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How to Make a Yard Spider – Our Newest Halloween Addition

Despite our house issues, I did start decorating for Halloween last week.  Yesterday and today became the big push though.  I even went to Lowe’s to create a new addition to our Halloween decoration family…

The Giant Yard Spider

Meet Elspira – she makes me smile.  Just finished her yesterday afternoon.  :-)

Giant Yard Spider

This is Elspira (pronounced like Elvira).  ;-) She’s exactly as awesome as she looks. I got the idea from several places online like and made adjustments.

Here is how you can make a giant yard spider of your own.

Things to Gather

  • Foam pipe covers (enough to make sixteen 2 foot parts) – $10
  • Eight 1/2 inch elbow socket pipe parts – $1.75
  • Black electrical tape – $3
  • Two Black plastic bags – $1
  • Filler (we used newspaper and a spare brick for the body) – $N/A
  • Foam plate (or something to make the eyes and extras) – $N/A
  • Two wire coat hangers (or something to make spikes) – $N/A
  • Total Cost = $15.75

Steps to Making a Yard Spider

  1. Cut the foam into sixteen, 2 foot sections.
  2. Join two sections of the foam together using an elbow socket pipe part and black electrical tape.
  3. Repeat 7 times.
  4. Fill one plastic bag to nearly full of newspaper or the filler of your choice along with something heavy (like the brick we used).
  5. Fill the other plastic bag just enough to make a proportionally correct head.
  6. Cut the wire coat hangers into eight 4-6 inch straight sections to use as stakes.
  7. Take all body parts to where you want to set up your spider.
  8. Use the black electrical tape to attach the legs to the torso.Legs Taped to Torso
  9. Use more black electrical tape to attach the head to the legs and torso.Head to Torso
  10. When in doubt in any step, use black electrical tape.
  11. Use the wire pieces to stake each leg into the ground.
  12. Cut out foam eyes and other facial features.
  13. Attach the eyes using black electrical tape (we rolled a piece up for each thing to make it double-sided sticky).

Voila!  You now have an awesome yard spider too!

What about you?  What awesome do-it-yourself Halloween decorations do you enjoy?

Friends Are Priceless in More Than One Way

Friendship is emotionally priceless.  It makes a bad day tolerable and turns fun events into stellar, life-long memories.  It can also save you money.  ;-)

The 2014 Texas Renaissance Festival

It’s that time of year again, and I accompanied my best buds to the Texas Renaissance Festival (TRF) on the opening weekend this past Sunday.  It ended up being a rainy day for the first couple of hours, but the last 3-4 hours were clear and much drier.  I also noticed one other, giant difference.  I was comfortable the entire day!

My friend and house mate, Mandy, had replaced the super tight arm bands off of my usual Renaissance Festival dress with gold fabric she had left from a past project.  Not only did my dress still look as awesome as ever, but it was comfortable for the whole day!  No cut off blood supply, no red marks on my arms when I took off my outfit, and no tiny holes where the fabric had started pulling apart because of the strain!  Woot!

Cost of Dress in 2011 – $40
Years Worn to TRF – 4 years and running
Cost of Dress Alteration from Mandy – $0
Total Cost of Costume from 2011-2014 – $10 per year

That’s just fantabulous!

Renaissance Festival Dress in 2011

Here was my dress in 2011. The arms were already stupid tight, but I didn’t know that they could be fixed…

Renaissance Festival Dress in 2014

Left to Right:  Costumed Awesome person that I don’t know, Mandy, H behind her, Dee, me, and another awesome costumed lady that was very much in character.  Now my dress still looks great AND doesn’t hurt! Who would have thought that could happen?!  Now, don’t judge the overall dress or outfit from this picture though.  We had just finished being rained on for 2 hours.  Yes, those are two awesome costumes from Hocus Pocus.  Oh, and yes, my blue hair has faded to a sort of teal/green color.  We’ll be dying it fuchsia or magenta soon!


The Friendship Barter System

This is not a post condoning the outright use of your friends.  This is a post to point out the value of bartering, the give and take, when it comes to friendships.  Mandy is a seamstress and makeup artist.  She has fun doing craftsy projects and doing our nails during Girls’ Nights.  She was the one that made me really look like the Black Widow and Cat Woman at the last Comicpalooza.  She spoils us rotten with her talents.  Her boy, H, is good with his hands and fixes what he can around the house.  Our friend, Will, is an amazing artist that made me the most awesome Halloween decorations I own.  You get the point…all of our friends are extremely talented in some way, and we all trade our talents to each other as needed.  :-D

