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Don’t Waste My Time!

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I am using today’s post to vent.  If that’s not your thing, please feel free to click on yesterday’s post instead.

Don't Waste My Time

Wednesday was an awful day for Mr. BFS.  It started with a dentist appointment (periodontal maintenance 3 months after the uber-work was done).  That was followed with 2.5 hours of purely wasted time.

The Situation

Mr. BFS was recently elected to be a representative for his division of the Texas Association of Sports Officials (TASO).  It’s a volunteer position, takes more time, and the only benefit seems to be networking.  But Mr. BFS is excited about it and ready to work.  🙂

His first order of business was to pick up some supplies from the previous rep…easy, right?

The previous rep asked Mr. BFS to pick up the stuff from his office, so they made an appointment to meet after the dental appointment.  Mr. BFS drove the half hour and arrived as agreed upon, but the other guy wasn’t there.  His staff asked my husband to wait a little while for the guy to pop up…and continued that request every 15-20 minutes for more than an hour.  My hubby finally said he couldn’t wait any longer, the staff convinced him to stay for another 15 minutes while they tried emailing the guy again, and then they all finally gave up and my husband headed home.  Altogether, that wasted 2.5 hours of driving and waiting of our work afternoon.

On that drive home, the rude guy finally called.  Apparently an “emergency” popped up, he quickly apologized, and he asked if my husband had left the office already.  Since he had, he asked if Mr. BFS would come again on Thursday instead for lunch (his treat).  Mr. BFS agreed and picked up his stuff and ate Subway on Thursday.

My Problem

Okay, so my husband got the stuff and the guy quickly apologized.  BUT, why didn’t he call my husband or even his own staff if he couldn’t make it?!  Even if he had done that after Mr. BFS arrived, it would have saved time.  AND, why would he ask my husband to come back again?  Isn’t it common courtesy to drop the crud off yourself if you stood someone up for an hour and a half?

Why is it okay to waste someone’s time?

In my opinion, time is priceless.  Not calling to give my husband a head’s up is literally the same as wasting part of his life.  We all waste time in our lives voluntarily, but wasting other people’s time is theft.  That line of thinking may seem extreme, but is it incorrect?

A 10-15 minute wait here and there seems to be a normal part of life, so we all have ways of coping.  For example, games on your phone or bringing a book.  But my husband wasn’t prepared for any sort of wait – especially one that lasted more than an hour.  He could have knocked out a ton of work in that hour if he knew to bring his laptop.  Or he could have caught up on a good book.  No warning and no updates literally meant he was sitting there twiddling his thumbs once the battery ran down on his phone.

The long and short of it – DON’T WASTE MY TIME.

I would have left way before my husband.  Mr. BFS never even brought it up again the second visit.  Maybe that makes him better at keeping things mellow than me.  But it also means that more people will take advantage of his time.  Everyone in my life knows how important this is to me.  Overall, this has led to way less time wasted and way more goals accomplished.

What’s your hot button issue?  How angry are you when someone wastes your time?

PS  I was thinking about this after I wrote this, and I remembered a scene from a 1980’s B-movie, Krull, that has always been one of my favorites.  When this sand of life flows away, the side hero in this scene will die.  So will the woman being guarded by the spider.  This tells us two things:

1.  Time is fleeting and priceless.
2.  B-movies can be awesome!  🙂

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  1. Yeah, telling someone you are going to meet them at a specific time and then not showing up is ridiculous. Obviously, the emergency wasn’t of a nature where he was going to be tied up on it for several hours in a row because he did eventually call. I think it just slipped his mind and he made up a story on the fly.

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