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Fit in a Fun Friday – Beach House Weekend with Friends for the Win!!!

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Last weekend was absolutely awesome because I spent it with my husband and friends in a new place!  Specifically, we spent Friday through Sunday at a beach house in Galveston – a full weekend of eating, hanging out on the beach, and board gaming into the wee hours of the morning.  It was awesome AND a comparably cheap vacation!

The Beach House Search

Our friend, N, came up with the idea a couple of months ago to rent out a beach house for the weekend.  Most of our board gaming group were just hanging out at his house and got really excited when he mentioned it.  Over the next few weeks, N and I chatted about it a bit, narrowed down our weekend choices to what would work the best for the most of us, and then he started the beach house search.

We had a group of 10-12 people and wanted enough space for everyone.  N also was 100% positive that we needed a place right on the beach…like walk out of the house and onto the sand.  I wasn’t sure that was necessary (and I was wrong, lol), but I thought we all needed a real bed to sleep on.  No sofa beds or couches – actual mattresses.  He wasn’t sure that was necessary (and he was wrong, hahaha), but he started his hunt for a place with enough beds for all of us and direct beach access.

And he found it!  Check this out!

Our Actual Beach House

Beach House Setup

Overall, the beach home we ultimately rented had 3 actual bedrooms and a loft area with a total of 2 Queen beds, 2 sets of bunkbeds (4 beds), and 4 singles up in the loft.  That ended up being perfect for our group.

2 couples were assigned the Queens, the four single bachelors stayed on the beds in the loft, and Mr. BFS, our friend D, my sister, and I stayed in the bunk bed room (well, my sister ended up being invited to a different beach weekend of fun, but she had a bed with us technically, lol).  I actually chose the bunk beds specifically so I could have a bottom bunk and stay as far away from natural sunlight as possible, lol.

1st Queen Bedroom


2nd Queen Bedroom

Our Bunk Bed Room

Beds in the Loft

Other than beds inside, we also had 2 full bathrooms (one with a tub), a washer and dryer, a full kitchen with a great dishwasher, and enough seating space for all 11 of us!  Outside had even more seats, a long picnic table under the deck, a charcoal grill, and enough parking for 6-8 cars.  It really ended up being absolutely perfect for us.

Deck with a Great View

More DeckPicnic Table and Grill Under the House

Beach House Sunset

The Cost

The best part of our weekend away was probably that it didn’t cost nearly as much as you would think.  Since it’s off-season, N was able to get the beach house from Friday at 3pm through Monday morning at 10am for $1320 with all cleaning fees and everything…so it was $110 per person (remember there were 12 of us…one just had a better offer, lol).  The only extra expenses were things like food (although the rest of the group provided 99% of that), gas to get there, charcoal, and other consumables.

Here was what it ended up costing Mr. BFS and I:

  • Beach house – $220
  • Food – $30
  • Gas – $14
  • Putt-Putt golf on Saturday – $16
  • General Organizing Time – $N/A
  • Mr. BFS Grilling Time – $N/A
  • TOTAL = $280

That’s less than $300 for a great weekend away.  Totally worth it.  Next time, we will probably chip in way more (like $50 more) for groceries since the organizing will be way easier, but Mr. BFS may always get to eat pretty much for free as long as he doesn’t mind operating the grill for every meal.  Our next plan is to organize the weekend AND the food, divide that up between all of the participants, buy the groceries the night before leaving (using coolers), and then we can enjoy every minute of the weekend without having to make any 30-40 mile round trips for supply runs.  We were not nearly as organized as we could have been, but we still all seemed to have a great time.

Look Into It

Whether or not you live next to water, I highly suggest figuring out if you and a group of friends can escape for the weekend to somewhere new.  It could be a beach house, a bed and breakfast, a cabin in the woods, whatever.  Just see if you and yours can escape somewhere away from your normal responsibilities and just enjoy each other’s company.  It’s more than worth it…especially if you can work the numbers in advance and find a great deal.  😀

Have you taken trips with friends?  Any upcoming plans?

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13 thoughts on “Fit in a Fun Friday – Beach House Weekend with Friends for the Win!!!

  1. Sounds like ana amazing weekend. I am nowhere close to the beach though, so my travel costs would skyrocket. However, some friends and I have done something similar in renting a mountain cabin. Works out equally as well!

  2. Beach House getaways are great! My wife’s side of the family has been renting a beach house for a week each summer for the past 35 years or so. A real family tradition. I think it started out as a 3 or 4 bedroom back then and now we’re up to 9 bedrooms with 22 people !

    Glad you had a great time!

  3. That looks like a ton of fun. I love weekend getaways. Unfortunately I might die at the beaches here in Ontario this weekend. Mother Nature has decided to give us snow at the beginning of spring lol.

    What are your thoughts on camping? This is super-fun in the summer. Last summer, I went with the girl I was seeing and another couple. We had a blast. The fire was going until the early hours and jokes were pulled until we lost our voices.

  4. @Adam, yep, a mountain cabin works great too!

    @Michelle, I hope you have a GREAT time!

    @Joe, that is a great tradition!

    @Martin, I’ve never actually been camping for real. I grew up in a home in the middle of a national forest, so we got the nature without the sleeping on the ground, lol.

    @Lance, wow, yeah. We live 70 miles from Galveston, so it feels like escaping.

  5. Your post reminded me of our group of friends from the city where we previously lived. We gather in a house once a week and go on out-of-town trips once every three months, or whenever there is a special occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, or and the kids request for it. With the frequency of the trips, it may look expensive. But because the expenses were divided into the whole group, it does not affect our budget and savings. Furthermore, it was indeed a fun activity with family and friends.

  6. that sounds like so much fun! And I definitely agree that you have to have a beach house ON the beach! My friends and I are planning renting a cottage this summer when we`re attending a friend`s wedding.

  7. So, are you saying you go back to Houston for a supply run (30-40 miles is what you mentioned)? I ask that because I go to Galveston a LOT and haven’t seen anything 30-40 miles away from civilization, and the island itself is only 27 miles long 🙂 We usually only spend one night there, the night before a cruise, but still we might consider a beach house at some point (maybe a little smaller one, heh.) So, where (in general – I don’t need specifics) on the island is this house?

  8. That sounds like such a fun weekend. I would love to do something like that. Maybe get a group of friends together to do something similar. I love it that you’re both involved and the get togethers are male and female. A lot of times the events bf and I do seem to separated by sex.

  9. @Cherleen, sounds like a ton of fun! Hope you can make friends like that now too.

    @Melinda, I would highly suggest it! Email me if you want a link to the place we stayed. 🙂

    @The Norwegian Girl, hope you have a ton of fun!

    @Georgene, we were 19 miles down Seawall Blvd, so we had to drive nearly 40 miles roundtrip just to get to 61st street and Seawall Blvd (closest real grocery store). I’ll email you the link and you can browse other options too. 🙂

    @KK, don’t tell anyone, but I generally think co-ed get togethers are way more fun than just girls night or boys night…more points of views and different senses of humor. 🙂

    @Tony, you’re welcome!

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