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Carnival of Money Stories #82 – Funny Weight Loss Tips

Welcome to the Carnival of Money Stories #82!  In honor of all the eating I’ve done for the past 4 days, today’s carnival is going to be filled with funny weight-loss tips*.  :-)  I hope you enjoy your Monday as much as possible and come back to visit BFS!

Editor’s Favorites – “When eating donuts – only eat the center part.”

Shopping – “Use Parental Block for the Food Network on your TV – Eat PIN Number/Password.”

Credit – “Unfollow some calories (Twitter reference)”

Net Worth – “Set a goal to lose as much weight as your stock portfolio has done in the last year.”

Business – “Like the silent tree falling in the forest…. food actually has no calories if no one sees you eating it.”

Career – “Eat your food with one chopstick.”

Investing – “LMAO is a great way to reduce weight in the hindquarters.”

Other – “Only eat food that you can catch & kill with a toothpick”

I do apologize if you don’t see your post here – either it wasn’t a personal money story that fit the guidelines we hosts get or it came in after 5pm EST and was forwarded to the next host. Please submit your posts to the next edition of Carnival of Money Stories using the carnival submission form. The host next week will be Money Beagle:-)

*I found these tips at Ezine Articles.

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