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Crystal Light Exercise Challenge 2013 – Weeks 4 and 5

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If you are just tuning in, I’ve decided to tackle my New Year resolutions head on this year. The first step will be to stay on top of the ones that are year round. With that in mind, I’m going to report my exercise activity weekly to hopefully motivate myself to move my booty.

Exercise Breakdown

I was shooting for a lot at once:

  • Walk or do the equivalent at least 3 times a week.
  • Start or end that work out with 10 pushups and 10 situps. Move that up as they become easier.
  • Concentrate on portion control but go back on Weight Watchers if I start gaining any extra pounds. This means I will be weighing in weekly as well.
  • If I’m following my own rules, I should be able to lose 15 pounds by September 1, 2013 (weigh in at 150 or less).

But given that life has gotten really, really busy and I completely suck at prioritizing multiple things at once, I am now simply shooting for two things:

  1. Exercise at least 3 times a week…more importantly, exercise at least 144 times overall in 2013.
  2. Weigh 150 pounds by September 1, 2013

Week 4 Update

  • I walked for 30 minutes on Tuesday and Saturday.

Week 5 Update

  • I walked 30 minutes or more every single day, Sunday through Saturday.  My biggest days were a 4 mile walk on Wednesday and a 1.5 mile round trip walk to Kroger on Saturday.  Yay!!!

Specifically with food, I’ve been a little better at portion control, but lemon cake, cheeses, and wine/liquor have been my weaknesses.   I will be going back on Weight Watchers most likely since I seem to suck at willpower without money on the line, BUT not yet.  As of right this second, I only care about exercising regularly and I want to concentrate on that one big thing right now.

Summary So Far


  • December 31, 2012 – 165.2 pounds.
  • January 13, 2013 – 165.4 pounds.
  • January 20, 2013 – 164.4 pounds
  • January 27, 2013 – 164.8 pounds
  • February 10, 2013 – 166.6 pounds
  • Total Difference – 1.4 pounds up

I honestly don’t know if the weight gain is a real issue.  I feel healthier.  We’ll see how this next week goes.

Exercise Sessions Completed

  • January 2013 – 7
  • February 2013 so far – 7

Next Week’s Goals

  • Walk at least 3 times.
  • Monitor my weight and see if it motivates me to really tackle my diet.

If you have anything you’d like to tackle this year, please join on in!

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7 thoughts on “Crystal Light Exercise Challenge 2013 – Weeks 4 and 5

  1. This stuff is never easy. I have had a stress fracture in my foot that has prevented me from playing in my tennis contract and that has left me very frustrated. I just cannot do very much. So I can relate to the problem. I was reading the using a lot of whole grain foods in your diet allows you to feel full for longer so this can aid in weight loss.

  2. Great job on the exercising last week! Tell me, do you measure yourself as well as weigh yourself? If not, do it NOW and repeat the measurements once a month or so! With all the exercise, you might start to lose inches but not pounds. That is because while you lose fat, you often build muscle (and inch for inch, muscle weighs more than fat). Loosing inches is so much more rewarding than pounds.

    I did a weight watchers program and that always works for me to drop a quick 4-5 pounds, but then I plateau. I sis dome research on BMR and TDEE and learned that Weight Watchers was having me eat too FEW calories, so my metabolism basically froze. Since I started eating at least my BMR every day I am losing weight again and am now up to almost 8 pounds lost since the start of the year. I’ve started using My Fitness Pal to track my calories and absolutely LOVE that site. Anyway, just a few ideas of what seems to be working for me since you don’t sound very excited about the prospect of doing WW again. 🙂

  3. WTG Crystal! I too met my exercise goals, but have neither gained or lost overall the past two weeks (:(, I had lost 5 lbs the week before), probably because I celebrated with relatives too much. Eating out and cooking for others seem to be my weaknesses. Maybe i should measure my arms, waist hips and calves and see if I am toning up? Good idea Denise! HIIT …High intensity Interval Training. I took a quick trip thru several articles and ended up at Amazon to buy a Body Bug, lol. The article that redirected me said it was a page that had individual body calcs ….and body bug looks like a watch but tracks everything from body temp to steps, it allows you to plug it in to a PC and track everything online, and it isn’t available right now, but there are like 50 other gadgets like it for sale.
    Seems HIIT will help increase muscles at a very good rate and increase calorie burning, but for some individuals, it actually makes them hungry, so weight loss is minimal, but its good for healthy numbers. Trouble is it can be bad for joints, unless you use biking, swimming, and low impact combos, which are hard to raise your heart rate long enough to get the burn.
    I think I will need to work up to HIIT, as I keep falling when I even try to walk fast. I have some joint problems. But Crystal may get a kick out of the program. it sets you up to compete against your self for better numbers …more steps, better heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose, that sort of thing, without too much stressing about losing weight. I remember having fun trying to get up to 10K steps while shopping, running errands and picking my gorgeous girls from school. The kids helped by picking up my meter and shaking it, lol. Good times!

  4. @Steven, thanks for the suggestion.

    @Denise, I pay attention to how my pants fit. Right now, they are sort of tight, so I want to lose another 2 inches or so…

    @Tony, thanks for the suggestion!

    @retired, cooking for others is our weakness too. Glad you looked into HIIT for me! 😀 LOL, I can totally see one of us shaking the meter to add steps, lol.

    @krantcents, I hope so. I’ve went walking every day this week except Sunday…so I am aiming for another 6 days of activity even if it won’t be 7…

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