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New Jord Watch Just in Time for Spring – Contest and E Gift Code for You!

You all know I have a weird relationship with materialism.  I prefer cruises, travel, and experiences over buying new clothes, shoes, and stuff, BUT I do have my materialistic favorites. I have had the same day-to-day leather jacket since I was 13 years old (yes, the cuffs are unraveling)…that’s more than 20 years in the same jacket.    Anybody who has met me in cool weather has probably seen my extremely-loved panda hat.  I also spend way too much on Dream Fit sheets every few years.  And I think Jord watches are an awesome wrist accessory.  I mean, they’re all wood and totally cool! That said, I jumped at the chance to review the new men’s watch, specifically the Conway Series: Kosso and Midnight Blue, for my husband. Jord did not let me down with their Wooden Wristwatch The Jord Conway Series We were excited to open the box as soon as we returned from our cruise.  The shipping box was well packaged and labeled “Fragile”. The Jord watch box itself was classy and solid.  It protected the watch perfectly and even has a little drawer for extra links, the wood revitalizer they included, and a jewelry cloth. The unique watch itself looks … Read more

The Easy Step-by-Step Guide to Switching to Ting Wireless Because They Save Me Nearly $1000 a Year!

This is exactly how to switch your cell phone provider to Ting and save a ton of money. This family has saved nearly $1000 in a single year thanks to switching. That amount of savings would make such a huge difference for my budget. Keeping the costs of recurring bills down is so, so important. Mobile phones feel like a necessity these days, but the cost of service can be insane. I'm definitely looking into switching to Ting Wireless for my house. #Ting

Okay, today’s post is all about Ting Wireless.  I WAS NOT PAID TO WRITE THIS POST.  It does contain my referral code.  BUT, I’ve been blogging about Ting since I switched in 2014 – before I knew they had referral codes – plus the code will credit you with $25 just for switching (and they credit you FAST)!  I love Ting because I didn’t have to compromise anything – it’s the exact same or even better service for way less money than I paid with Sprint! In short, I use Ting because they save me money.  I want you to check them out because they MIGHT be able to save you money.  I created a list of my favorite money-saving tools just for you!  If Ting can save you money, SWITCH NOW and don’t feel stupid like me.  I heard about them in 2012, waited 2 years to switch, and wasted at least $1800!  Don’t do that.  Okay, let’s see if they are a good fit for you… 5 Steps to Switch to Ting (Specifics Below) Use my referral link to get to their site and check your coverage area.  This will make you $25 if you end up switching to Ting Wireless! Look at your last cell … Read more

A Mother’s Day JORD Wood Watch Review and Giveaway!!!

GIVEAWAY ENDED Congrats to Courtney!!! Remember the JORD wood watch that I reviewed about a year ago?  Well, it was a great watch for men, and now I am excited to be reviewing and giving one away for us women too!!!  Just in time for Mother’s Day!!! Unique Look JORD’s are wooden watches, so they look classy and unique!  On their site, there are several designs and types of wood available.  Today, I’m reviewing one the Ely series women’s watches in Cherry. This baby came delivered well-protected in a nice box.  When I opened it, I loved the look of the Cherry wood!  It looks great with every outfit I have!  The wooden links draw the eye and I’ve received several compliments in the last few weeks!  I also likes that this specific type has a date display too. Comfort The band is very comfortable, but came one link too long for my petite wrist.  Luckily, a couple of push pins or two tiny, pointy screw drivers are all you need to remove a link or two.  It fits an average female wrist nearly perfectly according to my friends. It’s smooth to the touch and isn’t too heavy or bulky, so I have comfortably worn it all day.  It’s … Read more

Congrats to the Winner of Donna Freedman’s New Online Writing Course!

