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Expensive Week – Now Brainstorming Money-Making Ideas with a Baby…

It’s been an expensive week.  I’m officially brainstorming ideas for a baby-related side hustle. We Bought a Car Hubby’s 2007 Prius decided that anti-lock brakes weren’t necessary for its existence last Tuesday.  While technically true, isn’t helpful for a couple having a baby.  It made it a nice 178,000 miles and could go further with a $2100 repair.  But I’ll leave that to the next lucky owner. We waived the white flag and bought hubby a new 2017 Prius for $28,250 drive-out at 0% interest for 72 months last Wednesday.  Not a bad deal, but not a world-ending, amazing one either.  All of that happened within 24 hours though, so I’m not going to kick myself.  At least I’m efficient, LOL. Genetics Testing is Trying to Give Me a Heart Attack But then, a few hours later into Wednesday evening, I login to Liberty Healthshare and see that Progenity, the genetic blood testing company that our doctor had us use for me in December, had submitted around $25,000 in charges.  Liberty recalculated that down to around $5000 but said it wasn’t eligible. I freaked the frick out.  Not only because a blood test could possibly run us $5000 but also … Read more

3 REAL Ways to Make Money from Home AND How to Get Started IMMEDIATELY

3 Real Ways to Make Money From Home and Get Started IMMEDIATELY | Legitimate Work from Home Jobs

Yeah, I know there are gazillions of posts about making money from home.  How is this one different?  Well, my husband and I make $75,000+ per year doing these three things.  On top of that, keep reading to see how to get started right now! 1.  Blogging The most frequently asked question I get about my online income is, “How do you make money blogging?” You make money through advertising deals, selling products and services, or using your blog experience to get other jobs online too. You can get the traffic to sell ad space, your products, and/or your services by growing your site. So first, you need a site and you have to start writing. To start a blog, you’ll need to choose a domain name (like and buy it.  I used Go Daddy to buy my URL and it costs about $15-$20 per year.  You will also need a website host (a company that uses its internet servers to support your site). I use Bluehost for all of my secondary sites (smaller ones, $6 a month for all of them combined) and Pagely for my big one since it’s too large to fit in a discount host server … Read more

Positivity and a “Can Do” Attitude Could Make You Rich!

How do you motivate yourself to keep working when something has gone wrong or when others see more success? Here's my motivation. Pinning this for inspiration!

Do you read Budgets Are Sexy or Making Sense of Cents?  How about Smart Passive Income?  ESI Money or Money Boss?  I read them all, though less often than I should.  They are all at the top of their game.  J Money recently turned down a $1 million deal for his sexy blog bunch.  Michelle is making $100,000 a MONTH from affiliate income…and created a course about it. Pat Flynn is…well, Pat Flynn (Google “king of online money”).   He’s making millions a year. ESI Money just pulled off early retirement.  Money Boss sold his previous site for beaucoup bucks years ago and is restarting a blog empire. Shared Qualities of the Successful Do you know what they have in common?  They are sincerely wonderful people.  I’ve met them.  They are awesome.  But more importantly for our class today, they’re positive people and are all more motivated than squirrels are for nuts.  Yep, positivity and a “can do” attitude is what it takes…makes you gag, right?  Well, suck it up.  I know for a fact that those two ingredients make the recipe for success.  How?  Because that’s how I grew BFS so quickly when I started in 2010 and how I’m … Read more

How I Created a $30,000 Per Year Pet Sitting Business for Less Than $600

It is hard to believe that you can start such a successful business for such a small investment. This is an amazing way to make money at home and be a work at home mom. Plus, you can do this as a side hustle, in addition to a regular job! Repin this, it's an excellent business idea.

