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Crystal Light Challenge for the Holidays 2012 – Second Week Update

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As I announced at the end of November, I am aiming to lose about 5 pounds by the end of 2012. That would be me weighing in at 165 or less. As I am using you all to keep me accountable, so here is my weekly update. 🙂


On the food side of my weight loss, I am still tracking everything I eat and assigning it Weight Watcher Points Plus values. I’m trying to stick to 29 points a day and use a minimal amount from the 49 allowed weekly extra.  I’ve actually found several online sites that help you calculate WW Point Values just by Googling for it, so double-checking myself has become even easier.

Here’s how it went from last Sunday to this previous Saturday.

Points Used

Sunday, December 2nd – 29
Monday, December 3rd – 29
Tuesday, December 4th – 28
Wednesday, December 5th – 29
Thursday, December 6th – 29
Friday, December 7th – 33
Saturday, December 8th – 57

Total Used = 234 Points of 252 available (29 base points a day and 7 a day for splurging)

Yay!  Let’s see how I keep doing. 😉

As for what I have been eating this past week, breakfast has been either a sausage and egg breakfast taco or a banana. Lunch is a Lean Cuisine/Smart Ones meal or sausage and egg breakfast tacos.  I have really gotten into the Lean Cuisine Panini’s.  And dinner has been hamburgers, soft tacos, steak, or turkey burgers with a variety of sides from sweet potatoes to green beans to pickle slices and a few chips.

I have been relying heavily on bananas, baby peeled carrots, pickles, and homemade smoothies as my snacks.

I’ve stayed away from all soda, even my favorite diet ones.  So I am living on water and Kroger brand, no calorie, Fruit Punch.

For dinners, I am still taking larger portions of the low points stuff like veggies and less than usual portions of the meats and starches.  Desserts have been just a couple of Oreos, or a bite-sized candy bar, or a Kroger brand low calorie icecream treat if I have any points left.

The hardest days were Friday and Saturday again since we had friends over for dinner Friday night and stayed up late and then we hosted a potluck Saturday and stayed up super late.  Having all of that yummy food staring at me in the face on Saturday made it hard to take small portions and graze slowly.  I know that was my highest point day but I actually held back a lot, lol.  I used some of my weekly extra points as planned, but I am pretty happy with myself overall.


This is where I needed improvement. I made the goal last week was to walk for at least 30 minutes twice this week and do 40 crunches and 20 pushups.

I found a walking partner via Craigslist, yay!  Then he walked once, rescheduled once, and then joined a gym and bid me bye-bye.  Sad.  But I did achieve my weekly goals, so poop on him.

Weekly Exercise

Wednesday, December 5th – Walked 45 minutes with partner, did 5 pushups
Thursday, December 6th – Walked 30 minutes solo, did 5 crunches
Saturday, December 8th – Walked 20 minutes

Target hit for walking!  But not for pushups and crunches.  My new target for next week is to walk at least 3 times for 30 minutes, do 40 crunches, and 20 pushups.

Weight Update

All of that said, here’s the actual weight update (I’m just adding updates to the list so we can both see what I’ve done along the way).

  • Started Tuesday night, November 27th at 169.8 pounds.
  • Weighed in Sunday morning, December 2nd at 166.6 pounds.
  • Weighed in Sunday morning, December 9th at 166 pounds even.
  • Total Lost Thus Far: 3.8 pounds.

Only 1 pound to go.  🙂

New Target

Last week, I am aiming for the 165 or less mark early, so I didn’t hit that but at least I went in the correct direction.  Now I am aiming to lose at least 1 more pound this coming week.

I have a Christmas dinner on December 16, December 24, and probably another one on December 25. Plus, we are hanging with friends out of town from December 21 through 23 and attending a board gaming convention from December 27 through December 30.  Then one of my 30th birthday parties will be later on December 30th too.

So we won’t be able to eat at home most of that time.  I better to lose now and try to maintain than try to lose during the chaotic weeks…

How are you doing so far with your goals?

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13 thoughts on “Crystal Light Challenge for the Holidays 2012 – Second Week Update

  1. Good for you! You’re doing great, you can lose that last pound this week! I really need to kick up the exercise too, I only have about 6 lbs to go to pre-pregnancy weight but would like to lose about 12-15total lbs.

  2. Eating whole, unprocessed foods will lead to you feeling more satiated and is insurance for your long-term health. Good luck to you.

  3. Nice job! On the days you know you will be eating more try ramping up the exercise. I was in San Francisco this weekend so it probably was not the best weekend diet wise. lol! Back on track today.

  4. @Joe, exactly. 🙂

    @Catherine, good luck to both of us for exercise goals!

    @Lance, yeah…I’ll just have to concentrate more on the veggies and less on the ham and sweet potatoes…

    @Jerry, thanks.

    @Budget & The Beach, good idea. I did fit in a quick walk during the potluck…I’ll aim for longer ones on the Christmas dinner days…

  5. You’re doing great! Amazing that you’ve been able to give up soda. I’ve read that even the stuff in the diet sodas do things to our hormones and keep the pounds on us.

    So, I didn’t quite make my initial goal to get to 170 by today, but am doing well and have kept my date with my DVD for nine of the last 11 days (I took a break on the weeknd since I tutor for 12 hours…too tired to do much else when I’m done). The definition is reappearing in my legs and arms which is certainly motivating.

  6. @Martin, I used your comment to motivate me to really look for my iPod Nano on Monday. Found it!!! It was in my old computer case. It has my workout mix on it that I was missing. 🙂

    As for morning walks…does 1am count? I’m not a morning person, but I’ve been walking between midnight and 1 for the last couple of nights…

    @Savvy Scot, thank you!

    @Amanda, thanks!

    @Kim, thanks. It would have been better if I had not used 57 points in one night, lol. But as long as I’m going in the right direction, I refuse to regret yumminess. 🙂

    @Kathleen, I am sort of scared about approaching them…maybe they’ll want to sponsor or maybe they will want me to stop using “Crystal Light” totally…

    @charlotte, it actually wasn’t that hard. Soda wasn’t one of my favorites. Chocolate on the other hand…I do not think I could ever give up chocolate for more than a week or two…

    Yay for arm and leg definition! I would take that as a great sign myself! 🙂 Congrats!!!

  7. Great job Crystal! The hardest part is sticking to it, so keep going. When weighing yourself, keep in mind that you may also be building some muscle mass from your exercising. As I am sure you know, muscle weighs more, so keep that in mind if the weigh scale says one thing but your clothes are fitting differently (loose).

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