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Hey Whiners, Bite Me!

There is a theme in the comments of the Yahoo article that covered our mortgage payoff story (for our first house, not our current one).  You can actually read my payoff story in my own words here.  Long story short, we bought a house in April 2007, paid it off in April 2013, and did it mainly by paying $160 more than necessary every month.  That would have had us paying it off in 10 years.  We shaved off an additional 4 years by throwing additional principal payments onto it when I started making more online.

Mainly, with Yahoo’s post, there are whiners and normal people in the comment section.  Let me be clear, whining is great.  I love to do it.  But lashing out at others because of what you have stuck in your whiny brain is stupid.

Here are my responses to all of the whiners that I am sharing here because I love my readers and think my I-really-want-to-say-it responses will make you laugh or at least agree.

But We Don’t All Make $120,000 a Year

Then work on increasing your income!  Or shut up.  My business didn’t magically appear.  I worked my butt off to create it, grow it, and to keep it going!  Don’t want to work that hard?  Then don’t.  I don’t care what you earn, and you don’t have to either, but that means you can keep your mouth shut when someone else succeeds.

We Can’t Buy a Good $114,000 House Where We Live

Then move.  Or shut up.  Yeah, I live near Houston, TX and homes are cheaper here than along the coasts.  But you can either move, make more wherever you live, or suck up the fact that you choose to pay more.  We have to deal with hurricanes and crappy summers.  You have to deal with coastal views and crappy prices.  Whaaaaaaaaaa.  It’s a choice – a really hard one, granted, but a choice none-the-less.

I’m Not Married

So get married.  Or get a second job.  Or shut up.  Sensing a theme?

I didn’t say you had to be married.  And I didn’t get married just to buy a house.  It’s my situation.  Deal with your own situation.

I’m Not Listening Because You Don’t Have Kids

Damn skippy.  It’s by choice.  And if I decide to have kids, that’s our choice too.  I know kids are expensive, but I also know people who have kids and have paid off their home too.  Kids are not an excuse.  They are a prioritized expense.  If you have kids and want to pay off a loan faster, cut something else out of your budget.  It’s not rocket science – it’s budgeting.

I Don’t Want to Rent Out a Spare Bedroom to an Ax Murderer

Then don’t.  We have rented to 4 friends and 2 strangers.  It wasn’t necessary in paying off our mortgage – I just liked the extra income.  Overall, we brought in about $9000 over the 6 years we owned the other house.  Maybe $11,000 if I am forgetting a few months.  That was not how we paid off a $92,000 mortgage in 6 years.  It was just a way of making extra money that Yahoo wanted to include.  Bite me.

Paying Off Your House Loses Your Interest Deduction

This is stupid or ignorant.  First, you must be assuming that the standard deduction wasn’t higher than itemizing (which is was, so we never itemized the first house’s interest).  Then you seem to assume that making back your tax bracket’s worth of interest is better than paying no more interest at all.  NO.  BAD HOMEOWNER.  No interest is way better than a 15%-33% discount off of interest.

You Must Have Lived Like Homeless People

Nope, we live quite nicely, thank you.  We splurge like everyone else, but we don’t splurge on absolutely everything else.  It’s called prioritization – look into it.  If you rather pay off a loan than smoke, give up smoking.  We splurge on food and services, but we don’t buy absolutely everything we want.  “You can afford anything, but you can’t afford everything.”

Your House Must Suck

Nope.  It’s a good house.  Built in 2004 and here’s a picture.  Bite me.

Our First House

It is a cute home. 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 baths, 1750 square feet. Nice neighborhood.


Financial Blogger Conference 2013 Flash Sale!!!

Did you want to attend the Financial Blogger Conference this year but missed the initial sale?  Here’s your opportunity again!  Just click here for this flash sale!!!

Why should you go?  Just check out my two complete breakdowns of the last two!!!  Here is the one from FinCon11, and here is the other of FinCon12.  I literally wrote out everything I could remember about each event and included pics to boot.

Here are two bits of important info:

1.   2-day flash sale reverts back to earlier discounted price of $179.  Please use any of the links in this post or the banner below if you are interested.
2. The flash sale runs from today (Thursday) through Friday: August 22nd 8am CT to August 23rd at 11:55pm CT.

FinCon '13 Flash Sale


Supporting the Making Sense of Cents Giveaway!!!

Quick post!  I am one of the supporters of the HUGE Making Sense of Cents Anniversary Giveaway!!!  See below and sign up!!!


First place – iPad Mini WIFI 16 GB (
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General Info

  • Open Worldwide.
  • If the winner of the iPad Mini prefers cash, then cash value for the iPad will be given instead.
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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Salt Lake City Couch Surfing (Maybe) and the Plutus Awards

Hi!  Today’s post is a combined one since there are two short things that I wanted to cover.  :-)

Live In or Near Salt Lake City?

