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The Baby Stuff We Actually Used in the First 3 Months

WE’VE BEEN PARENTS FOR 3 MONTHS!!!  SHE’S STILL ALIVE!!!  *pats self on back* As you probably have noticed, I have not been blogging much this year.  Pregnancy was hard.  Parenthood is harder (no surprise). My Current Life The hardest thing is getting more than 30 minutes to myself that isn’t needing to be spent on something NECESSARY for our continued existence…like peeing, feeding our pets, scheduling for Crystal’ Cozy Care Pet Sitting, doing actual pet sitting jobs, showering occasionally, staying in contact with our support network of family and friends, payroll for the pet sitting business, shoving food into my mouth, etc. All of that is accomplished between the baby’s naps, play sessions, SMILE-A-THONS (she’s freaking social smiling and trying to giggle already!!!), and coo sessions (she wants to talk soooooo bad!!!).  It’s around 11pm at night when she’s down for the count, I do a last round of the necessaries until midnight, and then I crash until 5-6am when she wakes up.   Repeat 7 days a week. Baby BFS All of that said, I LOVE BEING HER MOM.  Baby BFS is awesome.  Tries so hard to communicate in whatever ways she can pull off.  Wants to sit up and … Read more

Baby BFS Did Indeed Arrive!!!

So, our daughter was due around June 15.  BUT, she must have heard “you’re going on a low carb diet until she gets here” at our OBGYN appointment on June 6, because she quickly said “SCREW THAT!” My water broke June 7 evening, and 31.5 hours later, Baby BFS was pushed out early June 9!  She weighed in at 7 pounds 5 ounces and measured 19.5 inches.  😀 She had to be observed in NICU right off the bat but got their seal of approval by lunch the same day, woot! I don’t know what is worth sharing and what isn’t.  Every minute of that 31.5 hours seemed of the utmost importance to us, but I’m guessing that there are only bits and pieces that would be of real interest to anyone else.  Here were the most entertaining bits… It Doesn’t Just Happen in the Movies… In honor of my new low carb diet orders, Mr. BFS had made us a delicious dinner of grilled salmon, grilled zucchini spears, and pan cooked green beans with onions and garlic.  I had been feeling off all day and mentioned it while he was finishing making our meal, so he rushed off to … Read more

Baby Update – Around 2 Weeks to Go!!!

The last two weeks have been extremely productive when it comes to baby prep, but obviously not so much when it comes to blogging.  I think the best way I can describe this last month of pregnancy to someone who hasn’t been through it is to equate it to an old phone battery.  I am given a certain amount of energy to use before I just shut off without warning.  Then I nap for 1-3 hours, and *poof*, I’m back.  But I never know how much energy I’ll be assigned.  It’s a fun mystery every time I try to tackle a project or to-do list item.  😉 Shout Out to Liberty Healthshare Thus Far I’ve explained that we don’t have classic health insurance before, but I’m not sure if I’ve brought up Liberty Healthshare recently.  We switched over to this health sharing company in mid-2016 and they’ve been amazing so far.  $299 a month into a group pot and an annual unshared amount of $1000.  This will go up to $450 a month once our daughter arrives and $1500 up front each year.  Still way cheaper than the $750 a month that regular healthcare was rising up to when we … Read more

Baby Update – One Month to Go!!!

It’s hard to blog, or really accomplish anything, right now.  I’m in a weird limbo world where I want to get everything ready for our daughter’s arrival, but naps, Facebook, tv, and absolutely any other time waster seems way more attractive.  🙂 Baby Making Update My baby bump has inflated, we’ve finished our hospital birthing classes, we’ve done the hospital tour and pre-registered, and now it’s just weekly doctor appointments and waiting to pop while I keep swallowing acid reducers to stay sane. This little one is developing really well!  All of her measurements are coming in fine.  She’s already around 6 pounds with a month to go, which they think is perfectly healthy and not too big at the same time.  All of my tests have come back fine.  All of my baby-delivering parts are where they need to be and doing what they need to do.  So far, so good! Physically, making a mini-human hasn’t been all bad for me.   Granted, I still wouldn’t be one of those women who say, “I loved being pregnant!”, but all of my friends and family have had it worse.  The Annoying Parts I had the “morning” sickness that first trimester, but … Read more

Adventures in Baby-Making – The Third Trimester So Far

Hey all y’all!!!  As of today, I’m 33.5 weeks pregnant and our daughter is rocking and rolling!  My baby bump is obvious but I am apparently “carrying well”, so I’m looking good for someone less than 2 months from popping, haha.  She’s still expected to make her way out of me between mid-late June (June 15 is the 40 week mark but first time moms often carry longer).  Yep, Still Creepy When It’s Yours – But Creepy Cool The “Alien” style way she likes to stretch and looks to want to burst out right above my belly button is right on cue and just as creepy as it sounds.  Oddly enough, that doesn’t hurt as much as when she pushes super low and crushes my bowels or whatever other important things are down there…maybe the “Alien” writers couldn’t accurately show that level of pain and went for the easy burst out scene… Also creepy is how my body doesn’t wind down as it loses energy.  It just stops.  One minute, I’ll be chugging right along cutting a tomato for fajita toppings.  Then I just have to stop and sit down for 10 minutes like a switch was flipped in my … Read more

Planning for My Self-Employed Maternity “Leave”

I love being self-employed.  I think I will enjoy retirement even more in the future, but if I’m not financially independent, self-employment is the only craved income path for me.  My Pros of Self-Employment I enjoy the flexibility, the control, and the income diversification that comes along with having 150+ clients in pet sitting and a few streams we have for making cash online.  When I worked for the car dealership software company from 2005-2011, they could have fired me at any moment and I would have had my personal main income stream cut off all at once.  Being self-employed has, strangely enough, made me feel more financially stable overall. My Cons of Self-Employment BUT, there are some WHOPPING downsides.  I truly miss the 100% matching up to 6% in my old 401k.  I also miss being able to take a vacation without coming back to a pile of things to do since everyone in my old department could cover each other’s work.  And, I definitely don’t have any paid maternity leave options now (I’m not sure if my old job had them or not because I left WAYYYYY before we ever thought we even wanted to have kids). Planning … Read more

Six Good Things

Jana Says and Surviving and Thriving have started a trend with posts about the half dozen good things happening in their lives.  Since complaining is easy, and I do a lot of it, I loved the idea of just being thankful.  Here are my six specific good things right now… 1. Our daughter is kicking me now! I don’t have to use the fetal heart monitor every night to assure myself that our baby is chugging along.  Now I just have to lean over while sitting down.  That move squishes her apartment space and pisses her off, so I get a few solid kicks telling me to sit the hell up.  So not only is she kicking, but she is spunky like her momma.  I love it. 2. Upcoming Trips Before I hit the waddling stage of pregnancy, I’m fitting in a few last trips without my own kid in tow.  That means getting to work out the details for a quick weekend adventure with my bestie, Dee, and my adopted niece via Airbnb. Dee and I have used Airbnb twice already and it has been fantastic.  Once in 2016 to stay in a big RV at Canyon Lake so … Read more