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How to Be Content with Your Life

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How to Be Content | Tips for Practicing Self-Care | Goals in Life | Achieving Peace | Enjoying Life | Living in the Moment

I’m 34 years old.  My life has been great, yet I still wake up some days and feel completely unsatisfied.  I felt like a raging success when I leapt into self-employment in 2011, about 16 months after starting this blog.  My husband joined me in 2012, I started a second successful business in 2014 (Crystal’s Cozy Care Pet Sitting), and we are still doing well with our businesses, yet I’ve lost that soul singing feeling of triumph.  Why Do I Feel Like a Failure?  Because I suck at being content.  My online business peaked 3-4 years ago but is still chugging along.  I’m making efforts to grow it again.  My pet sitting business is blossoming more every season, and we just hired our first official pet sitter team member.  Yet, I keep comparing myself to others and feel like all my efforts are “meh”.  Since I started researching contentment and making a list of steps for myself, I figured I should share it with anyone else out there kicking their own butts for no good reason. How to be Content Weirdly, being content is harder for me than making money.  Yet contentment comes in handy no matter where you are in life.  It is a priceless … Read more

3 REAL Ways to Make Money from Home AND How to Get Started IMMEDIATELY

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3 Real Ways to Make Money From Home and Get Started IMMEDIATELY | Legitimate Work from Home Jobs

Yeah, I know there are gazillions of posts about making money from home.  How is this one different?  Well, my husband and I make $75,000+ per year doing these three things.  On top of that, keep reading to see how to get started right now! 1.  Blogging The most frequently asked question I get about my online income is, “How do you make money blogging?” You make money through advertising deals, selling products and services, or using your blog experience to get other jobs online too. You can get the traffic to sell ad space, your products, and/or your services by growing your site. So first, you need a site and you have to start writing. To start a blog, you’ll need to choose a domain name (like and buy it.  I used Go Daddy to buy my URL and it costs about $15-$20 per year.  You will also need a website host (a company that uses its internet servers to support your site). I use Bluehost for all of my secondary sites (smaller ones, $6 a month for all of them combined) and Pagely for my big one since it’s too large to fit in a discount host server … Read more

The Luxury of Minimalism

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Minimalism with Kids | Toy Minimalist | Staying Sane as a Parent | Minimalism is a Luxury

I’m away from the online world this week, so here’s an awesome post from Revanche at A Gai Shan Life.  She and I have only met in real person once so far, but I consider her one of my closest friends.  If you don’t already read her blog, open it right now in another tab and check it out after you’re done here.  Revanche lives in constant pain, she lives supporting others, she lives for her family and friends…key word here…she LIVES.  And she’s been blogging about it all in heart-wrenching and uplifting detail for more than 10 years. Our Spring Culling I maintain a strict policy on JuggerBaby’s (JB’s) toys. I refuse to break my neck in an unintentionally hilarious pratfall dancing over the seemingly inevitable mountains of two-year-old appropriate possessions. The one challenge to this rule is one that I can’t, in good conscience, say no to. We see my aunt twice a year and without fail, she has a pile of used toys, books, and clothes, carefully cleaned and curated for JB’s health and education. She’s not wealthy, she’s the self-described “poorest of the whole family”, so she’s gotten good at rescuing abandoned things at the church and … Read more

Suffering from Burnout? The Signs and Ways to Recover

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Have you ever worried you were suffering from burnout? It's a REAL thing and knowing the signs of burnout is one of the most important steps for keeping your mental health and physical health from deteriorating. I'm pinning this to remind myself!