The first thing is that I may have a few days to kill sometime between September 19-24 in or around Salt Lake City, Utah.  My original plan was to visit a blogging buddy, so I already bought a $257 non-refundable plane ticket.  But he got an offer he just can’t refuse from overseas (I wouldn’t have turned it down either), so now he most likely won’t actually be in the country while I’m visiting.  Sad face for me but I’m glad he is trying to take the opportunity when it knocks.

I am planning to spend a day or two with his wife and kids during that span, but I rather not put her out the whole time.  She’s a pregnant introvert with 3 young children already.  And she doesn’t know me really well yet.  So she probably doesn’t know that I cuss like a small, red-headed sailor…although she does know I am the complete opposite of an introvert, lol.  I think my presence the whole time would drive her batty.

But she’s also a sweety that would not tell me, so I am just looking for couch surfing opportunities as a backup plan.  I also have to put it out there since I would be staying the night – I am allergic to cats and smoke.  Like need-an-inhaler-and-maybe-something-stronger allergic.  Stupid asthma.  But for some reason, dogs aren’t my kryptonite too…I will never understand.

Plutus Awards Nominations

The second thing is that the Plutus Awards Nominations have started once again.  :-)  I’d be super grateful, as would all of your other favorite bloggers, if you would click here and fill out your nominations.  :-D

I think could possibly work in the following categories:

  • Best Kept Secret (not sure what defines a secret, but there at least millions of people that could be tuning in that aren’t, lol)
  • Humorous
  • Blog of the Year (okay, so maybe that’s stretching it a bit, but you love me, right?)  :-D

Anyway, even if BFS isn’t on your list of nominations, your favorite bloggers would appreciate the mention!  :-)

BFS for Humorous Blog


So let me know if you are in or near Salt Lake City and thanks in advance for your Plutus Awards nomination!  ;-)

Host Gator Exclusive 30% Off Code for July 2013 from BFS

Hi!  About a month ago, I wrote a full post on why I support Host Gator – Host Gator – My History and Recommendation.  Just a super quick FYI, they were able to assign me an exclusive 30% off code for you to use in July 2013 at checkout:

Checkout Code:  BFS30OFFJULY13

So if you were in the market for hosting anyway, hope this helps!  You can also get to Host Gator through my affiliate link:, but the code should work no matter how you get there.  Good luck!

Google Reader is Being Shut Down July 1st!

Big news that you may already know about…Google Reader is being shut off on July 1st for good!

SO, if you want to keep receiving my awesome posts direct-to-you, please remember to sign up for my stuff via email (green icon in the right sidebar) or change over to Feedly by Sunday night!!!

Hope to keep in touch!  :-D

Host Gator – My History and Recommendation

You may have noticed that I mention Host Gator whenever I’m on the subject and in my newsletters once in a while.  It’s not just because I am an affiliate.  In fact, I only signed up as an affiliate after I switched to them in late 2010 since Host Monster was letting me down frequently.  Here is my quick history with Host Gator and their coupon code, HG30, to get 30% off if you are interested too.

My Switch

I started BFS in February 2010 on (do any of you long-timers remember that?!).  Within a month, it became obvious that I would grow faster if I bought my own domain name and self-hosted on WordPress.

So I spent the $10 for the following year and officially claimed, and I signed up for cheap hosting through Host Monster.  The 2-3 week switchover was frustrating and painful for me since I had just learned to use Blogger so well, but in the end, it gave me the site you see now.

Over the months that followed, my site would just crash for a few hours a couple of times a week.  I thought it was because I was getting bigger, but it was actually just server problems at Host Monster.  Poop.

I asked around and got several suggestions to switch to Host Gator instead.  So when I saw a Black Friday sale in late 2010, I jumped on it – 3 years for like $130.  Score!  And it actually worked great for me for a couple of years!  I only had a few issues a year and they all lasted less than 3 hours.  Plus, Host Gator’s customer service actually answered the phone and explained what was going on – always appreciated.

Moved On

But all good things must come to an end.  In late 2012, I finally had grown enough that I needed a more private server to handle my sites.  BFS was just running too slow since it had grown quite a bit and I had 15 other, smaller sites on the same server too.  So I switched over to semi-private hosting with my tech dude, Jesse Michelsen.  My site has never been faster, but obviously, there is a higher expense involved too.  It’s the give-and-take of the world of hosting services.

My Recommendation

All of that said, if you are just starting out or have just a few sites, I would HIGHLY recommend Host Gator.  I personally would go back to them if Jesse ever needs to move on.  In my mind, they rescued me from Host Monster and showed me that my site doesn’t actually have to crash for hours every few days, yay!

If you would like to try them out too, feel free to click on any of my affiliate links ( or the banner below, AND remember to use the coupon code, HG30, at checkout to get 30% off!

Coupon Code for 30% Off:  HG30