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Positivity and a “Can Do” Attitude Could Make You Rich!

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How do you motivate yourself to keep working when something has gone wrong or when others see more success? Here's my motivation. Pinning this for inspiration!

Do you read Budgets Are Sexy or Making Sense of Cents?  How about Smart Passive Income?  ESI Money or Money Boss?  I read them all, though less often than I should.  They are all at the top of their game.  J Money recently turned down a $1 million deal for his sexy blog bunch.  Michelle is making $100,000 a MONTH from affiliate income…and created a course about it. Pat Flynn is…well, Pat Flynn (Google “king of online money”).   He’s making millions a year. ESI Money just pulled off early retirement.  Money Boss sold his previous site for beaucoup bucks years ago and is restarting a blog empire. Shared Qualities of the Successful Do you know what they have in common?  They are sincerely wonderful people.  I’ve met them.  They are awesome.  But more importantly for our class today, they’re positive people and are all more motivated than squirrels are for nuts.  Yep, positivity and a “can do” attitude is what it takes…makes you gag, right?  Well, suck it up.  I know for a fact that those two ingredients make the recipe for success.  How?  Because that’s how I grew BFS so quickly when I started in 2010 and how I’m … Read more

Two Black Friday Sales Bloggers Will Love!

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I’m not going to write a novel today.  Just a heads up on two awesome sales for bloggers! Grow Your Affiliate Income I’ve mentioned jumping into the ecourse – Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing by Michelle over at Making Sense of Cents. Just some quick points of awesomeness: It spells out how to start making affiliate income.  In detail.  I’ve went from $0 to more than $1500 since implementing just a few things I learned this year by skimming.  I’m spending the rest of this year implementing things step by step. You get to be a member of the course’s Facebook group, which is like being handed the keys to the best blogger library ever.  We motivate each other.  The more experienced help answer questions.  We all help promote and support each other.  The admission to that Facebook group is worth the way more than the usual $197 price of the course if you are interested in growing your blog at all!!! Today through Sunday (Nov 25-27, 2016), take $38 off by clicking on this link and typing in the code BLACKFRIDAY38 at checkout.  That’s $159 instead of $197!!! I don’t spend a lot on my blog.  This course is worth way … Read more

Renovations Underway – What Do You Think?

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I love “talking” with you here on Budgeting in the Fun Stuff (BFS), but I do not enjoy any of the back end parts of blogging.  I actually despise that part enough to push it aside in my brain.  I’ve spent several years feeling subconsciously guilty for ignoring it.  No more! Please welcome Doug Triplett to BFS!  He’s been handling the back end tech stuff like better backups and updates for the last few days.  He’s also been updating the general look of the site. Poke around, browse a few posts, click on some links, and let me know if you run into any issues!  Renovations are happening and I’d love to use this time to make this blog as user-friendly for you as possible!!! What do you think?  What are you liking?  What’s frustrating?  How can this be a better blog for you?  All comments requested and welcomed!

Goodbye, San Diego! #FinCon16 Recap

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FinCon is THE conference for personal finance bloggers and there are so, so many amazing opportunities to network as a blogger and to learn a myriad of ways to increase your blogging skills, all so you can make more money blogging and have a great time. HIGHLY recommend checking it out.

I’m back!  #FinCon16 was a meet up of 1250+ financial geeks and blogging buffs in San Diego for 4+ days.  If you just thought “sounds like heaven”, you should join us in Dallas in 2017!  (That’s my referral link to the $189 rate from now until October 2)  My Peeps Thanks to a handful of sincere yet goofy people, I was able to center myself after crappy months of loss. Introverts at conferences are told to connect with an extrovert and ride the social wave.  Well, I’m definitely one of those extroverts and I was truly lucky to be surrounded by an amazing introvert core that made me feel loved and encouraged – Revanche from A Gai Shan Life, Maria Nedeva from The Money Principle, Khaleef and Sherrian Crumbley from KNS Financial, and Joe Taxpayer.  They were the ones I’d latch onto for the day while tackling the conference bleary-eyed and bushy-tailed.  I also connected one-on-one with Valerie Rind, Pauline Paquin, Tai Stewart, Emily Guy Birken, Sandy Smith, and Joshua.  On my last full day, I went to the famous San Diego Zoo with a fabulous first-time attendee, Leslie from Notorious D.E.B.T. Thank you all – you made FinCon16 kick … Read more

Seriously, Your Passion Needs a Website!

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Have you ever tried Googling your favorite restaurant?  Or wanted to see more details about a maid or lawn crew you were thinking about hiring?  Or even just tried finding a competitor’s site to see what they are offering that you aren’t? People like to peek in at people.  They like easy-to-find information.  They like having some of the main questions answered before they have to actually talk to you. So whether you want to sell baked goods like my mother-in-law, start a pet sitting business, or start a blog like me and all of your other favorites (hehehe, see what I did there?), you need an online presence! As commenter and friend, Mike Mitchell, put it: Any business larger than a kid who rakes and mows lawns on weekends needs a website. If you don’t have one, no one sees you or takes you seriously. It’s as simple as that. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on the perfect design, but at least have a landing spot that your fans and future clients or contacts can go to see what you are all about. What Your Website Needs Obviously, every side hustle, hobby, and business needs to include … Read more

How to Pack for a Conference (For Me, FinCon)

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How to Pack for a Conference - Conferences are the BEST for networking and building an online business. I get SO many opportunities from going but I never know what to pack for a conference, or I forget things. This list will help me not be forgetful and actually have a chance to make new blogging friends, not be looking for Walmart.

My biggest conference of every year is FinCon – a huge money geek meetup with learning, connections, drinking, and parties.  This event started as the Financial Blogger Conference in 2011 and evolved into the Financial Content Expo.  Whatever the real name, #FinCon17 in Dallas, Texas will be in October 2017!!! This is my annual trek to network, see my financial blogging friends, and to soak up pure, unadulterated motivation.  I also try to attend as cheaply as possible because, well, it’s me at a financial conference…duh.  Cheap means not having a checked bag when you have to fly through any airline near me other than Spirit.  That in mind, here is my go to packing list for conferences! FIRST – Conference Specific Items No matter the conference, there are probably a few things you shouldn’t forget.  Here are my needs for FinCon: Business Cards!!!  I go to this conference to network.  Step 1 is being memorable enough not to need business cards.  BUT Step 2 is having them just in case.  Especially to hand to people I want to work with soon.  I generally only need 50 or so, but I take 100+ just in case.  I’ve generally used Vistaprint.Here are my … Read more

Why You Should Start a Blog Right Now.

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It sounds corny as hell, but blogging changed my life.  I spent 5 years working in a dead end cubicle position and then I stumbled across a money blog.  It was like making a friend for the first time.  I got that warm, fuzzy feeling that I belonged.  And it just got better! I started this site in 2010 (please use my referral link if you try too since I’ve negotiated a lower deal for my readers) and I quit my day job a year later to be a full-time entrepreneur.  I’ve been chugging away on the self-employment train ever since… Why You Should Start a Blog 1.  It’s fun to talk with people who are crazy about the same stuff you are crazy about. 2.  I have personally made more than $500,000 online since I started blogging in 2010. That’s half a million dollars and growing!!!  $1000-$3000 a month is from just this site. Blogging makes money through ad income, but you can also use a blog to get work as a virtual assistant, social media manager, staff writer, etc.  Here’s my free walk-through on How to Make Money Blogging.  And if you already have the basics, you can check out Michelle’s (Making Sense of Censt) e-course on building … Read more