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New Year’s Resolutions – Goodbye 2017 and Hello 2018!

Wow…2017, I barely knew you!  I’ll admit, with all the baby-making ups and downs last year, I did not pay attention to much of anything else except in spurts.  But let’s see what happened… 2017 New Year’s Resolutions 1. Be a Healthy Baby Incubator.  CHECK I was honestly a healthier baby incubator during the three miscarriages than now, which is a baby chugging right along anyway!  BUT, I’m taking my prenatal vitamins, extra folic acid, and baby aspirin every night like clockwork.  I only eat what I can keep down.  That luckily includes fruits and vegetables as well as tacos, kolaches, Egg McMuffins, and candy.  I did lose quite a bit of weight last year thanks to DietBet and then “morning” sickness (I maintain that name is a lie)…I got down to 155 as planned and now am struggling not to lose more in my second trimester because I can only eat about a fist-sized serving of food at a time without getting sick.  Yay, pregnancy. All in all, I have been increasing my water intake, walk as much as I can when I’m not sick, and am following all doctor’s orders, so I’m going to consider this a win. … Read more

I’m Hosting a $10 Dietbet – Starts August 1!

UPDATE July 31:  JUMP ONTO THIS WEIGHT LOSS TRAIN NOW TO GRAB A PIECE OF THE FUN!!!  You can join in late though it gives you less time to lose the 4%… I know, I know.  I won a whopping $12 on my first Dietbet and wasn’t extremely impressed.  But, my annoyance with the small payout actually motivated me to refuse to lose my other 3 Dietbets.  That meant I stayed on track last weekend even though truly wanted to take a break from calorie-counting, and I won $46 on the 3 Kickstarters.  Soooo…I guess I am indeed money-motivated. I also have been mentioning my Dietbets to a few friends, and they wanted in on the action too. My neighbor friend and strength-training buddy, Debbie, wanted to try it out with a $10 bet.  I didn’t see any of those starting soon, so I decided to host one myself. You don’t receive any kickbacks for hosting small games, but that just means we all have to win so Dietbet gets nothing too.  😉  We can motivate each other to stick to our respective diet and workout plans.  And $10 is cheaper than a month of many other weight loss programs. … Read more

I Won My First Dietbet!!!

I made 4 bets totaling $125+ on  Those bets generally were me saying that I could lose 4% of my overall weight within a month.  The first bet ended this past Monday, July 17.  My First Bet I started at 175.4 and needed to hit 168.4 in about 3 weeks since I entered this $35 campaign a week after its official start time.  My plan of attack was to track my food intake using My Fitness Pal (a free app) and change very little else.  I already strength train with a neighbor friend, Debbie, twice a week.  My cardio is usually infrequent and with friends like William and Dee. About 6 days into this first bet, I felt pretty dumb.  7 pounds in 3 weeks is 2.34 pounds per week.  I usually lose 1-2 pounds a week during a diet.  Plus my weight fluctuates 1-3 pounds every day.  So I would need to truly have no cheat days and hope to get lucky during the 48 hour final weigh-in period at the end if I was super close to the 4% mark. I was super close. Final Results The final weigh-in needed to be submitted sometime between Monday early … Read more

My First Dietbet Ends in One Week – $35 on the Line

I joined four different Dietbet campaigns a couple of weeks ago.  In short, I bet $125 overall that I could lose 7 pounds by July 17 and keep it off through July 26.  As of this past Sunday morning, I have 1.2 pounds to go…it just happens to be the week of birthday parties and a baby shower.  I may not have thought this through all the way.  😉 How I’ve Lost the Weight So Far The first campaign had already started by the time I joined, so that left me with a little more than 3 weeks to lose the 4% of my body weight.  I refuse to starve myself, take pills, or do anything that could mess with my hormones.  I want to be a healthy baby-making vessel should the time come and we’ll be trying again in the next few months.  With that slant towards health in mind, I’ve been tracking every single thing I eat in My Fitness Pal and have been walking more.  My Fitness Pal is a free application that set me a daily calorie goal to stay around every day based on my current weight, height, and normal activity level.  I get 1320 … Read more

Mid-Year Update on My 2017 New Year’s Resolutions

Hells bells…half of 2017 is already gone!  I’ve kept y’all a bit updated on my two miscarriages and random life stuff, but let’s get this blogger show on the road and see how I’m doing on those New Year’s Resolutions: 2017 New Year’s Resolutions 1. Be a Healthy Baby Incubator. Well, I was very healthy while I was pregnant…both times.  Then there was some significant give-no-shits time, but I’ve bounced back.  I’m currently tracking what I eat and am attempting to get my weight down to 155 pounds by the end of the year.  I still am not drinking much, am taking my nightly prenatal vitamin, and will be following my new doctor’s orders on baby making the next time we try. 2.  Visit with My Parents and My In-Laws at Least Once a Month. I don’t think I’ve done this, but maybe?  I am consciously making the effort to stay in touch with both sides of our family this year.  Last year proved that I can’t afford to take anyone for granted. 3.  Regular Friend Time! Yep, since Dee was pregnant and now has had her baby, we’ve been keeping in close touch as support both ways.  I’m also … Read more

New Year’s Resolutions – Goodbye 2016 and Hello 2017!

What are your new years resolutions? How did last year go for you? KISS and move forward!

What a year…2016.  I thought it was going to be defined by loss and grief but it ended with a bang!  And that got me pregnant.  😉 Overall, it was a year of 150+ hospital and nursing home visits and three funerals from January through September.  Goodbye to my Grandma and my Grandpa as well as my aunt, Irama.  Hope you three got my messages about the babies – the two my cousins successfully pushed out and the one in my oven.  Our family must really believe in that circle of life thing… Yet that sadness was balanced by growing closer to a few of my family, re-opening those doors to support, and spending more quality time at home and on vacations with friends. Our online business stayed about the same while our pet sitting business grew.  We also finally wrapped up the 2013 tax battle with the IRS – we indeed didn’t owe them $67,000…we owed them less than $100 and spent $6000 proving it.  Ugh. We had accepted that we may not be able to get pregnant quite as easily as we hoped since we had been trying for more than a year, but one ovulation test kit later, and now I’m 6 weeks prego. Let’s see how my … Read more

2016 New Year’s Resolutions – 11.5 Month Update (Nearly There!)

It's time to do a year in review. Did you achieve your goals for 2016? Here's an update on how all of mine went, come share yours!

This has been a hell of a year.  Tons of ups and downs!!!  Let’s see how I’ve done on my 2016 New Year’s Resolutions… 1. See my parents and my grandparents at least once a month. DONE I was able to visit my grandparents a ton right up until they both passed away this year.  I was seeing them anywhere between 3-7 times a week.  It was sad but I wouldn’t change a thing…I cherish the last bits of time I was able to be with them in their right minds before the end stuff steals away what makes us who we are. I mentioned in my 3 month update that my dad broke his collar bone.  He’s 95% healed up and seems to be doing comparably well! My mom has had fibromyalgia for a while and this year, it’s kicking her butt.  But I still have been getting to see them pretty regularly.  I think we’re actually closer now than we’ve been in years. My in-laws are still doing well overall.  My father-in-law has ongoing pain problems that seem to attack an area and stay there for a while.  But he manages to do things anyway.  We’ve seen them about once a month.  They … Read more