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Sometimes There Just ISN’T Enough Time

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How many times have you heard someone preach about time management while you are thinking “that is bullshit”? Here on BFS alone, I’ve probably written more than a dozen posts on the subject.  I apologize if I ever made you roll your eyes so hard that they were in danger of never coming back.  Sometimes there is simply NOT enough time. Just Not Enough Time Living example:  I have been trying to squeak out enough time to type up my income and net worth update for April.  But that usually takes about 1-2 hours and I have not been able to shoehorn that in between answering blog ad deal emails (priority), pet sitting (another priority), spending time with friends and family (my main priority), and sleeping (a necessity that I rarely prioritize). 5 years ago, I could fit everything in by living off of 4-5 hours of sleep per night.  Yeah, well, I’m 34 now and it’s 6-7 hours minimum per night for me or I get woozy…and bitchy. So if I can’t steal it from sleep and I refuse to steal it from my people or the money-making parts of my businesses, then I’m left with taking 20 minutes … Read more

Let’s Get Personal about Self-Inflicted Expectations

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How do you value the relationships in your life? Does your family know that they are important? Do you clients and customers know that relationships come first to you?

The Petsittingology Conference last week was extremely informative and fun.  It also made it caustically obvious that my time management skills have been subpar.  I have not been able to juggle my online world, the pet sitting world, and my “real” world.  Guess what?  That’s okay.  I was defining my own success incorrectly.  It’s not about being amazing at it all at the same time.  It’s about having the fewest regrets.  My Goodbye Grandpa Dream I had a dream two days ago.  I was strolling with my grandpa on their property in the forest.  I was thinking in the dream that this was probably our last walk.  We didn’t talk about anything earth shattering, but I was able to tell him that I missed him.  He said something like, “now don’t go getting sappy on me”.  He smiled and did that sarcastic chuckle thing, I looked towards him to laugh back, but he was already gone. I broke down in the dream, but weirdly enough, I felt okay when I woke up. It was a peaceful walk.  It was nice to be able to tell him I missed him.  And it was comforting that he wasn’t any more lovey-dovey in … Read more

Decluttering and Organizing!

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I was staying at home last week for pet sitting at the same time they had hired someone to come organize and declutter their kitchen and butler’s pantry.  After semi-watching the process over 3-4 days, I realized a few things: There is no magic to decluttering and organizing.  It takes time, the ability to purge, and patience. I can’t afford to have someone else do this for me. I was tired of living in everyone else’s home and going home to clutter. Decluttering – One Thing at a Time So I came home and spent a few hours every day this week on decluttering and/or organizing a different area of my home.  I started with the kitchen counter on Monday and knocked that off pretty quickly – about 90 minutes in total! Then I moved onto the pantry on Tuesday…that took 2.5 hours total but that also included bagging the non-expired stuff that we weren’t keeping, listing it for free on, and it being picked up by a family that just became single income suddenly with four kids.  Woot! Wednesday and Thursday were dedicated to my bedroom, about 6 hours in total. I forgot to take before and after photos until … Read more

Unexpected Free Time Is the Most Productive!

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One of my pet sitting jobs is a special long-term situation.  The owner of these two, cute Pomeranians has to leave approximately every other month to work overseas.  So we have taken care of the Poms 3 times every day for 39 days the first time and are in the end part of a 41 day streak.  Part of my service is to stay the night at least once a week too.  Well, I stayed Sunday night, they woke me up at 7am Monday morning, and I got home by 8:30am.  Usually I’m not back from my morning pet sitting until around 11am, so I had 2 1/2 hours open unexpectedly, woot! Making the Most Out of Unexpected Free Time In that unexpected free time, I’ve been excitingly productive: Jumped a neighbor’s car at the Pom’s place. Brought in the trash can. Caught up on all of my online work emails – I get 20 or so each night. Caught up with my pet sitting emails – only get a few a day. Listed my services on Craigslist for the day. Posted a roofer review on since I had a great experience.  I don’t need a new roof after the freak hail storm a … Read more

How I Motivate Myself

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My life functions on a general routine.  I pet sit in blocks, work online in blocks, and see family and friends in blocks.  Every event has its place in my calendar and I play around with the schedule to fit it all in.  But the day-to-day routine that helps me stay on track also ends up wearing me down.  If it becomes too monotonous, I lose momentum and slip into funks that make it hard to get anything done. Tricks to Stay Motivated Throw new fun into the mix!  If you haven’t seen a baseball game in a while or want to binge watch Netflix series with friends, get it planned and thrown into the schedule.  The special stuff gives you something to look forward to and motivates you to do the other necessary stuff ahead of schedule.  For me, scary movie marathons and sleepovers are special. Plan long-term fun too!  The daily grind can really take over your brain.  Reinvigorate your mental muscles by planning a significant vacation once or more a year.  Again, the knowledge that something amazing will be happening usually motivates me to keep on top of everything else to reach the finish line on time.  This … Read more

Procrastination at Its Finest

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Through my writing, it may seem like I’m completely on the ball.  Two full-time self-employed jobs?  Handled.  Social time with friends and family?  Mostly handled.  My marriage?  Doing great, solid communication, way less stupid-ass squabbles.  Big Brothers Big Sisters weekly meet-ups with my Little Bro’?  Check…well, at least when we’re both in town.  Notice what’s missing? Errands and chores.  I hate running errands and I procrastinate like crazy on chores.  This generally sucks since we don’t have a biweekly housekeeper anymore, so procrastinating just means more work later.  But I think my brain can only handle the big priorities of my life before it simply says “no more” and I crash. Recent Procrastination What prompted this post was my new media room furniture.  We bought a new recliner and three-piece recliner set in January for the media room.  By the end of February, it was obvious that the recliner was squeaking and something underneath was rubbing together whenever we tried using the recline function.  It’s been like that for 3 months. I finally got around to calling Bel Furniture this past Monday.  Their furniture repair men called yesterday morning to let me know when to expect them, showed up yesterday afternoon, … Read more

Do You Prioritize Sleep?

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Over the last 4.5 years of blogging, a bunch of you have asked about how I keep up with it all.  My responses have all boiled down to making and following lists and many nights with about 5-6 hours of sleep.  Well, I’m getting a little older every day just like you.  It may be time for me to admit that I need to prioritize sleep. The Power of Sleep If I get 7+ hours of sleep, I don’t feel like I need a nap right after lunch.  That mid-afternoon sluggishness just disappears.  It feels like my head is clearer, I can accomplish more in less time, and I can stay perky pretty much all day.  When I get 5 hours or less of sleep in a night, I feel like a sloth on and off all day, my lack of productivity turns me into a whiny grouch, and I have fallen asleep at my laptop before… Tricks to Sleep The first step for me was to consciously acknowledge that I need more sleep.  Then I had to mentally place sleep time before other things in my daily priority list.  Here are some tricks that I am using to carve out at least 7 … Read more