When it comes to my own offerings, I am not craftsy and my cooking is still improving.  BUT I am the go-to person in our friend group for money questions, anything to do with online website stuff, and they all know that I love them and will be a listening ear or shoulder to cry on at any time.  Mandy likes to run budget stuff by me to double-check herself.  I helped Dee create her own budget last year, which helped her reach her goal for her trailer purchase recently.  I’ve also helped Mandy and her boy find their most recent cheap but running car, and I helped our other friend, Isabelle, work out a good deal for her nearly-brand-new Honda Civic.  I tagged along with Dee to find her trailer, although she found a great one on her own a few months after that.  So I may not be as great with the detail-oriented stuff like my closest buddies, but I do try to make up for it whenever I can be useful.  ;-)

Do you remember to ask your group of friends for suggestions when stuff pops up?  You may be surprised on what everyone can bring to the joint table.  :-)

Girls’ Nights Rock!!!

Boys’ nights probably rock too, but I don’t have personal stories about them.  Feel free to share those below though, guys!

My gal pals and I have been doing a girls’ night regularly, and I figured that breaking down the activities and costs could be fun!  Here is what we’ve done so far:


Bingo is just cheap fun.  We have two bingo halls around us that we go to.  One is for Tuesdays or Fridays since it’s only $4 to play all night.  The other is $6 any day of the week.  Generally, it’s a great time since it gives us time to chat softly and catch-up with each other’s weeks while also dobbing away at numbers and trying to win $5o0.  I used to play all of the time, so I have all of the ink we will need for a while.  We also don’t buy the extras like “pull tabs” – they are like scratch off lotto tickets but less fun.  So we really do keep our overall gambling cost to $6 or less per evening.

Nails and Girly Stuff

Mandy can do nails well.  She has the tools, shapes them, and is a stickler about putting the nail polish on just the nail and not our whole finger.  ;-)  Dee has fun nail design ideas, is a hoot to hang out with, and makes Mandy cringe just as much as me when we do Mandy’s nails since we aren’t as good about coloring within the lines.  I suck at most “girly” stuff that has to do with makeup, but I have no problem letting my girls have their way with my nails and hair (my current Sky Blue locks are great proof).

Dee's Black Tips

You can’t really tell against my dark table, but Dee’s nails looked awesome.

Crystal's Pretty Nails


Mandy's Nails

Yeah…we didn’t do as well as she did for us. BUT, we’re learning.

I try my best as whatever they need, although I think Mandy gives me the same credit you give to a really hard-working, but awkward 4 year old that makes your hair all knotted while they try to braid it.  Screw ups just add to the fun though.  Wine helps too.

Spa Package

Speaking of girly stuff, one of our very own readers (thanks, Helen!) just turned me onto this Spa Party Package that may be perfect for our next girls’ nights!!!  They are running a special right now from September 29, 2014 through October 17, 2014.  Lots of fun ideas!!!  Check it out!!!

Spa Party Planning Package

Bonuses for Buying Before October 17, 2014

Bonuses for Buying Before October 17, 2014

Movie Nights

This is self-explanatory.  Find out what sort of movie that you and your group can agree to, load it up, and go!  We like to mock bad movies and get back to our Mystery Science Theater roots.  :-D

Food…Lots of Food

Every get together is better with food.  On bingo nights, we generally eat at the bingo hall’s café since it is affordable ($5-$8 for a full meal).  For nights in for nails and movies, we either cook up something ourselves or hang out at a restaurant at some point.  Last week, we had my red beans and rice one night and Chili’s on another.  Overall, just let the food muses talk you into something tasty and run with it.

Homebodies at Heart

You may have noticed that I haven’t mentioned clubbing or stuff like that.  We do still enjoy “young people fun”, but my friend group generally falls between the ages of 27 to 35 and we’re generally in relationships already.  We’re also all geeks in one way or another.

If we go clubbing, it will be to dress up and actually dance from 8pm-10pm before the mating displays start.  Getting pawed at by drunk men will just creep me out.  We do enjoy alcohol mostly in moderation, but I highly prefer downing a $5 bottle or three of Moiselle Red Moscato from Aldi’s at home with my girls instead of paying $5-$10 per drink while away from home.

In short, my experience has been that with age comes a slightly higher need for personal space, the ability to converse without screaming, and a really comfortable seat.  We also seem to truly appreciate the home amenities like my media room or a cd player so we can celebrate the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s music that we still have lying around on discs.  :-D

What kind of girls’ or boys’ nights have you really enjoyed?  Please share!

6 Weeks Cable Free, and We’re Still Alive!

We cut out cable for the first time in years on August 18, 2014.  One week later, we were coping but still having some definite withdrawal.  Now we are pretty settled into new routines.  We only miss our DVR at this point, but not enough to make us go back.  Our first post-cable monthly bill arrived in my Inbox.  It was only $43…that’s freaking FANTASTIC compared to the $120-$130 that they had been getting out of us for the last 5+ years!

