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GoChange – Keep You On Track or Creep You Out?

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Have you heard about GoChange?  It’s an app that acts like a virtual financial assistant that texts you financial updates that will hopefully keep you on track with your personal finances. I’ve been using it for several weeks now and I have good, bad and ugly to report.  The good is that some of us need to be forced to save and the Go Change app can do that.  Fortunately I am not currently that person, but I think this app could be very helpful. The Good It works by finding it here and then it evaluates your banking information for habits and using an algorithm to figure out when $5 here or there extra has been untapped and sticks that extra money into a savings hold (like Digit, if you’ve heard of that one already).  They hold those funds until you claim them.  Think of it as a way to sneekily trick yourself in not noticing when your saving money.  Kinda sweet. I didn’t go for the savings feature, however there is still value to be had.  The notifications I got a lot out of were in the spending habits comparisons and when my banking balances were getting low. I asked myself, “How … Read more

New Jord Watch Just in Time for Spring – Contest and E Gift Code for You!

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You all know I have a weird relationship with materialism.  I prefer cruises, travel, and experiences over buying new clothes, shoes, and stuff, BUT I do have my materialistic favorites. I have had the same day-to-day leather jacket since I was 13 years old (yes, the cuffs are unraveling)…that’s more than 20 years in the same jacket.    Anybody who has met me in cool weather has probably seen my extremely-loved panda hat.  I also spend way too much on Dream Fit sheets every few years.  And I think Jord watches are an awesome wrist accessory.  I mean, they’re all wood and totally cool! That said, I jumped at the chance to review the new men’s watch, specifically the Conway Series: Kosso and Midnight Blue, for my husband. Jord did not let me down with their Wooden Wristwatch The Jord Conway Series We were excited to open the box as soon as we returned from our cruise.  The shipping box was well packaged and labeled “Fragile”. The Jord watch box itself was classy and solid.  It protected the watch perfectly and even has a little drawer for extra links, the wood revitalizer they included, and a jewelry cloth. The unique watch itself looks … Read more

The Easy Step-by-Step Guide to Switching to Ting Wireless Because They Save Me Nearly $1000 a Year!

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This is exactly how to switch your cell phone provider to Ting and save a ton of money. This family has saved nearly $1000 in a single year thanks to switching. That amount of savings would make such a huge difference for my budget. Keeping the costs of recurring bills down is so, so important. Mobile phones feel like a necessity these days, but the cost of service can be insane. I'm definitely looking into switching to Ting Wireless for my house. #Ting

Okay, today’s post is all about Ting Wireless.  I WAS NOT PAID TO WRITE THIS POST.  It does contain my referral code.  BUT, I’ve been blogging about Ting since I switched in 2014 – before I knew they had referral codes – plus the code will credit you with $25 just for switching (and they credit you FAST)!  I love Ting because I didn’t have to compromise anything – it’s the exact same or even better service for way less money than I paid with Sprint! In short, I use Ting because they save me money.  I want you to check them out because they MIGHT be able to save you money.  I created a list of my favorite money-saving tools just for you!  If Ting can save you money, SWITCH NOW and don’t feel stupid like me.  I heard about them in 2012, waited 2 years to switch, and wasted at least $1800!  Don’t do that.  Okay, let’s see if they are a good fit for you… 5 Steps to Switch to Ting (Specifics Below) Use my referral link to get to their site and check your coverage area.  This will make you $25 if you end up switching to Ting Wireless! Look at your last cell … Read more

Sam’s Club versus Costco – A Real Life Comparison

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I always wonder if it's cheaper to shop at Costco or Sam's Club and this comparison lists out the pros and cons. Costco vs Sam's Club is such a controversial topic, lol. Saving money on groceries is a HUGE way to make a budget balance, so this is definitely something to think about.

