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What is Your Dream Home?

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I am enjoying catching up on Dee’s blog, Losing Stuff Gaining Freedom.  She is getting ready to move into a 20 foot trailer as her living space for at least a year, so she is shedding her belongings and prepping for living light.  This got me thinking…

Dee's Trailer

We Like Our Home

I enjoy my home.  It’s fantastic for my husband and me right now.  It’s the opposite dream from Dee’s though – definitely not minimalist.  It’s 3750 square feet with 5 bedrooms and 4 full baths.  I’ll admit it, it’s a McMansion.  And I love it.

Our Home

My husband and I work from home and two of our friends live with us too, so we do make use of the space.  The 4 of us rarely get in each other’s way but we have the room in any one area to hang out together too.  My husband and I share an office and frequently can be found hanging out together in the media room, but when we want to be apart, we can be.  He can watch sports downstairs while I watch scary movies in the media room.  He can play video games in one room while I read a book in the library.  Overall, our dream space is just that – space.  But I’m not close-minded.  I can see the draw of living with less stuff.

Stuff does mean more maintenance.  Maintenance means time and time is precious.  So, as with money, it’s about finding the right balance for yourself.

What’s Your Dream Living Space?

Are you a minimalist?  Or do you want more house than you need?  What’s your personal dream home?

While I sit here and just think about it, my true “dream home” would be more handicapped accessible than what we have now.  When my grandparents visit, it’s become obvious that it is not friendly for anybody having difficulty getting around.  Steps to get into the house, tight corners, etc.  I’m betting we move within the next 20-30 years into a one-story home with a master bedroom, master bath, living room, and a media room that is similar to what we have now.  Then we’d just need 2-3 more bedrooms (an office and 1-2 guest bedrooms).  I would like our current kitchen, but I’d have set the built-in microwave a bit differently and we’d have a completely different dishwasher.  But we’d still be talking about 2000-2500 square feet.  I’m not a minimalist at heart.

That said, I am really looking forward to an overnight visit to Dee’s trailer when she moves in.  It will be insanely fun to have a sleepover in a home about the size of my dorm room in college.  I’m already thinking about talking from the couch and her from the bed, and possibly popping outside to have a small camp fire or something.  Sounds fun, right?!

What’s your dream home?

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10 thoughts on “What is Your Dream Home?

  1. Our home is similar to yours – Vonnie and I and the kids have our separate spaces if we want to be undisturbed, yet an open floor plan on the main level if we want to entertain or be together. Backs up to a park with plenty of lawn. However, inside the home I feel like more of a minimalist. I despise clutter, am always looking for stuff to throw away, and prefer that “hotel room” feel. LOL.

  2. As far as a home, I’m not worried about it being a mansion or not because it’s just my wife and I. We’re a very simple couple. But I do prefer a lot of land in a more private area. I like the idea of not being so close in space with my neighbors.

  3. If that’s your home, it’s really nice! I always look to bigger homes and say “maybe one day,” but honestly, our current apartment is 1,041 sq ft and it’s still more than we currently need. We’re not really planning for kids in the future, either, so I’d probably cap it off at 1,300 sq ft. Open concepts tend to make the space feel bigger, too. We have so much space in our living room and we don’t know what to do with it!

  4. I own a travel trailer similar to dee’s. After a weekend in the trailer with my boyfriend I am ready to be back in our 2000 sq ft house. I can’t shake the cramped feeling! The smallest I ever lived in was a 624 sq ft apartment (by myself!) and I felt clastrophic. I guess I’m a big house with lots of space type of girl.

  5. We’re not sure what our dream home is, and that is why we decided to put off our next home buying process and stay in our current house. We keep going back and forth about whether we want to live in the suburbs, city, or super rural with lots of land.

  6. Small house with a barn on 20 acres. I already have chickens on my quarter acre lot, but I would love to have a cow someday. My husband and I have always felt that the house is secondary to the land.

  7. @Travis, I think I prefer the “hotel room” feel too, but things seem to enter my home when I’m not looking…

    @Dave, we have friends the same way. Smaller home for this area but lots of land. 🙂

    @EM, I remember the apartments days when our 1050 sq. ft. one seemed HUGE. And that was only about 8 years ago…

    @Kay, I feel about the same. 🙂

    @Michelle, it’s a good idea to hold off on buying if you haven’t narrowed it down yet, lol. Good luck!

    @MFM, sounds classic. 🙂

    @Zendelle, Texas would be your little heaven…there’s lots of people here that buy their 15-20 acres, build their home, and then raise animals. 🙂

  8. I am torn about my dream forever home. It seems to change day to day.. I want space.. and not to fill it. I want cleanliness but not to have to spend forever cleaning. I don’t earn so much that I want to spend for a house cleaner..

    If I have a kid I’d want a yard.. if not, I want a small yard that becomes a producing garden.

    I like the “tiny houses” that you can find on tumble weeds. I am not sure that is really enough space for me in the long run though. I think that if I ever get a house, I will keep one room just empty. White walls, windows a ceiling fan and clean empty walls. A room for decompressing and focusing.

    On that note.. I need to go try and catch up on the Mayday challenge.

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