A person can be their own largest liability.  Ever work yourself into a tizzy?  Been too exhausted to do your best?  Think you’re ready to quit even though it’s the best job you’ve ever had? Could you simply be burned out? Burnout is a HUGE differentiating factor between success and failure in many fields, especially pet sitting.  I’m starting to understand the full ramifications from my own experiences, stories from other pet sitters, and from attending the 2016 Petsittingology Conference. Signs of Professional Burnout These are a combination of signs I’ve either noticed or found at the Mayo Clinic online: You become more cynical and pessimistic than usual. You start dreading calls and texts offering you new business instead of being excited. It’s hard to want to go to a job and/or it’s hard to start when you’re there. You start spending less time at each job or task. You start to justify a worse work ethic. You start eating and/or drinking more to cope. Your sleeping or eating habits are changing for the worse. You are developing unexplained aches and pains. Luckily, even if you are suffering from burnout, there are ways of bouncing back. Ways to Recover from … Read more

Let’s Get Personal about Self-Inflicted Expectations

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How do you value the relationships in your life? Does your family know that they are important? Do you clients and customers know that relationships come first to you?

The Petsittingology Conference last week was extremely informative and fun.  It also made it caustically obvious that my time management skills have been subpar.  I have not been able to juggle my online world, the pet sitting world, and my “real” world.  Guess what?  That’s okay.  I was defining my own success incorrectly.  It’s not about being amazing at it all at the same time.  It’s about having the fewest regrets.  My Goodbye Grandpa Dream I had a dream two days ago.  I was strolling with my grandpa on their property in the forest.  I was thinking in the dream that this was probably our last walk.  We didn’t talk about anything earth shattering, but I was able to tell him that I missed him.  He said something like, “now don’t go getting sappy on me”.  He smiled and did that sarcastic chuckle thing, I looked towards him to laugh back, but he was already gone. I broke down in the dream, but weirdly enough, I felt okay when I woke up. It was a peaceful walk.  It was nice to be able to tell him I missed him.  And it was comforting that he wasn’t any more lovey-dovey in … Read more

Don’t Kill Yourself Over Debt or Anything Else #WSPD16

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DON'T KILL YOURSELF OVER DEBT. There ARE ways out, do not let depression and money lead to thoughts of suicide. Read this lady's experience with depression and debt and get help.

This blog post is part of the World Suicide Prevention Day blog tour. If you or someone you know is feeling suicidal, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or visit I’ve Been There I’ve felt the hollowness of depression.  I’ve had moments where a fight or bad news was all I could feel.  I’ve had whole periods where I didn’t seem to have one big thing that took up my brain, but I still felt like there was no real point in living.  In my younger years, I’ve thought that death seemed like a valid way out.  BUT if I had ever really gone through with it, I would have missed the good stuff between then and now. And there is good stuff.  Hell, there’s frickin’ awesome stuff. Fast forward a few years, and my dark thoughts on bad days are just of me simply driving away and starting a transient life way different than my current one.  Yep, not the permanence of death.  Just escape.  And we have all wanted to escape at some point. A New Perspective Can Be Gold What changed?  My perspective.  With time comes a shit ton of perspective. Whether this depression is … Read more

My Grandpa Passed Away – Goodbye to John

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My grandpa, John, just passed away – 2 months after my grandma and 1 month after my aunt.  They battled for months, but my grandpa was seemingly okay just 10 days ago.  I’m glad he didn’t have much time to suffer but saying goodbye hasn’t been easier. My grandpa, John, was a strong, stubborn man who could talk to anyone (even if they rather he didn’t…yeah, so maybe I inherited something…).  He was a geologist (met my grandma in college) and enjoyed travel.  He made it nearly 89 years and defined “I did it my way”.  He was a brother, a husband, a father of eight children, and a grandfather to 10 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren (and my cousins have 2 more on the way). My mom and I lived near my grandparents when I was little and visited often later.  To me, he was Grandpa (except for a few of my young teenage years when I thought “G-pa” sounded cool as hell and he humored me).  He taught me 5 card draw poker before I hit elementary school, seemed to enjoy my sarcasm more than most, and always made me feel wanted. I truly appreciate that I was able to visit both of my grandparents dozens … Read more