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Connecting with Hubby’s Grandpa

I grew up around my mom’s parents, so I’ve never had a problem connecting with them.  I know that I can pretty much say anything that pops out of my mouth.  I also know that they enjoy dominos (specifically Texas 42), movies, talking, and getting out of their house once in a while.

But I’m pet sitting near my husband’s maternal grandpa, and we’re hanging out a couple of times today.  He’s a really nice guy, but he is more toned down than I am.  So I do try to keep my expletives to a minimum, and I’m coming up with ideas of things we can do.

Multiple Generations

Activities for Grandparents and Adult Grandchildren

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

  • Ate lunch with him and his friends.  Grandparents love showing off their grandchildren, married in or not, LOL.
  • Cook dinner together.  He suggested cooking up some salmon burgers tonight that he has in the freezer.
  • Take a walk.  He’s around 85 years old, but he still gets around pretty well.  :-)
  • Watch a movie.  I am thinking about renting a Redbox and I’m taking “Finding Nemo”.
  • Put together a puzzle.  I’m going to stop by a Walmart on the way over to see what sort of 250-500 piece puzzles that they have available.
  • Water aerobics.  I’m pet sitting in this area again in June and he wants me to bring my bathing suit to go to water aerobics with him that week.
  • Talking.  While we do anything, we talk.  He’s a bit hard of hearing, so it’s like yelling really softly really, but you understand.  ;-)

I’m not sure if I will ever be able to be myself completely around Grandpa C, but that’s okay.  Filtering is a good skill to practice, especially since I do it less and less with age.  I don’t mind that we are so different.  I don’t think he does either.  And who doesn’t like food and a good puzzle?  :-D

Do you or did you hang out with your grandparents as an adult?  What do you/did you do regularly?

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4 comments to Connecting with Hubby’s Grandpa

  • I loved hanging around my grandma growing up. Myself and my two younger cousins always had sleepovers at her house. I continue to be close with my grandma even to this day, though it’s a bit more difficult now that we moved. She’s also still very active, but her usual evening consists of watching Lifetime, hockey or baseball depending on the season, and doing her word finds.

  • Sue

    My last grandparent died when I was 24 and she had been in bad shape for 3 years before that. I didn’t get to know any of them in my adult years. Be thankful you still have them around and appreciate them while you still can.

  • It can be hard to figure out what to do with grandparents. I always liked learning about what their lives were like when they were young. Its not too hard to bring up in conversation, and sometimes you learn really surprising things about their past, and even your own.

  • @E.M. that’s awesome that you are still close. Your grandma has word finds, my grandpa has Free Cell…

    @Sue, I am so thankful. We lost Grandma C about 4 years ago and it still feels awful.

    @The Wallet Doctor, I have the same kind of conversations with my maternal grandparents. I’m getting some stories out of Grandpa C now too. ;-)