I know this isn’t related, but do you do any stock investing or purchase stocks and reinvest the dividends?

  • @Jeff, yeah, we installed the ceiling fans in our current house and it was a pain in the butt…

    @Rachel, now I have to go find out what a Squiggy is, lol…

    @Krantcents, nope, no paneling. But they will match the trim.

    @Bridgette, hehehe. I have started planking…but I suck…I’m working my way up from 30 seconds…

    @Wendy, thank you!

    @Squeezer, yep, Mr. BFS runs our dividend yielding stocks –

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