Yep, I’m a turncoat. I had been a Sam’s Club member on and off for years and years…but now I’ve turned to the Costco side. It was a pretty easy decision to make actually – I received a free Costco membership from a friend at Christmas, yay! So far, I’m impressed. Let me try to give an unbiased rundown for you… Costco Pros Slightly larger in my area Wider aisles Cleaner feel More free samples Their store brand, Kirkland’s, is a better quality than the Sam’s Club brand (I’m in love with Kirkland apple sauce packets) They have walk-in cold sections for dairy and produce that are sort of like secret rooms Their produce and dairy quality is better than Sam’s Club Sam’s Club Pros They accept Discover card, cash, and debit. Costco accepts American Express, cash, and debit. Discover is my favorite credit card company thanks to amazing customer support. On the bright side, Costco will start accepting Visa instead of Amex in April 2016 though. I’m cool with my Visa. Sam’s Club has cheaper and better beef Also, according to my in-laws, Sam’s Club has better sausage Cost Comparison Okay, so maybe I’m not completely unbiased after all. … Read more

Donna Freedman’s New Online Writing Course AND Giveaway!!!

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Giveaway Ended but you Could Still Use the Link Below If you’ve hung around the personal finance blogosphere, you probably have heard of Donna Freedman from Surviving and Thriving. I know Donna mostly as a supportive blogging buddy and friend, but she is known online for starting the Smart Spending and Frugal Nation blogs for MSN Money and was also a staff writer at Get Rich Slowly (I loved her posts!).  She’s now at Money Talks News and freelances for lots of other sites and magazines like Consumers Digest and Woman’s Day. And if you didn’t see her yet, she has been a speaker at the Financial Blogger Conference every year since it started – about writing, of course. After each talk, people come up to her or e-mail her later to ask lots of questions about how they can improve the way they write. That’s why Donna created Write A Blog People Will Read, a 12-part online course that draws on her 31 years of professional writing experience (including eight years online). Because I’ve been so busy with pet sitting through Spring Breaks and recovering from my stupid back problems, I haven’t had time to read her course.  So I’ll let a few other people … Read more

Ting Wireless FOR THE WIN!!!

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I wrote about switching from Sprint to Ting Wireless last month and promised to update you once we received our first bill.  Here it is, and I am AMAZED: Our Bill is Down Nearly $100 a Month!!! Yep, our first month’s Ting bill came in at a whopping $55.38.  We were paying $150 a month with Sprint for the exact same network for unlimited everything.  That means we saved more than $94 in just one month!!! To do the math: Sprint’s early contract termination fee:  -$230 Ting’s reimbursement:  +$100 Signing up using a friend’s referral code:  +$25 First Month’s Pure Savings:  +$95 Net Loss in the first month = $10 We are only out $10 after a month, and we will make that up and then some in the next month!  Then it’s pure savings!  This is just too cool!!! Other Cool Features And if saving a butt load isn’t reason enough to be happy, I also like: I was able to keep my Samsung Galaxy S3. I was able to keep my phone number. The service seems to be the same for me on everything.  My husband thinks that the data part is a tiny bit spottier, but he isn’t … Read more

This is How You Get Repeat Customers – Incanto Italian Cafe

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A new Italian place called Incanto Italian Café just opened up near me a couple of month’s ago.  I only noticed them about 2 weeks ago.  And I’ve already been back 4 times.  😀 First Experiences at Incanto Italian Café It was amazing! The bread they bring to the table is made fresh, soft and delicious. I ordered the $7.99 Calzone and I swear the thing was bigger than my head. The dough was stellar, the marinara sauce is simply tasty, and the four cheeses and fresh spinach inside were oh-so-good.  My bill was really $8.  To top it off, the waitress and probable family member of the business, Lucy, was friendly and professional. My second visit 3 days later was uneventful since I ordered a Calzone again for pickup.  It was just as yummy as before (that’s called quality control testing, hahaha).  About a week after that, I tried a personal Margherita pizza for $6 that was EVEN BETTER than the calzone!  Wow!  All three times, I also interacted with Lucy.  It was always pleasant.      Yesterday’s Experience It gets better!  I took my grandparents to Incanto yesterday afternoon for coffee (well, coffee for them and lemonade for me, haha) after they popped up spontaneously.  They had a … Read more