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Daisy Adopted – New Foster in the Works!

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After talking it over with Mr. BFS and weighing the pros and cons, we decided to let go of Daisy.  A super nice family adopted her last Saturday.  😀  We’re happy for the family and Daisy, and we will remember the nice month that we had with her.  Now we’re looking forward to the next foster that we’ll probably get this week.

SMART Animal Rescue

Daisy’s Forever Family

The couple is sweet, seems to be in the 45-50 year old range, and has a 17 year old kid and a 10 year old Beagle mix.  I feel great about the match since it is obvious that they’ll take great care of her and were ready for her little puppy issues.  While the husband finished the adoption paperwork, the wife took care of buying Daisy a good kennel, the same food that she was eating with us, a travel dog bowl, and a couple of toys (they agreed with me on loading up somewhere cheaper).

Daisy and their Beagle mix had met at a dog park at noon.  When it was obvious that those two could get along, and that Daisy was sweet to all of the other dogs and people at the park, they decided to adopt.  This was after I let them know about every issue I could think of – all of her positives and negatives.  They had a wedding to attend at 5pm, yet they followed me to the Petsmart that the rescue works out of at 1:30pm.  They even texted me a couple of updates later to let me know that Daisy settled in well and even got to sleep on their bed.  Thank you, awesome couple!

They know that they can bring her back to SMART if they ever need to give her up and they have all of my personal contact info too.

Our New Foster

That’s one successful adoption down and countless to go.  Katie, SMART’s adoption and foster placement specialist, is now choosing our next foster.  We’ll either be getting a 1 year old sweety named Dale or a playful, trained 1.5 year old cutey named Lucy.  I’ll update you when he/she is placed at our house. Mr. BFS and I are excited to meet either one of them and get to know another puppy.

Fostering rocks!  I’d highly suggest it to anyone who likes animals and can stand the idea of them coming and going frequently.  🙂

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5 thoughts on “Daisy Adopted – New Foster in the Works!

  1. Crystal, I’m so happy for Daisy! As I read your post, however, I just can’t help think of how much of a TOTAL MESS I would be if I had to give up a dog I had taken care of for a month. You’re a great animal advocate. I hope Daisy has a great future ahead of her.

  2. @Mortgage Free Mike, it teared me up for about 5 minutes and then I was just happy she found a good family (and that I wouldn’t need to watch her like a hawk every time she was out of her kennel to make sure she wasn’t chewing on something she shouldn’t be). Now we are excited to meet our next foster. 🙂

  3. Crystal: I just love this story. There are so many ways to help out in this world. You seem comfortable in this role that would be hard for others. ; )

    Maybe you could do an online fundraiser ???

    Have fun.
    ~ Christie

  4. I’m so bad at letting them go, but everyone you find a good home for means another one you can save. Congrats on success.

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