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Christmas Cash and Charity Giveaway – $100 for You, $100 for Them!

I really love the holidays. I get into the spooky childishness of Halloween, the food of Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite of the entire year, and the happiness and general great vibes of Christmas just make me smile! But I also understand the deeper undertones of these holidays too. So for this Christmas, here is a list of my favorite charities: 1.  Houston SPCA – I volunteered with the big dogs there for more than a year before we moved.  The way they run their facility and their transparency impressed me. 2.  Meals on Wheels – I volunteered with Meals on Wheels for 4-5 months in 2011.  It is well organized and very much needed. 3.  Pughearts – My husband and I fostered for Pughearts for about a year.  That is how we ended up adopting Mr. Pug in 2009. 4.  Alzheimer’s Association – This disease scares the bejeezus out of my husband and isn’t on the top of my want list either. And I Like You – My life has changed so much this year because of this blog and my blog advertising business. That would not have happened without you – my readers and supporters. Thank you. In the holiday … Read more

Thanksgiving Thoughts Giveaway – $50 Amazon Gift Card or Cash!

I really love the holidays.  I get into the spooky childishness of Halloween, the happiness and general great vibes of Christmas, and the food of Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite of the entire year!  But I understand the deeper undertones of these holidays too.  So for this Thanksgiving, here is my list of the things I am most thankful for: My husband – He has been truly supportive of me and my new career all year. Our friends – I know it’s sappy, but it is absolutely awesome to finally have a group of close friends that are there when you need them. Our family – Everyone is as healthy as can be expected and doing well. My luck – I was born into a middle class family during a time with electricity and opportunity.  I know to be thankful. You – My life has changed so much this year because of this blog and my blog advertising business.  That would not have happened without you – my readers and supporters.  Thank you. In honor of everything I am thankful for, I am giving away a $50 Amazon gift card or cash to a random commenter below.  The winner can pick whether they … Read more

First Blogoversary Giveaway Results!!!

After nearly 3 weeks, here are the long-awaited first blogoversary giveaway results!!! Prizes, Sponsors, and Winners! $100 Amazon Gift Card Grand Prize – Me here at BFS – Alex $100 Donation to Charity – Sustainable Personal Finance – Roger, The Amateur Financier $30 Cash via Paypal – How to Save Money – divine $25 Cash via Paypal – Aloysa’s Kitchen Sink – Pearl $25 Cash via Paypal – Maximizing Money – Jayson Biadog $25 Amazon Gift Card – KNS Financial – We Contest $25 Amazon Gift Card – Live Real, Now – Buck Inspire $25 Amazon Gift Card – PT Money – Liz M. $25 Amazon Gift Card – Buy Like Buffett – Katie K $25 Amazon Gift Card – Prairie Ecothrifter – Carols119 $25 Amazon Gift Card – Invest It Wisely – gLf $25 Amazon Gift Card – Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance – Andrea $25 Starbucks Gift Card – Couple Money – Tim $20 Amazon Gift Card – Squirrelers – Jorlan Balbuena $20 Cash via Paypal – Everyday Tips and Thoughts – bunnyb $15 Amazon Gift Card – Free From Broke – Cindy A $15 Amazon Gift Card – My Personal Finance Journey – genny $15 Amazon Gift Card – Bucksome Boomer – Karen $15 Amazon Gift Card – Wealth Informatics – nathania a $15 Visa Gift Card … Read more

First Blogoversary Giveaway Update

If you didn’t see my post Monday, February 21st, Budgeting in the Fun Stuff just hit its first birthday on February 20, 2011!  In honor of the occasion, I am hosting a HUGE First Blogoversary Giveaway just to thank you for helping to support me along the way!!!  There is more than $600 in cash and prizes up for grabs for at least 25 lucky winners, so hop on in!!! Even if you’ve already entered, remember to retweet and promote for extra entries.  Just be sure to leave a comment on the actual giveaway post with those extra updates or I won’t be able to keep up with them all! Update I’ve received 397 entries from 77 people so far and the giveaway ends this Sunday, March 6th at midnight CST.  Don’t miss the chance to win some money, gift cards, or other prizes!!! Here is the list once again of all the prizes available the awesome sponsors!!! $100 Amazon Gift Card Grand Prize –  Me here at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff $100 Donation to the Your Favorite Charity (as long as it has a Canadian Affiliate) – Sustainable Personal Finance $30 Cash via Paypal – How to Save Money $25 Cash via Paypal – Aloysa’s … Read more

First Blogoversary – HUGE Giveaway – More Than $600 Worth of Cash and Prizes!!!

***UPDATE:  I will be finishing up my Excel sheet of entries this afternoon and contacting the Grand Prize winner via email tonight (3/7/11).  As soon as it’s claimed, I will move down to the next prize on the list.  I will repeat this process for all 27 prizes so that everyone has a fair shot at any unclaimed prize.  All winners will be selected using But, as you could probably guess, this may take weeks depending on how fast people respond (each person gets up to 3 calendar days).  I will post the ultimate results as soon as I have them.  Thank you everyone for participating!!!*** Guess what?!  As of yesterday, I have been blogging for 1 year!!!  I can’t believe it!  It really doesn’t feel like I’ve been at it for that long, but I guess that is a good thing.  😉 Before I get to the giveaway (I know, I know…), here are my interesting 1 year statistics from February 20, 2010 to February 19, 2011: Alexa Ranking:  Started at 8,531,858 and is now at 34,798!!! MozRank:  Started at nothing and is now at 5.02  🙂  Visits:  More than 36,730 (I don’t have the exact number since … Read more

Fit in a Fun Friday – Daydreaming About $500

Ramsay from Moneyed Up contacted me about his $500 Giveaway* going on until December 1st to promote the new blog and asked if I’d review it on BFS.  I couldn’t come up with more than “hey, look, a big giveaway!”, so I turned it down at first, but he then asked what would I do if I won. I’ll be honest, I do daydream about winning millions in the lottery (that I haven’t bought tickets for lately…hmmm…), but I never really put thought into smaller amounts that I actually have a shot for – like this giveaway or even the pots at the local Bingo hall.  What would I do with $500? My first thought would be to do what we normally do with extra money – 50% to savings or the mortgage, 25% to the vacation account, and 12.5% to each of our fun money accounts.  Yes, that sounds good to me.  But, what if I had to come up with something else? Here’s what I daydreamed about last Tuesday: I could visit a blogging friend or one of the blogger meet up groups that pop up in different states.  I could use the $500 for airfare and a rental car for … Read more