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My Chiropractor Gave Me BLOGGING Homework!

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I’ve seen a new chiropractor twice now, Dr. Greg Green here in Houston, TX. He’s awesome – personality-wise and with his practice.  (Just an fyi, he has a couple of free videos and links to other resources he trusts at…no kickbacks for me, just thought you’d like to know.) My Homework He also blogs with his own free weekly newsletter and has an online course – all in the health field. He loved that I blog too. And now he’s given me freaking homework! What?! He says I need to create a course that would be helpful to 500+ people a month. He thinks that I should make How I Make Money Blogging into a course or create a course about starting your own pet sitting business on the cheap. Ideally, he wants me to do both. He also thinks I should do it ASAP and stop procrastinating like a wuss. Yep, he’s demanding. He’s also right. What Course Should I Make First? So, with that in mind, what do you think I should tackle first? You are my people. You will tell people you know that an awesome blogger you know just made a course about _____ and … Read more

Holy Moly – 6 Years of Blogging!

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Blogging is so full of lessons, lessons about the internet and life lessons. Oh, and of course business lessons. Take a look at these insights from a blogger who has been full time blogging for SIX years. I can't believe how much she's changed from blogging and being a WAHM (pet mom, that is).

Six years ago today, I started Budgeting in the Fun Stuff. It was on, had white letters on a black background, and a few of you tuned in anyway. Bless you, crazy people. 😉 I’m not just being cliché when I say that this blog changed my life. 6 Years Ago In 2010, I was 5 years into a dead-end office job that I fully intended to stick with for another 25 years. My husband was an 8th grade science teacher finishing his masters to become an elementary school librarian that Fall semester. I was full of energy. I volunteered with the Houston SPCA and Pughearts. I spent 2010 growing this site with a post every day and I started staff writing like a nutball all over the internet…like 13 posts a week. I was such a fan of budgeting and personal finance that my husband and friends were relieved when I found this release. We still had all of our family, our two dogs, and our first home was 8 years from being paid off. The Last 6 Years In 2011, everything started to change. That July, I left my full-time day job to blog and handle my online … Read more

Newsletter Subscriber Q&A Day!

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I host a monthly giveaway in my newsletter that subscribers enter by leaving questions or comments (you can sign up for my free newsletter by clicking here…it’s where my monthly income updates have gone).  I haven’t been able to keep up with everyone’s awesomeness, so here we go!!! Q: Rebecca Smith asked, “What is your biggest goal for 2016?” A: I posted my New Year’s resolutions, but my biggest actual goal is probably to get pregnant by the end of the year. Or if that can’t happen, to start looking into other options. 🙂 Q: Donna Freedman asked, “Do you allow yourself the option of taking fewer jobs from time to time? The reason I ask is that you said you’re already tired and it’s only the first week of January. I know that you’ve budgeted down time for vacations, but what about if you’re just feeling weary or have a bad cold?” A: The short answer is yes. I rarely start really pushing for more pet sitting jobs, so during naturally slow months, I make weekend trips and use the extra time to keep up with friends and family. If I fall behind with online work, my husband covers … Read more

Matchmaker, Matchmaker…

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In the last 2 weeks, I’ve come across 3 people that I’d hire myself if I had openings – all looking for staff writing positions on blogs. I know a ton of bloggers have had staff writers off and on for years (including me), so just please comment below or email me directly at budgetingfunstuff *at* if you are looking for awesome, dependable staff writers and I’ll send a few names your way to contact.  🙂  

Back from #Fincon15!!! Pure Crystal is Back. Want to See Me Bitch?

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Sometimes you just need a kick in the a$$.  That’s Fincon for me – 5 days of being reminded about why I started blogging, what I want to accomplish, and learning new ways to have fun and help you too. Back to Basics All of that said, I’m getting back to the basics.  You most likely started reading me because you saw a guest post from me elsewhere, a comment from another blog, or someone suggested you check me out.  Most likely you thought, “Wow, she gets right to the point.  That’s cool.” I’m going to go right back to pure Crystal.  Here’s what I am about: My life priorities are family, friends, people, animals, money. I love money because I think it gives us flexibility. I love people and think interacting with others is the entire point of our existence. I love blogging because it mixes money with people and I have fun hearing back from all of you. Excuses, especially empty excuses (whining and then also not doing anything about it), piss me off. Whining but doing something to change the situation seems normal to me. Nitpicking others instead of concentrating on yourself is a bitch move (I’m … Read more