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Explore the Benefits of Pet Insurance with Health IQ

Many people know how important health insurance is, but have you considered the value of making sure everyone in your household has coverage? Your children are probably already included under your current plan, but what about your pets? Dogs, cats, and any other pets can get sick unexpectedly, whether they develop a disease, need surgery, or swallow something they shouldn’t have. Pet insurance can help you pay for veterinary costs related to these issues, and this insurance can give you peace of mind knowing that if your pets get sick, you’ll be able to afford their sick care.

Selecting a pet insurance policy can be as complicated as finding health insurance for everyone in your family. Each policy will offer to cover a certain percentage of costs after deductibles, and the amount you must pay in deductibles before insurance coverage begins will also vary. Regardless, many people can find a number of excellent reasons why their pets would benefit from pet insurance.

Some people never consider health insurance for their pets, but that oversight can be a costly mistake. Whether you need to keep up on vaccinations or you move to a new city and have to update your vet records, pet insurance can lighten the load on your bank account. Are you ready to learn more? Take a quiz to learn more about protecting your pet with pet insurance and how pet insurance policies can benefit your family. offers a variety of quizzes covering family financial topics such as life insurance and pet insurance.

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