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Doctor Who – a Ghandi / Bruce Willis Combo

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Okay, so Isabelle and Ivy have been trying to get me to watch at least the “new” series of Doctor Who ever since I started hanging out with them back in 2009.  I found it on Netflix a few months ago and have been snatching time to watch here and there ever since…


Doctor Who and Money

Dr. Who travels back and forth through space and time, so he is generally broke.  But his sonic screwdriver is really useful on whatever ATM-like device that’s around.  In short, Dr. Who is a time-travelling, world saving, thief (when necessary).  😉

I do notice that most of the bad guys are evil aliens or super rich humans that go power crazy.  But they also show a few rich humans that are using their resources to battle it out with the bad guys too.  I laughed at a mention, “Who would have thought how much we’d miss Bill Gates?”.  🙂

All of that said, my main money conclusion when watching Dr. Who is that what you do with your life matters way more than how much money you gather up.  I already knew that little tidbit of life, but I do enjoy watching a show that values experiences over cash 100% of the time.

Doctor Who and Life

Am I the only one that sometimes thinks that David Tenant’s Dr. Who is like a mixture of Ghandi/Mother Theresa and Bruce Willis/Daniel Craig?  On one hand, he just wants everyone to love each other and get along.  On the other, if you step over the line after he warns you, he will kill you or punish you in ways that will make you wish that you were dead.  It’s sort of amazing to watch.  I am constantly yelling at the screen, “Listen to him!  He will fricking kill you!  Stop being so stupid!”  😀

Anyway, I agree with him.  On my best days, the ones that I am actually living up to my own expectations, I am friendly, helpful, and kind to absolutely everyone.  But if you decide to be a bully, a prejudiced asswipe, or a general douche, I will call you on it.  I also will publicly make a scene (very rarely…but certain behaviors set me off).

Life Examples

For example, if I am behind someone in a checkout line who is having to make up their mind on what they can buy in their cart because they are a few dollars short, I cover it.  I have done this for years.

On the other hand, some bully a few months ago (now known as The Douche) was chatting away on his cell phone and decided to park at the end of an open check out aisle.  I tried to get his attention to see if he was actually in line or not, but decided it was a waste and just pulled over to a different line.  But another guy had the same problem as me, so he decided to pull into the aisle after attempting to get the other guy’s attention twice.  The Douche decided to start fussing at him loudly about cutting…

I stopped him mid-sentence.

I let him know in no uncertain terms that he was off in la-la land and no one could get his attention.  If he wanted to be angry at someone, he could dang well take it up with me.  He looked absolutely pissed and baffled at the same time.  But he shut the heck up.  A manager asked if we had any problems, and I said we would be fine…and that we would have been even better if The Douche could have gotten off his phone long enough to pick a damn aisle.  If looks could kill, The Douche and I would have died together.  But he continued to keep his trap shut and didn’t get back on the phone as far as I could see all through checking out.  🙂

Honestly, I don’t care about being on cell phones 99% of the time.  But getting angry at someone else because you aren’t paying attention is just unacceptable.

Maybe Dr. Who could have handled it differently.  He could have used the sonic screwdriver to just have The Douche’s cart fall apart.  That would have ended it too.  But like I said, I have to be having a very good day to know how to handle everything absolutely correctly.

Do you watch Doctor Who?  Do you have Doctor Who moments?

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5 thoughts on “Doctor Who – a Ghandi / Bruce Willis Combo

  1. Oh, I love it! Cell phones seem to drag people in to another reality. I’m always hearing info that is personal … and I don’t want to hear it!
    ~ C

  2. That’s funny. I just started watching Dr. Who a few weeks ago. I am actually watching an episode right now. I’m up to Season 3, Episode 1 – The Runaway Bride. Great show!

  3. My daughter and I have watched Dr. Who for years. She’s going off to college on Wednesday and I’m going to miss watching it with her….but I will still watch!

    Love your stories. Honestly, you were a lot nicer to the douche on the cell phone than I would have been.

  4. @Jen, lol. I think I made everybody sort of embarrassed…people don’t like confrontations…

    @Christie, me neither!

    @Travis, I’m in mid-season 4 right now. Good luck to us both to finish soon!

    @Betsy, then I would have paid to see how you would have handled it! 😉

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