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Have You Heard About Amazon Smile?

Reposting from 2016 since it’s good to know!!!  We’ve donated more than $31 to SMART Animal Rescue (Sunmart Animal Rescue Team Inc. on Amazon Smile) since I found out about it…we are sort of Amazon addicts… I know gobs of us use Amazon, but have you heard about the Amazon Smile program?  It’s an easy way to support a favorite charity when you shop on Amazon and it costs you NOTHING.  The prices aren’t higher or anything.  Same Amazon, but now 0.5% of what you’re paying will be given back to the charity of your choosing when you join. Easy to Smile All you have to do is visit and select a charitable organization to receive donations from eligible purchases before you begin shopping. They donate there whenever you shop using  You can change your choice at any time.  And they will occasionally remind you to switch over to Smile when you forget and are on Amazon anyway.  But I just bookmarked “” as my main Amazon link so I don’t accidentally forget. I’ve been on Amazon Smile for a while and my charity of choice is SMART Animal Rescue (Sunmart Animal Rescue Team Inc. on Amazon Smile).  There … Read more

Please Stay – Suicide is Too Final #EndtheStigma #DebtDrop

This blog post is part of the Suicide Prevention Awareness Month blog tour in partnership with Debt Drop.  If you are feeling suicidal, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or text HOME to 741741.  #EndtheStigma #DebtDrop Last year around this time for #WSPD16, I posted about my own depression and the steps I take to feel less shitty.  But suicide isn’t just considered by people who are depressed.  It’s the ultimate out from anything.  The problem is that once that path is taken, you never get a chance to see what would have happened next.  So before it even gets to that point, how can we avoid wanting to escape? What do you need?  How can we all best be there for you?  What I Need For me, it’s my people – my “tribe”.  My husband, our parents, and our friends make it possible to make it through anything.  My tribe is full of caring, dependable people.  Granted, my support network grows and shrinks and changes with time, but that is okay too.  The key is simply being part of something bigger than yourself. Creating Your Support Network If you don’t have a tribe, reach out to … Read more

Don’t Kill Yourself Over Debt or Anything Else #WSPD16

DON'T KILL YOURSELF OVER DEBT. There ARE ways out, do not let depression and money lead to thoughts of suicide. Read this lady's experience with depression and debt and get help.

This blog post is part of the World Suicide Prevention Day blog tour. If you or someone you know is feeling suicidal, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or visit I’ve Been There I’ve felt the hollowness of depression.  I’ve had moments where a fight or bad news was all I could feel.  I’ve had whole periods where I didn’t seem to have one big thing that took up my brain, but I still felt like there was no real point in living.  In my younger years, I’ve thought that death seemed like a valid way out.  BUT if I had ever really gone through with it, I would have missed the good stuff between then and now. And there is good stuff.  Hell, there’s frickin’ awesome stuff. Fast forward a few years, and my dark thoughts on bad days are just of me simply driving away and starting a transient life way different than my current one.  Yep, not the permanence of death.  Just escape.  And we have all wanted to escape at some point. A New Perspective Can Be Gold What changed?  My perspective.  With time comes a shit ton of perspective. Whether this depression is … Read more

Texas Paw Party 2016 was a SUCCESS!!!

In mid-January, I listed raffle tickets on BFS for sale for the 2016 Texas Paw Party, an annual event held in March to raise money for local animal rescues.  Well, it was a fantastic success! My part was going to be to take pictures at the photo area.  But the original volunteer coordinator declined the position in mid-January, so I stepped into it. Thanks to a handful of awesome outside volunteers, a boy scout troop, and some of my amazing friends, this year was the most complimented by far for having the most help available for the vendors, rescues, and attendees.  We really kicked butt! PLUS, the event as a whole raised $12,700 that was distributed to 11 different local rescues! My friend and artist, William J Close, painted up an awesome Wizard of Paws photo booth backdrop scene that was just gorgeous: Raffle As for the raffle, the 4 winners weren’t any of us, but here were the announced winners as promised: Lorie Kapsla C. Dyer Denise Larking Gulf Cost Cocker Spaniel Rescue The Weekend Overall, it was animals, animals, people, and more animals.  I gave myself blisters from hammering together the frame for the awesomeness above, my back … Read more

Meet Our First Foster Cat, Rachel!

Yep, as if life wasn’t busy enough, Mr. BFS and I have decided to start fostering pets for SMART Pet Rescue again.  🙂  Meet Rachel, our first ever foster cat! Why We’re Fostering a Cat We’ve fostered a bunch before.  It started with Pughearts from 2008-2010 and then we started with the dogs of SMART in 2013.  We stopped fostering dogs because pet sitting takes us away from home too much. We have decided to start fostering one cat at a time now for two main reasons.  First, Miss Vicky (our rescue cat) seems to need extra company ever since our friend and roommate with a cat moved out.  Secondly, it’s sad to volunteer every weekend with the group and know there are some cats that are simply overlooked every week and need some time away from the rescue cages. Rachel the Foster Cat Rachel only joined us at home yesterday, so I don’t know everything about her yet.  She is shy in a new environment for a little bit but gains confidence quickly! She’s a people person and loves being pet and being around her adopted humans. She’s around 2-3 years old, litter box trained, micro-chipped, and completely vetted. She’s ready for a quick … Read more

Raffle for Animal Rescues!!! Win a 60″ TV, Laptop, Play Station 4, $500!!!

Hi!  As some of you know, I’m an avid animal lover who frequently rescues strays and I help my neighbors from to try to find their lost pets.  I’m also a volunteer with SMART Pet Rescue and I’m helping to organize the annual Texas Paw Party in March. The Texas Paw Party is a great event that helps raise awareness for the local rescues and the proceeds go to those rescues as well. PRIZES!!! All of that said, I’m selling tickets for the 2016 Texas Paw Party Raffle that will be held March 13, 2016. You DO NOT need to be there to win! There are 4 raffle prizes this year (all new just for you): 60″ TV Laptop Play Station 4  $500 Visa Card To Buy a Ticket or Five… The tickets are 1 for $5 or 5 for $20!!! My personal goal is to sell 50 total tickets or more ($200 in tickets if bought in groups of 5). I’ll keep you updated here as I go! If I can sell these, SMART Pet Rescue will be entered to hopefully receive some of the proceeds of the 2016 Texas Paw Party, which will go directly to vet bills … Read more

Steps to Take if You Find a Stray Dog

I love puppies! Sometimes I find them wandering around in my backyard though as stray dogs and I don't know what to do. This outlines what to do if you find a stray dog in your yard, or even a cat. Helping lost pets get back to their owners is so rewarding, especially if little kids get their animal back.

I’m a member of the free site, It’s like Facebook but just for your neighborhood and the ones immediately surrounding it. It’s fantastic to use to keep up with my community, but what I’m most known for around here is helping my neighbors to search for their lost pets. I’ve directly helped reunite seven sets of owners with their lost pups so far. I’ve also re-homed two stray dogs and fostered about a dozen overall for rescue organizations like Pughearts and SMART Pet Rescue. This has all given me a little peek into what to do if you find a stray dog that needs your help. So if you find yourself in this situation too, here you go! What To Do If You Find a Stray Dog 1.  Take Pictures! If I can’t catch the dog or cat that seems to be lost, I take a picture with my phone . If the stray dog jumps into my car (true story), walks into my garage or house (both true stories), or finally comes to me after bribery (many true stories), I am now the proud temporary owner of a very dirty dog. My first rule of thumb is to … Read more