When I first started Crystal’s Cozy Care Pet Sitting at the end of February 2014, I was aiming to just earn extra spending money on the side – like a few hundred a month.  I ended up making $750 in March 2014 and it’s just gone up from there.  It’s now grown into a full $30,000+ per year business! How? Because I’m awesome.  😉  But seriously, it’s because I treated it like a “real” business and not just a hobby.  I also kept costs down to a minimum for the maximum gain. My Business Basics Here are the basics for Crystal’s Cozy Care Pet Sitting: Pet Sitting Insurance – $400 per year Website Hosting (I already had unlimited hosting through Bluehost) – $70 a year Website Domain Name (included free in a new Bluehost package) – $15 a year Business cards (use my referral links to automatically get a discounted rate) – $23 for 1000 cards Advertising on Craigslist – $0 Advertising on – $0 Advertising via Car Signs (magnetic) – $25 for two Advertising via Yelp – $0 Advertising in my neighborhood’s newsletter – $50 per newsletter (wasted) Advertising via Tshirts – $2 (received two nearly free tshirts in exchange for reviewing … Read more

How to Craigslist Your Garage Sale Leftovers

What do you do when your garage sale is over and you still have lots of stuff leftover? Don't just donate it - make more money off of your old stuff by selling it on Craigslist! These tips will help you make the most of your junk and turn it into cash you can put into your pocket, without causing too much hassle.

About a month ago, I went on a cleaning spree. I wanted all the crap out of my house. BUT, I hate garage sales. Just takes too much planning and time. I know they can make big money, but I rather just sell things off or give them away as soon as I decide I don’t want them anymore. That said, I noticed people on Craigslist listing loads of stuff leftover from garage sales as a huge lot. I thought I could try that with some of our stuff too. Separating the Crap from Maybe Money If you need to ensure you don’t miss a single money-making opportunity, do a quick search on Craigslist or (like Facebook, but just for your neighbors and surrounding neighborhoods) for stuff like yours. If it is selling for anything, then list it. If it’s not or seems to be trash, you can list a free load of stuff to pick up on Craigslist or too. I just want stuff gone, so I only sell the things worth $15 or more usually. The rest of it, I give away. Listing Garage Sale Leftovers on Craigslist as a Lot Several years ago, I listed … Read more

The Other Side of the Equation – Increasing Your Income

The following is from my occasional staff writer, friend, and huge blog supporter, SherryH.  She lives near the coast of North Carolina. Her family consists of her husband, their two adult sons, and the requisite writer’s cats. In 2013, she survived a brain tumor that destroyed her eyesight, but she’s determined not to let that slow her down. She recently started blogging at I’ve always been a frugalista. As a kid, I loved accumulating change in my piggy bank and counting it out on my bedspread. If I was saving up for something, like a new game cartridge for our Atari 2600, I wasn’t about to be distracted by candy bars or shiny baubles.  As an adult, I discovered Amy Daczcyn’s Tightwad Gazette books and spent hours combing the pages for tips and tricks. Though I spent a lot of years as an at-home wife and mom, my ability to cut costs and live on less helped our family weather some pretty rough times – and retire a considerable amount of debt.  I’m proud of my ability to pinch pennies, and (I think) rightfully so. But over the past few months I’ve come to a realization. It’s something I’ve probably known all … Read more

Handling a Money Crisis

We’ve all had those moments in life where we think “How the heck am I going to pay for that?” The personal finance geek in me cringes when I think of the few times during college that I didn’t have enough in the bank…a very small emergency fund for a slightly larger problem like all 4 tires needing to be replaced at once. Here are some options. Making Money Fast If you need to make money fast and rather avoid owing it back, here are some ways to make some cash in a few days or less: Sell stuff – it’s an oldie but goodie. My blogging buddy, Ashley, has written the course on how to sell stuff on Facebook. I bought DVD’s in bulk for less than 50 cents each and resold them for $2-$5 each. Sell services – babysitting, pet sitting, tutoring, arts and crafts (this one is not for me since I suck, but for anyone who doesn’t, lol), labor like lawn care, etc. I usually bring in about $100-$150 a weekend for pet sitting. Craigslist Gigs – You can find all sorts of one-time gigs on Craigslist like sign spinning, modeling, handing out flyers, etc. You … Read more