How We Get Our Fix

Since our $10 basic HD antenna wasn’t picking up CBS, we bought a $40 Terk HDTV amplified antenna from Amazon that picks up all of the basic channels and several movie channels (fills in my husband’s need for football).  We also signed up for Hulu Plus to watch current seasons of our shows for $8 a month.  Netflix is still $8 a month for streaming and we use it to watch past seasons of shows we missed and a few movies.  Also, some of the networks like CBS let you watch their shows online for free (like Big Bang Theory and Scorpion).  And with a $35 (one-time purchase) Chromecast, you can stream those same CBS shows and other stuff directly to your tv as long as it has an HDMI plug. Finally, we watch new movies via Redbox like usual.

We already had Netflix, already used Redbox, and I received our Chromecast for free at #Fincon14.  So our only new fees are the $8 Hulu Plus and the one-time $40 purchase of the Terk antenna.  That’s a win no matter how you cut it!

TV Addiction

Possible Future Options

We are satisfied right now, but if my husband needs even more football than we are getting on the local stations, I may gift him with a $70 subscription to NFL Rewind.  So far, no need.  We may also check out our projector system upstairs and invest in another $40 Terk antenna since we do currently have to come downstairs to watch regular tv.  If we ever just can’t stand not having DVR, we could also look into options like Tivo, but we don’t seem to have the time for that much programming anymore anyway.

Other Entertainment

Not having a super easy way to veg out has led to other entertainment options.  Mr. BFS plays computer games even more than before.  I host girls’ nights at least once a week (post on Friday about that, yay!).  I’m catching up on book series that I fell behind on in the last year.  We both are in busy seasons for our hobby jobs – he’s sports officiating most evenings of the week and I’m pet sitting almost every day.

All of that means that we aren’t up-to-date with all of the coolest tv shows anymore, but that is okay.  It means we can use our friends and family as guinea pigs…they tell us which shows are worth looking up and we get to skip the cruddy ones.  :-D

Return to Cable?

We won’t be cable customers again in the foreseeable future.  The $60+ a month savings is just too addictive.  I will admit that we won’t judge anybody who chooses to keep cable since we too remember the awesome ease factor of a DVR.  Or the comfort of being able to simply sit down and watch a program on any tv without figuring out what to log into and which room has the hardware we need.  BUT, $720+ savings a year is a cheap cruise for the two of us…can’t be unhappy with that!  Now I’m choosing our next money-savings battle – switching from Sprint to Ting…


One Week Cable Free

It’s been a solid week since we cut cable for the first time ever.  You can check out my not-so-enthusiastic post about it from last week.  I’ll admit that I’m still not a die hard cable-must-die person yet.  But we have nearly figured out a system that can work for us…

So Much TV

HD Antenna

First and foremost, we installed the HD antenna that my parents gifted us at Christmas.  Yep, they have been hoping that we’d cut cable for a while.  Hahaha.  We ended up with 49 digital channels, but we are missing ABC totally and the Houston CBS (we have the College Station one instead, which we hope will have the Texans games).

Rabbit Ears

These look just like our RCA HD antenna.

We’re ordering a longer-range antenna and seeing if that solves the problem since we apparently should be getting both of those stations according to  We’ll know for sure sometime next week most likely.

Anyway, we aren’t really watching the shows that are on since we have gotten used to skipping that many commercials.  But if we can get the local stations to work for us, then Mr. BFS will have a way to watch some football live once in a while.  For full games on demand, there is NFL Rewind, which I’ll explain more about below.


We’ve had Netflix streaming for a while now.  It has great original series like “Orange is the New Black” and “House of Cards”.  It also has tons of movies, past seasons of a bunch of shows, and is pretty simple to use.  Right now, we’re using it to watch “The Walking Dead” and I am enjoying “Lost Girl”.  Overall, we do think it is worth its $8 a month.  We sometimes even splurge the extra $18 a month to get the actual DVD’s so we can watch new releases and series like “Downton Abbey”.  Generally though, Red Box has us covered for the recent new releases…

Hulu Plus

Netflix doesn’t have current shows and we were in the middle of ones we really enjoy.  We are now paying $8 a month for Hulu Plus too.  Right now, it’s mainly so we can watch the end of “Masterchef”, “Rookie Blue”, and a couple of others.  We also found several shows that they had that we haven’t heard of before.  “Enlisted” is a pretty funny 30-minute comedy series.  “Endgame” is like “Monk” but with a Russian Grandmaster of Chess that solves crimes from a posh hotel room that he is too anxious to leave.

