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Build a Home Series – Quick Update

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Hey everybody!  I am heading out to Denver tomorrow for the rest of the week for the Financial Blogger Conference 2012!  I’ll make sure to write up a complete rundown about the whole thing next week (just like I did last year).  In the meantime, some great guest posters are in this week as well as a Reader Profile for Friday as usual.While I’m out, our house will keep getting worked on and Mr. BFS will be monitoring that and the business.  😀  It is nice to have backup.  🙂

House Update

They started the brick at the end of last week and lots of stuff is happening inside too.  Here are some quick updated pictures from Monday.  I bet the ones next week will be amazing comparably, lol.  But I am glad to see a house really starting to get fleshed out.

Front of Our New House
They are working their butts off on finishing the brick…
Back of Our New House
They only have the columns on the patio left to brick…
Our New Kitchen
They need to correct the cabinets where the double oven is going, but it is awesome to see what this will look like soon…
The Dining Room
They are already making the pretty finishes in the dining room…


Entry to Master Bath
That tub can easily fit two people but it is all sorts of icky right now…


Our Master Shower
Yep, the shower is big enough for them to store half the vanity in it, lol. That is a bench seat in the corner and I think 3 people could stand in the shower without touching…


Look forward to getting back on here next week!!!  Hope you all have a fantastic week!!!

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20 thoughts on “Build a Home Series – Quick Update

  1. That’s pretty amazing progress just from the last one. My only nitpick is that I would have preferred they pour the driveway and sidewalk later to avoid workers parking on them (construction work trucks inevitably leak oil or other fluids) or putting weight on them from deliveries by heavy trucks.

  2. Hahaha, it looks like others have beat me to my comments about all the people in your bathroom. Party in the bathroom 😉

    But no really, your house is looking great. I bet they’ll get so much done while you’re out. Have fun at the conference!

  3. Looks great, and from a construction-worker viewpoint, it looks like they’re doing good work and aren’t cutting corners. I see they put up Tyvec (a common corner that builders cut!) and are using the right safety equipment…the brick work looks good. This is great! Bet you’re excited for it to be done!

  4. I have a dirty mind and am usually way more on the ball than this…thanks for the giggles!!!

    @Lance, hehehe.

    @20’s Finances, I still can’t believe I didn’t see this coming…

    @Mrs. Pop, hopefully!

    @Michelle, thanks!

    @Money Beagle, no worries, the driveway is a no-car zone until we move in. Builder’s policy. Now there are tracks in the grass in the empty field next to our house…

    @Savvy Scot, hahaha.

    @Emily, BEST ONE YET!!! 😀

    @Madison, lol, they beat me to it too. Thanks!

    @LBee, I don’t want to think about it…

    @TB, thanks for the insight! I can’t tell what cutting corners or not looks like…cool beans! And yes, I am soooo ready for it to be done!

  5. @Jenna, can’t wait til FinCon!

    @Jacob, I will totally get some pics of our “epic” wine and cheese housewarming, lol.

    @Jennie, thank you – I really like the dark look too. 🙂 I’ll definitely take some more pics next week as it comes together. 🙂

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