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Build a Home Series – Looks Like a Home! Almost There!

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Welcome to my Build a Home Series! These posts are to document the process of having our home built by a local builder in an existing subdivision. The update last week showed lots of new stuff like tile and a new door.  This week, I have more pictures for you – it’s 99% done!!!  Just needs a few more things and a good clean!


So we are now in the middle of Week 24 and we close a week from today!!!  1 week to go!!!  They spent the last week adding fixtures, painting, finishing all of the floors, adding counter tops, fencing in the back yard, and adding the front yard stuff.  Take a look!

Welcome to our new house…so close!!!
Nice Booty!
Looks good from the back too. 🙂
Our Fenced Backyard
This is the majority of our backyard although there is some more on each side…
Kitchen 99% Done
Only the backsplash to go (and the new fridge that is being delivered the day after closing).
Open Concept
I love this open concept design!!!
Master Bath Almost Done
This is the best picture I can get with my phone’s camera…I’ll work on it…
Linen Closet and Master Shower
Yeah, like you care about the linen closet…
Master Bedroom Closet
Is it wrong to love a closet this much? I barely own enough to fill a half of MY side, and I LOVE IT!!! I dream of all the stuff I can store here…
The library shelves were literally painted about 5 minutes before I took this picture…I bought the crew a couple of pizzas for staying past 7pm to get them done and looking AWESOME!
Media Room Shelves
These look fantastic and I hugged the dude who made them…he was covered in saw dust and I am an asthmatic, but he totally got Crystal pounced anyway. 🙂


Dining Room
We have picture frames under the windows AND an archway waiting for texture and paint, yay!!!
Dining Room Arch
And another one of the archway that caused so much craziness, lol. Mr. BFS is super happy!

Issues Being Resolved

Well, first an update from last week, we ended up using the builder’s title company, but my lender is covering their actual title cost and they are waiving $379 in the extra fees.  So, it worked out the same as it would have with my lender’s title company.  Yay!  AND better news – our house is definitely taxed this year as unimproved land, so those $2100 of taxes in the closing costs just jumped down to less than $150!!!  WHOO-HOO!!!  Our total closing costs are down to less than $50k!!!  That made my freaking day!!!

Let’s see, we have a long list of little texture and paint touch-ups, burned out bulbs, and misaligned drawers and windows that they are fixing over the next 2-3 days, but here are the biggest things left:

  • The attic stairs won’t come down…yep, we are locked out from one a/c unit and two water heaters.  That’s a big one…they said it will be handled by Friday.
  • One of the lights in the kitchen was supposed to be wired in with all of the others and that should be done tomorrow.
  • The granite ledge/back splash in the master bathroom needs to be wrapped up after the mirror is installed and framed.
  • The back splash in the kitchen is being installed tomorrow as well.


Sooooooo…what do you think so far?  Come on, be honest!

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27 thoughts on “Build a Home Series – Looks Like a Home! Almost There!

  1. I think it looks insanely gigantic for 2 just people…
    But that’s probably a cultural difference between Europe & USA about what’s reasonable (even if I would love to have such a cool castle)

  2. Beautiful! Now where is my guest room that I can use when I come to visit? LOL!

    Oh, one word of warning… don’t get too excited about the tax situation. If it is anything like Ohio it will catch up with you. Year one you pay crazy low taxes. Year two they realize it and start taxing you the right rate. Because the amount taken into escrow is so low you end up either having to pay a huge lump sum (what I did) OR have your lender take out twice as much as they should for a year to make up the difference (which makes huge house payments). Year three is FINALLY normal payments. Maybe it is done differently in Texas, though….

  3. Beautiful!!!! Love the covered patio, front covered area, tile, and everything…..! Many fine getogethers are going to happen there! 🙂

  4. I think it’s beautiful! I love your closet space and all the built ins! Like someone above mentioned though, I’d be terrified of the heating and cooling costs associated with such a large home. Once you’ve been there a year you should do an “expenses now vs then” between your old and new home. The brick is gorgeous too, love that.

  5. @Michelle, just let me know when you want to visit! 🙂

    @Julien, nope, not a cultural difference. Tons of people here think it is insanely big for 2 people too. 🙂 It is. I’m hoping that our roommates will stick around for another year at least. Plus, this is the new main clubhouse for our friends. But yeah, it’s insanely huge and I’m loving it, hahaha.

    @Lance, we aren’t rushing to fill it all in…I think it’ll be even prettier without our stuff, hehehe.

    @Savvy Scot, love hearing it!

    @Call Me, thanks!!!

    @Dawn, AWWWWW! 😀

    @Little House, thank you!

    @Bobbie, hahaha! Thank you – that is totally what we were going for. 🙂

    @Denise, no worries chica. I know the taxes are going to be huge, but we are not escrowing, so I am starting to set money aside for them next year as soon as we close. 🙂

    @Ornella, yeah, it’s been one of our crazier decisions…

    @Mrs. Pop, I asked around to current owners that bought their homes last year, and the utility bills are surprisingly low – I was very surprised. I am budgeting for big increases just in case though. 🙂

    @ODWO, thanks!!! Remember to keep October 27 open for the Halloween Housewarming Party!!!

    @Money Beagle, YES. I actually checked again at lunch just for you. 🙂

    @Angella, since everything is even more energy efficient than our current house, the bills were actually only about 15% more based on the other guy’s bills with our floor plan. But I am budgeting for 50-75% more just in case. 😉 And that is a great idea – I’ll do an expenses update in the beginning (maybe November-December compared to last Nov-Dec) and again down the road 6-12 months. 🙂

  6. If I could take one portion of your house, it would be the library shelves. Amazing! Seriously, if I am ever in your house, you better not let me anywhere near those shelves.

  7. Man, what a cool house you will live in soon. Everythng looks so new and also cool bathroom by the way. The only thing I dont see is pictures of the bedrooms? If I could build my dream home I would have hardwood floors.

  8. @Ivy, we’ll see. 🙂

    @RichUncle, the bedrooms are boring, lol. But I’ll post their pics next week or the one after. Thanks!

    @Budget and the Beach, thank you!!!

    @Agwina, the library is definitely an eye catcher. Thanks!

  9. That house looks like a showplace. I love the kitchen island. I was volunteering at a charity yard sale today and someone donated an apron and 3 chef hats. I should have saved those to send to you. Congrats!

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