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Coffee Table or Deadly Device for My Old Dog?

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This past weekend went from “having fun” to “ACK!  WHAT THE HECK?!” in a split second.  Our old dog, Miss Doxie, decided to play Superman this past Saturday, and she made a flying leap from the couch to the coffee table…without ever touching the ground.  I guess she decided that the doggy stairs were for losers, or that 15-16 years is long enough to be alive.  All I know is that the last couple of days have sucked and I’ve been an emotional mess.

Dog Fail

Broken Dogs…Ugh…

I honestly thought for a couple of minutes that Miss Doxie had killed herself.  She got up from the floor, wandered about 10 steps, and then just fell over.  I freaked the heck out.  Then I took a deep breath and called my vet.  They were closing in 20 minutes and suggested that she might either be in shock or have given herself a mini-seizure.  We agreed that I should monitor her and bring her in on Monday if she wasn’t better.

Well, she was walking around with a slight limp in half an hour.  Then she ate and drank and just rested.  Sunday seemed about the same.  But Monday afternoon, she started yelping anytime she moved and just couldn’t get comfortable.  I gave her another doggy aspirin (which apparently is like poison according to my vet, and I have now thrown it away) and kenneled her yet again.  She couldn’t stop whining for more than 30 minutes all of Monday night.  I got no real sleep.

We ended up getting fit in for an early appointment on Tuesday, and the vet came to the conclusion that she hurt her neck.  $85 later, she’s on pain meds and a muscle relaxant.  We’ll see if she’s better within the next week…

When you put this on top of the constant steroid pills and eye drops that I have to do with Mr. Pug, and you get a woman that is getting exhausted with broken dogs.

I Knew It Was Coming

All of this whining doesn’t mean that I wasn’t prepared.  I knew we adopted middle-aged dogs.  Miss Doxie was 7 years old when we adopted her from the Houston SPCA in 2005.  Mr. Pug was 6 years old when we adopted him from PugHearts in 2009.  That means that they are turning 16 years old and 11 years old respectively this year.  Older dog maintenance costs more than those healthy middle years.  But that doesn’t take away the pain in the butt.

It’s also getting to be that time where you have to seriously consider your dog’s quality of life.  I don’t think Miss Doxie is ready to check out yet, but she is getting a bit closer.  She’s becoming completely blind, sometimes acts confused and just stands still randomly for a few seconds, and injuries that she would have shaken off 3 years ago are kicking her butt now.  Old age sucks.  I’m just keeping an eye on her to make sure I can make the tough choice when “old age” becomes “wasting away”…I rather never make a dog suffer just because I want them around longer…

How are your pets doing?  Have they ever hurt themselves doing something insane?

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7 thoughts on “Coffee Table or Deadly Device for My Old Dog?

  1. I am so sorry. It is no fun having to worry about the end of pets. I know you are a great dog owner and I’m glad that you are keeping your pups happiness in mind.

  2. We had to make that call last year. One dog was wasting and needed help to use the bathroom. When she started moaning at night I decided enough was enough.
    It sucks , but a prolonged painful and messy death just did not seem merciful. Sometimes our guilt about wanting to put them down over rides our common sense. Abbi probably was in pain the last year or two. I was tied of yhe every 2 hour bathroom routine, so it felt like I was doing it for my own convenience. Maybe it played a part, but ultimately the dog was just hanging in there. I miss her, but her photos clearly show the lost muscle and pain inside. It was the right choice.
    Rootbeer had throat tumors. We were making him soft home made food. It hurt for him to open his mouth to retrieve, and he was a compulsive retriever. He had fatty tumors every where. Then he started these seizures while asleep, gagging and foaming. Abbi and him were never close, but that last year they would sleep on each other, whining and moaning. They were having fewer and fewer happy days. I sort of hope they are free to frolic in eternity now.
    Hope things work out for you.

  3. Sorry about your doxie. My cat gets locked in the neighbors shed. We spent an hour looking for her only to hear digging at the shed door at midnight hours later.

  4. Yikes, that’s never easy, so sorry to hear about all that. I had to say goodbye to one of my cats last year. She was 17 and the vet had previously found a lump on her neck. One day she simply stopped eating and started hanging out in a corner of the family room. I was able to coax her to eat a little by giving her straight tuna, and she’d wander out to sit on my lap (she was a total lap cat) for some brief periods, but eventually wouldn’t stay long. You could tell she had given it all she had. I really missed her this past Christmas, as she loved it. You could tell how happy she was when we took the stuff out, she would sleep under the tree, and when it came time to put the stuff away, she would purposefully try to get in my way. It was noticeable this past season with her not around, but I’ll always have the memories.

  5. @retired, I hope they are frolicking now as well. I know how hard that day was for all of you.

    @lisa, glad you found her!

    @MB, awwwwww! Your cat sounds like she was awesome (I love Christmas too and would ask mom and dad to leave everything up for way longer than necessary). I’m sorry you had to let her go. I miss Miss Doxie already (you may have seen today’s post that we just had to put her down). 🙁

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