NFL Rewind

When the main season starts up again, we will probably splurge on an NFL Rewind.  Super short summary, NF: Rewind has on demand football games that are available to watch a few hours after they are completed.  They are blacked out while games are still on, but the Sunday afternoon games will apparently be available around midnight.  The evening games are live by noon the next day.  I found a really awesome review at

Right now, that’s our general plan of attack.  If Netflix and Hulu Plus become our norm, we’ll need another device for downstairs to get us access.  We still like the Samsung Wi-Fi Blu-Ray Player we bought refurbished for $60, so we might get another one.  :-)

Total Costs

Cable was running us about $120-$140 per month.  Now we are paying $55 for high speed internet, $8 for Netflix like usual, and $8 for Hulu Plus.  That is $71 total.  We may also end up paying a one-time NFL Rewind subscription fee for $70 for the next year and another $60 Blu-Ray player.  But, even with all of that, we will be saving $470 in the first 12 months.  Then we’ll be saving $600 a year minimum after that.  This little cost breakdown is what kept us for just getting cable back over the last week.  :-D

Whoo!  And that’s my one week cable free update!  How are all of you doing in your entertainment arenas?


Not All Fun Activities End Up Being Fun…

It was a PACKED weekend.  Tons of pet sitting, some quality time with friends, a little catching up with Lost Girl on Netflix for a couple of hours Sunday, and we even fit in a 5k Foam Run Saturday night (  Overall, everything was a happy success…except that Foam Glow Run…

The Foam Glow Run Idea

The general idea of this foam run was to run, jog, or walk a 5k course at night with black lights while being sprayed with colored foam that shows up under the special lights.  Sounds messy overall but cleaner than the color run of last year (colored corn starch is just a hot mess, LOL).  It also sounded like a fun way to exercise a little with a small group of our friends.  I just didn’t pay attention to important differences between the super fun color run and the info on this foam run.

Foam Glow Couldn’t Have Been Organized Much Worse

I knew that this event was being held at the huge stadium downtown (now NRG Stadium), but I didn’t realize that meant that there would be more than 40,000 attendees.  I also thought that they were selling the tickets for $20-$30 each so that they could afford to really do it right.  But the end result did not live up to any of our expectations.  There wasn’t enough room for 40,000 people.  There weren’t enough authority figures to guide 40,000 people.  There definitely wasn’t enough morally guided people to deal with all of the cheaters, cutters, and complete douche bags.

Oh, and once we had waited more than an hour smushed together like cattle, guarding the baby stroller near us from being trampled (really?!  baby strollers?!), they finally released our “wave” to the walk.  It was freaking stupid.  It literally walked around the stadium’s outside JUST LIKE WE HAD TO WALK AFTER WE PARKED.  They had foam guns every 10-15 minutes, which was definitely less than expected.

We found out about 45 minutes after getting into line that we weren’t moving because people were cutting into the line towards the front.  Not just a dozen people.  About 5000+ people.  We didn’t move for nearly an hour.  It was HOT and awful.

In the end, Mr. BFS and I decided to stop about 3/4 of the way through since the path literally went by our parking lot.  That’s just sad.  Altogether, it felt like a 3 hour waste.  It was nice to see friends, but we would have all enjoyed ourselves more in a place with a/c and food.  Or even a hot 5k that was well managed.  I don’t think we were expecting miracles, but this was just awful.  They sold more than $800,000 in tickets, so I was expecting more.

This post was mainly to make sure there was documentation of this cruddy event in case anybody searches for Foam Glow and wants to find a review.  I wouldn’t support this company again.

Anybody else want to vent about an event that should have been fun but turned out differently?  Have at it!


Money Lessons from “The Walking Dead”

Okay, so we started watching The Walking Dead on Netflix this week.  Yeah, yeah, I know a bunch of you suggested it a while ago.  But now we have time.  Did I mention that we finally cut cable?

The Walking Dead

Lessons Learned

So far, here are the money lessons that I’ve learned from “The Walking Dead”:

  • Being rich won’t keep you from getting eaten, but it may have given you the opportunity to stock up on weapons before the apocalypse.
  • Buy an awesome ax and baseball bat if you are dealing with zombies.
  • A traveling home is a great commodity after any huge threat to the human race.
  • Survival gear can be worth way more than money in most catastrophes.
  • It pays to get easily washable clothing.
  • It’s worth the bullet to kill the ones that freak out regularly or are just douches.
  • I could make a killing with a zombie-scented perfume if I was still alive in the show.
  • Friends are priceless.
  • Being a woman doesn’t pay if the world is ending – we seem to be laundromats and baby makers.
  • Carry a big gun, barter for even bigger.

I also don’t think that I would last very long, but hey, maybe I’m actually an amazing survivor!

Have you seen The Walking Dead?  Any money lessons that I missed?