And the winner of the “Write a Blog People Will Read” Giveaway, generously donated by Donna Freedman, was… ***T (entry #5 chosen by*** Congratulations, T, and we hope it helps you succeed!!! If you didn’t win but still want to take the course, click on this link.  If you sign up using that link from BFS to Donna’s course, she’ll send you a $20 Amazon Gift Card after your purchase!!! Happy Monday, everybody!!!   More info on the course: Write A Blog People Will Read is a 12-part online course that draws on her 31 years of professional writing experience (including eight years online). Because I’ve been so busy with pet sitting through Spring Breaks and recovering from my stupid back problems, I haven’t had time to read through it yet.  So I’ll let a few other people give you the skinny: Phil Taylor, PT Money and FinCon founder: “Don’t waste your time creating the wrong type of content. In this course…Donna goes the extra mile to teach you exactly how to create engaging content that is going to keep your readers coming back. As a bonus, she provides some solid strategies for sticking with it. New and experienced bloggers can both benefit … Read more

Donna Freedman’s New Online Writing Course AND Giveaway!!!

Giveaway Ended but you Could Still Use the Link Below If you’ve hung around the personal finance blogosphere, you probably have heard of Donna Freedman from Surviving and Thriving. I know Donna mostly as a supportive blogging buddy and friend, but she is known online for starting the Smart Spending and Frugal Nation blogs for MSN Money and was also a staff writer at Get Rich Slowly (I loved her posts!).  She’s now at Money Talks News and freelances for lots of other sites and magazines like Consumers Digest and Woman’s Day. And if you didn’t see her yet, she has been a speaker at the Financial Blogger Conference every year since it started – about writing, of course. After each talk, people come up to her or e-mail her later to ask lots of questions about how they can improve the way they write. That’s why Donna created Write A Blog People Will Read, a 12-part online course that draws on her 31 years of professional writing experience (including eight years online). Because I’ve been so busy with pet sitting through Spring Breaks and recovering from my stupid back problems, I haven’t had time to read her course.  So I’ll let a few other people … Read more

Pirates of Financial Freedom Giveaway!!!

From Joey Fehrman Hello BFS fans!  Do you like free stuff?  Crystal, who is super awesome, mentioned her readers might enjoy my book so I thought it would be fun to hook you up with a free copy.  I wrote the first personal finance adventure novel called Pirates of Financial Freedom.  I am creating a new genre which I call “financial edutainment.” This book has action, humor, plot twists, and even a little romance.  The story gives an in-depth introduction to 118 financial concepts in an easy-to-understand format.   It has received great reviews by everyone from ages 8 to 48, so I hope you like it as well.  I am giving away a free signed hardcover copy of my book to the winner.  Good luck! Crystal’s Comments I read my own copy of Pirates of Financial Freedom and liked it.  It’s definitely for beginners but the pirates really did make it a funny read despite knowing the info already.  It felt geared towards teenagers and young adults.  Overall, light-hearted and informative about a variety of subjects like debt, money management/budgeting, retirement savings, raising your credit score, investing in the stock market, etc.  😀 How to Enter the Giveaway If you … Read more

Remember to Enter The Great Thanksgivi​ng Charity Giveaway!!! Win $125!!!

UPDATE 12/1/14:  THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED.  CONGRATS TO OUR WINNER, KATITA, AND THE CHARITY SHE CHOSE, BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS!!! KATITA ($125) AND BBBS ($200) HAVE BEEN PAID, THANKS!!! It’s ALMOST Over!!!  Enter to Win by November 27th!!! It’s time to WIN a little and GIVE a little at the same time!!! Welcome to The Great Thanksgiving Charity Giveaway!!!   Kevin, formerly of Invest It Wisely and now a great application developer for apps like the Easy Voice Recorder at Digipom, came to me with an idea for a November charity drive and giveaway. I jumped on and was honored to co-host it here! Here’s how it’s working: The 10 bloggers below started things off with $25 per blog being added into a big pot.  Then a few other bloggers chipped in and joined in. That is what led to the $125 prize for one big winner, plus the charity pot of $200!!! Sponsorship ended November 20, 2014. This whole giveaway will run from November 5th, 2014 at 7am EST to November 27th, 2014 at 11:59pm EST. A single grand-prize winner will be chosen randomly and will take home the first $125! That grand-prize winner will also get to choose one … Read more