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Craigslist – Getting Rid of Stuff

As you may have read, my husband bought and assembled a new desk for me so I could have a work space at home.  Yay!  But this meant making room in our guest bedroom / storage room so I wouldn’t be surrounded by a huge mess.

Stuff in Our Guest Bedroom

The majority of the storage was actually teaching supplies from Mr. BFS’s 4 year career as an 8th grade science teacher before he became a school librarian.  Those boxes of supplies will be donated and used next year, so those will disappear in August.  Woot!

The rest of the crap was just that…crap.  We had empty Amazon boxes from my Christmas shopping stacked all over the place, a coffee table and end table we no longer use thanks to better hand-me-downs, and a few boxes of miscellaneous games and comic books that we could never sell for friends.  In short, we had a bunch of crap we just needed to get rid of.

Craigslist – Garage Sale Leftovers

That said, I had heard of people selling whatever they had left from garage sales in one, big lot on Craigslist.  For example, “Garage Sale Leftovers – $200 for EVERYTHING LEFT”.  I figured that should work for some of our miscellaneous stuff too, right?  I decided to try it with the games, books, and comic books.

Here is the ad I posted on Craigslist on Saturday morning (I also had pictures online):

Garage Sales Leftovers – Games and Books – Can Resell for Profit!!! – $50

Gamer’s Delight – Original Nintendo Games, D&D Books, Board Games, Etc.

Asking $50 for lot. You can resell on Ebay and at least double your money (see general prices next to each item)…I just don’t have the time right now and we need more space. So you are looking at a fantastic deal!

Original Nintendo Games (Some in sleeves with info):

The Last Starfighter – $5
NARC – $5
Maniac Mansion – $5
Hydlide – $5
Exodus Ultima – $5
Legacy of the Wizard – $5
The Bard’s Tale – $10

Dungeons and Dragons Books (Like New):

Sword and Fist – A Guidebook to Fighters and Monks – $10
Masters of the Wild – A Guidebook to Barbarians, Druids, and Rangers – $10

Other Books and Magazines (Read but Good Condition):

DC Comics – The Atlas – $5
The Marvel Universe Role-playing Game – $10
White Wolf Magazines – Issues #34-54 (yep, everything in between) – $20
KAGE – A Survival Guide to an Impolite Society – Issues 2 and 12 – $5
Squirrel Attack – Operation: Get Mr. Jones Nuts – $5
The Pie Incident – Operation : Snatch Some Pie – $5

Boardgames (Brand New or Like New):

Navia Dratp Starter Set 1 – $10
Navia Dratp Starter Set 2 – $10
Dividends – $10

Again, we are asking for $50 or best offer on the whole lot.

If you are interested, please email me anytime or call between 9am-9pm. Thanks!


I got a few offers for individual items, but no single offer for all of it.  I ended up selling 2 of the D&D books for $20 and 2 of the Nintendo cartridges for $10.  I am currently listing all of the rest of the items in single groups but haven’t had any more interest.

Craigslist – General Ad

I also put up this ad for the coffee table and end table with pictures:

Matching Coffee Table and End Table – Light-Colored – Great Condition! – $35

We just replaced our coffee table and end table, so here you go!

As you can see from the pictures, they are made of a light-colored wood or fake wood and black metal. They are in awesome shape.

We are asking $35 obo. Seriously, just call and make me an offer.

Here are the dimensions of each piece:

Coffee Table – 48 inches x 24 inches x 15.5 inches high

End Table – 24 inches x 22 inches x 19.5 inches high

Please call me between 9am-9pm with any questions or to schedule a pick up!


They haven’t been sold yet, but I have reduced their price to $25.  If they are still around by the end of the summer, I will Freecycle them just to clear out the room.

We Have Some Room Back

Our guest bedroom is starting to look more like a bedroom and office instead of a storage closet.  I have a work space just for me and a friend can crash over if they ever need to.  Win-win!  By the end of the summer, I should be able to reclaim the whole room.  I am even thinking about Craigslisting the twin-sized captain’s bed and getting a comfortable futon instead.  I’ll also buy a nice, raised queen-sized air mattress to keep on hand for any couples that may visit.

Have you ever tried this before?  What do you do when you just want to get rid of stuff that still has value?  I am also a big fan of Goodwill and Freecycle…

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