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Miscarriage #2 is a Wrap…and a Rough Income Report for May 2017

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I actually sent those words – “Miscarriage #2 is a wrap!” – as a text to my mom and then a couple of my friends yesterday.  I know it might come off as glib, but sometimes glib seems right to me.  Miscarriage Synopsis My blood test Tuesday came back as HCG 0, which means my body is back to its starting position.  My tube didn’t explode, so no surgery!  Yay!  I’m no longer bleeding or cramping, so double yay!  All emotions still come way easier and faster than normal for me, so that’s slightly VERY annoying.  Stupid emotions.  Screw emotions. Moving onto happier things… Pet Sitting for the Win! Pet sitting has been truly helpful.  I thought that forcing myself to do some jobs would make me resent the work, but animals really are the best company when you feel like poop.  Between our cats and all the clients’ pets, I was generally surrounded by furry hugs most of every day.  Picking up poop and scooping cat litter is not more fun when you are grieving or angry, but it’s not less fun either…it’s like a constant that makes everything feel a little normal.  When you are going through life’s … Read more

A Healing Cruise – I’m Feeling Like Me Again

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Taking a Cruise for Self Care | Vacation | De-stress | Mental Health

I’m back from another cruise escape and I’m finally feeling like me again! Yesterday, I woke up happy, had a productive day with pet sitting and my online work, hung out with a few friends for several hours each, and was still chugging away at 4am.  I’m nearly caught up with everything from last week…so now I’m only as behind as I was before we left!  😉 I haven’t been able to go this long on 5-6 hours of sleep in more than a year.  I won’t make a habit of it, but I had almost forgotten what energy felt like.  Grief and depression are real bitches. Our Recent Cruise We sailed out on the Carnival Breeze from February 5-12, 2017.  It stopped in Jamaica, the Grand Caymans, and Cozumel, Mexico.  We got off in every port for just a little souvenir browsing, but mainly, we spent the entire cruise relaxing. Our days were spent watching movies, playing 2 person board games like Patchwork and Jaipur, playing “Burger Shop” on our tablets, lounging in the adult-only, Serenity section of the ship in huge chairs, eating Guy’s Burgers (and anything else we felt like munching on), and just enjoying having no … Read more

Liberty HealthShare – Our Health Insurance Alternative

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This is my own personal post of my own personal choices for my own family’s health care. This is not a suggestion for anybody to run out and drop their health insurance policy or make any changes at all.  I’m not a health care professional or expert. I just thought this would be an interesting health care alternative to mention. If you do look into Liberty HealthCare because of this post, please email me at [email protected] so I can refer you over to get a rep to contact you for questions, but they are not sponsoring this post. They never asked about my blog’s name nor do they know that I’m writing this post. Health Care Sharing Ministries Have you heard about health care sharing ministries? They are organizations created to share the health costs of others with similar ethical or religious beliefs. Since they aren’t actually insurance companies, they don’t technically have to cover your health costs. The big ones have been around for 20+ years and have evolved through the years and I’ve been hearing from happy participants for the last few months online. Specifically, I saw a post from Michelle from Making Sense of Cents and started … Read more

It’s Gym Membership Time

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The following is another post from my in-real-life friend, Hillary.  Her last one, The Business of Polyamory, was pretty popular and she is helping me out since I’ve been traveling.  We are also planning a cruise together in April, so I’m becoming her accountability partner on her goals below so we both have a shot of getting healthier and hotter this year! It is the end of the year and the scale is not my friend. Ten years of marriage and a sedentary job have led to me carrying a spare tire with my saddle bags. Swimsuit season sounds like it’s one of the inner circle of Hell right now, but the call of a beach is so tempting. I need to lose weight without losing all my heard earned cash. Gym Membership Options Like many, I found myself looking into a gym membership. There are three main gyms located around my area – LA Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness and Planet Fitness. As I am an unmotivated slacker, I will be enlisting my husband and my friends in my fitness endeavor. This poses a few pros and cons. My husband is great with whichever option I chose; my friends however … Read more

Affordable Healthcare is Kicking Our Financial Butts

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I had never considered this before, "does maternity coverage affect your health care premiums?" I wonder if it does for my affordable care plan? Obamacare seems to have increased this lady's premiums, but her coverage is a lot better now for kids and pregnancy!

OUCH! Our health insurance premiums are jumping from $330 a month to $570 a month starting next month! I almost cried…but just pouted for several days. Ugh. Two main things seem to have caused this huge price increase. Going to Try to Have a Baby As I mentioned in passing before, Mr. BFS and I apparently do contain biological clocks, they were ticking away unnoticed, and now they have exploded like timers on a freaking bomb. We are going to attempt to have a baby in 2016 or whenever it can happen. I’ve been on the Nuvaring for at least a decade, so don’t get all crazy on me. I may not be able to have a kid, and we aren’t willing to go to extraordinary measures if we can’t just make a baby naturally. SO, I’m extra annoyed that our health insurance with maternity care coverage costs so much…it’ll be about a $2500 waste if I can’t conceive in 2016. Bleck. Make Too Much for Help We apparently aren’t the target audience for “affordable” health care. We have been making between $80,000-$120,000 of taxable income over the last several years. 2015 will be on the lower end and 2016 … Read more

Got a Cold

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Okay, so I have a cold.  It’s not awful, but it is draining.  My younger sister thinks I may have gotten it from my visit to her house, but I don’t think so since it hit so fast.  I live with my hubby who is reffing varsity football, an elementary school teacher, an EMT (emergency medical technician), and a cubicle office worker…I could have gotten it from anywhere.  Heck, my immune system has been fighting off yet another major dog bite, this one with stitches (a post on that will be coming soon), so I could really have gotten sick from anything. Fighting a Cold The current point is that I am trying to battle it off by Tuesday of next week since I leave for Fincon15 on Wednesday.  In order to do that, here is what I am doing so far: Cold remedy homeopathic pills that dissolve on my tongue.  I hate them but they work usually. Off-brand Sudafed – phenylephrine hcl 10 mg – to keep my nose from running constantly Off-brand Claritin – loratadine – to ward off the actual allergies and sneezing Showers at least twice a day since I feel better clean Hand washing all the time so … Read more

The Dog Bite is All Healed, Woot!

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Remember my post in late June about my first ever dog bite from an overly aggressive Aussie mix?  After babying it with hydrogen peroxide, triple antibiotic ointment, and changing the band-aids multiple times a day for 3 weeks, it’s finally healed!!!  That was a pain in the butt. Before and After Overall, I got off lucky.  But I’ll tell you, it’s hard to keep a finger wound clean as a professional pet sitter! I know it’s whiny to complain about a small finger gash, but I think it was just a straw that broke the camel’s back with me.  With my back issues and just generally feeling less energetic, I think the dog not liking me and then having to baby my finger just got me a little depressed. I’m still feeling a little lazy day to day, but I am back to general contentment.  And I’m really loving to play with our new cat!  She’s a real sweetie.  I think I’m going to start volunteering weekly to help me get out of my own head again.  Now to squeeze that in somewhere, LOL. Do you handle injuries pretty well?  Do you age gracefully?  I seem to be a whiner…