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BYOB Painting is FUN!!!

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As I wrote about before, I discovered Groupon.  I am not a fanatic (yet), but I have used it a dozen times now for cheaper movie tickets and a couple of other things.  One of those extra things was a half-price entry to a BYOB painting class that we went to with friends last week.

BYOB Painting

The place we went offers 2 and 3 hour painting classes and you bring your own alcohol and snacks.  You can view their class schedule on their website, choose your favorite, book online or on the phone, and then just show up with what you want to eat or drink.  They provide the canvas, brushes, and paint.  Then you take your seat and munch away as a lady walks you through creating the painting you chose.

In the class we went to, they had an example painting of what it will look like in the end, and the painting leader told us step-by-step how to recreate it while she painted it all over again in steps.  You can either follow along exactly or start throwing in your own changes and colors.

Our Experience

Our group was the special one that teachers roll their eyes at.  The painting leader and assistant quickly figured out that we could be left the hell alone and be fine.  Giggly, rebellious, and a little crude, but just fine.  😀

I’d like to argue that talking about “painting your bush” in 50 different ways is something to be laughed at by anyone, not just us…but anyway…

So we got there 15 minutes early as requested, grabbed our smocks, and found our assigned seats.  We got our snacks and drinks lined up the way we planned on eating them and waited for everybody else to arrive.  When the class started, we figured out really fast that our paintings were not going to be identical to her painting.

We followed along pretty closely for pointers on which brush to use and how to mix the colors, but we then added our own feelings and twists.  There ended up being two breaks so the paintings could dry long enough to move onto the next steps.  In the end, the 3 hour class went by super fast and we were all really happy with the night.  Some of us liked our results better than others, but everyone had a great Friday evening.

Our Paintings

So this is what the example was that everyone was shooting for:

Happy Meadow
This was the painting for the class we attended. Nice and happy and yellow…I don’t like yellow…

This is my husband’s final painting:

My Hubby's Painting
I really think his clouds, flowers, and path are awesome! He has some oil painting experience that sort of carried over into acrylic…I was really impressed!

This is my final painting:

My Happy Meadow
I like my trees, sky, and birds. But I have to agree with one of our friends – my Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrushes look more like miniature nuns dodging fireballs from angry gods. 😀

Yeah, I like his better too.  😉  And we are totally going back as soon as they are on Groupon again!  I just can’t pay $45 for something I paid $22 for now…I got spoiled.

Have you ever been to a BYOB painting class?  Would you try it out?

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6 thoughts on “BYOB Painting is FUN!!!

  1. Nice work on the painting and though I draw or rather try to I don’t think I can paint worth 2 cents. On top of that I am sure the alcohol would make sure my painting looked nothing like it should look. Your husband really did a good job.

  2. @Lance, glad it got a laugh. 🙂

    @Thomas, thanks! Seriously, I can draw anything but stick figures…they make it easy at these classes. 35 people all came up with paintings that none of us thought we could do.

    @Elena, you can! I swear. I don’t have an artistic bone in my body and the step-by-step is just amazing!

  3. wow… that’s pretty good, I expected something lot less professional. It really looks like one of those paintings from the art gallery. You guys should put it up on eBay and see where the bid goes. Who know, right?

  4. Awesome. Yes, I Would love to take an art class lke that, not sure About bringing a bottle….hubby would bring a Coke Zero. I guess I would be worried about mixing toxic paint tints with eating.
    Good results and sounds like fun.

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