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Did I Tell You I Actually Got Elected Onto Our HOA?

Yep!  After 5 years of living here, one failed attempt to be on the home owner’s association (HOA) board a few years ago, and some networking via life, I was elected onto our HOA board last October during the annual meeting that I didn’t even attend because I was at Fincon17!!! One of my friends who lives in this neighborhood to, Jennifer Fernandez, spoke for both of us while I was gone.  We were hoping to get elected together.  Instead, I get a text message congratulating me, and then she tells me she wasn’t elected! Meh…someone on the board moved a couple of weeks later, so we grabbed her up ASAP anyway.  😀  If you are from this neighborhood and haven’t voted yet, please elect Jennifer Fernandez for one of the two open spots because she loves this neighborhood, will work for you, and I don’t want to be the only woman on the HOA board!!!  She’s the one who planned and executed the Easter Egg Hunt with hardly any help!  I just helped coordinate a few little things…she did 99.9% of the whole, giant hunt!!! I Made Connections Yep, I apparently made enough good impressions via human connections that … Read more

Please Don’t Go #EndTheStigma and #DebtDrop #WSPD18

This blog post is part of the 3rd Annual Suicide Prevention Awareness Month blog tour for the 3rd year running. If you are feeling suicidal, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or text HOME to 741741.  Please feel free to check out my last two posts too – Don’t Kill Yourself Over Debt or Anything Else Please Stay – Suicide is Too Final In short, please don’t kill yourself over anything.  But especially money. It’s Normal You are not alone.  Ever felt like the world would be better off without you?  Or thought that the only way out of whatever you were feeling was to die?  That’s sadly pretty normal.  It has gone through the head of MILLIONS of us.  BUT IT ISN’T TRUE.  The world isn’t better without us in it.  We have other options.  And specifically, money problems can be fixed! Debt, even giant debts, can be paid off.  Money can be made.  It’s just money.  It is not as important as your life. Help Others I highly suggest volunteer work!  At my lowest, I was still useful and needed at my volunteer shifts.  Those dogs wouldn’t get their potty break without me.  And there … Read more

Compensated for Our Inconvenience!!!

Hi!  I will update all of you baby lovers about Baby BFS super soon (she’s just past 7 weeks old, wowza), but I had to pass along a money thing ASAP. Long story summarized, our sweet next door neighbors are having a pool installed.  We gave their pool company permission to shortcut through our back yard to dig the initial hole.  Crap happened. The First Screw Up On Day 1, the digging crew shredded our fiber optic internet/cable line with the sheer weight of the Bobcat hole-digger.  AT&T was way behind on appointments and couldn’t make it out to run a new line for us FOR 6 DAYS. The Second Screw Up Then, after those 6 days and only 4 hours after AT&T ran a new line for us, the pool company’s fencing crew re-installed the fence section and DROVE A NAIL THROUGH THE NEW LINE.  It was another 2 days before AT&T could make it out again. NO INTERNET That’s 8 days without the internet.  Our very apologetic (and truly thoughtful since I would not have come up with this idea) neighbors bought a WIFI extender so we could use their internet in the northwest corner of our house.  … Read more

20 Things I Like To Do

I was reading this post at my blogging friend’s site, Surviving and Thriving, about 15 things she likes to do.  She mentions that she got the idea from a 20 things list that my other blogging buddy made over on his site, Get Rich Slowly. And sex was right up there with both of them (#1 for Donna – hubba, hubba…those puns must really work).  😉 Well, let’s see what I can come up with pretty quickly: Intimate Time with my Husband I do like sex.  But I also rate snuggling way up there.  And I enjoy the times we just tell each other about our day and make plans for the next one.  Pretty much, I’m lumping all my hubby relationship stuff together. Hang Out with Close Friends My close friends are like my counselors and adopted family combined.  I’m not sure they know how truly important they are to me.  10 years ago, I didn’t have that.  It was my husband, some acquaintances, and our families.  Now we have this amazing support network.  Board gaming and blogging are the two hobbies that truly opened up the world to my hubby and me. Family Time Our support network kicks … Read more

Six Good Things

Jana Says and Surviving and Thriving have started a trend with posts about the half dozen good things happening in their lives.  Since complaining is easy, and I do a lot of it, I loved the idea of just being thankful.  Here are my six specific good things right now… 1. Our daughter is kicking me now! I don’t have to use the fetal heart monitor every night to assure myself that our baby is chugging along.  Now I just have to lean over while sitting down.  That move squishes her apartment space and pisses her off, so I get a few solid kicks telling me to sit the hell up.  So not only is she kicking, but she is spunky like her momma.  I love it. 2. Upcoming Trips Before I hit the waddling stage of pregnancy, I’m fitting in a few last trips without my own kid in tow.  That means getting to work out the details for a quick weekend adventure with my bestie, Dee, and my adopted niece via Airbnb. Dee and I have used Airbnb twice already and it has been fantastic.  Once in 2016 to stay in a big RV at Canyon Lake so … Read more

Please Don’t Be Fully Financially Dependent on Someone Else

For anybody new, I’m 20-21 weeks pregnant as of right now.  I’ve been blogging about personal finance, budgeting, and my life in general here since February 2010.  And I just joined a few mommy Facebook groups in the last few weeks to help myself prepare for what is coming and to start building support networks since only a couple of our friends have kids.  Main New Mommy Group Topics Here is what I’ve figured out by just looking around the mommy group posts every day: 1.  Sleep is HUGE.  Sleep training versus just holding them versus whatever is like THE TOPIC, always.  I’m leaning towards a steady routine so they get used to a process, but obviously, there are dozens of ways to handle sleep time and you do whatever works for you, boo boo. 2.  Lack of partner support is sadly also one of the top topics.  Like depressingly prevalent.  For the record, I’m with anybody who says that partners don’t babysit their own kids while a mom takes a break.  It’s called taking care of your kid.  I get that we pregnant women have the breast milk and whatnot.  But that doesn’t mean the entire raising process of … Read more

The Gender Reveal!!!

Hope your holidays were awesome!!!  I’ve been feeling truly loved and lucky.  I think these past few weeks have been some of the best of my life.  I had a great trip overnight with my family and had a really good time with my parents, one of my uncles, and one of my sisters and her family.  I’m very proud of my other sister who was hard at work at her first job.  We then had an entire relaxed day with my inlaws – eating and talking and hanging out with his cousin’s 4 month old.  We were completely spoiled by both sides of our family and I feel extremely lucky to have the support network we do with this kid on the way!!! We also attended our annual 4 day board gaming convention the weekend after Christmas.  So we were able to ring in the new year with laughter, board games, and a surprise birthday dinner for me thanks to friends.  This week is filled with more birthday fun with both of our families, so woot! And to top it all off, between Christmas and New Year’s, we finally received the results from those blood samples they took from … Read more