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Fit in a Fun Friday – Disc Golf is Addictive!

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I just started a new hobby, and I am hooked!  Disc golf (aka frisbee golf) is awesome!  It’s generally cheap, gets me off my butt, and is fun even though I stink at it, lol.

Disc Golf Breakdown

Okay, so you need to know some stuff before you’ll know if disc golf is really for you.

1.  You will be throwing different kinds of frisbees, known as discs, and they come in types like golf clubs.  The drivers are thin and for distance, the midranges are for the throws on your way to the basket, and the putters look like the classic kid frisbee I grew up with and are used for short throws.  You may truly suck – have fun with it anyway.

2.  You will be throwing towards a basket that looks really odd (see picture).  You have to land in the chains part, not on top.

Disc Golf Basket

3.  You can find free and paid courses very easily by visiting  The paid courses have a little icon that the free courses don’t.  This site gives you all sorts of course info – very useful!  We found a few free courses to try out over the next few weeks.

4.  Go with friends.  Really.  Disc golfing by yourself may be great, but laughing along with someone else is even better.  And if you don’t have any friends that want to try, make a couple at the course.  No kidding.  We went out for the first time last Sunday and an avid disc golfer with his pooch adopted our group and played along with us.

Disc Golf Cost

This really is a hobby that doesn’t have to cost much.  I mean, you can go wild if you want (like with anything), BUT here is all you really need:

  • Discs.  In fact, you really only need a driver to have a good time.  You can get one from Academy for $7, look at Craigslist and Ebay for deals, or even buy a starter set from Amazon for around $20 that will give you a driver, midrange, and a putter.
  • Course.  Again, use to find one.
  • Bag for water and discs.  You can splurge if you want, but I just grabbed an old bag and threw our discs into it.  One of our friends did the same thing except he carried the water (yeah, we got the best end of that deal…).

That’s it.  You can really just get started right now with a single $7 disc.  Three out of six of us did the whole course with just a driver last week.  Hubby, me, and the avid disc golfer were the only ones to use anything else.

We Splurged

Since Mr. BFS and I wanted several of our friends to come on our first trip last weekend, we splurged a little bit.  I bought 4 drivers, 1 midrange, and 2 putters.  Altogether, I spent about $60 at Academy on Saturday, but I wanted to make sure we all could play without everyone scurrying around Sunday morning before we met up.

It ended up working out really well for us.  Everyone had their own driver last week, and we now have 5 drivers to practice with at the empty utility easement next to our house.  I need to keep practicing…the guys were kicking my butt last week and I refuse to lose by double again.  I still don’t have the distance Mr. BFS can get on his first throw, but I am much better than last Sunday.  We’ll see how much better this coming weekend.  😀

Have you ever played disc golf?  What do you think?

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12 thoughts on “Fit in a Fun Friday – Disc Golf is Addictive!

  1. I see those disc golf holes up in a few parks locally. I had never thought about giving it a go until this post 🙂 Now I’ll be giving it a try. I even started to google it a bit and am really impressed with the range and variety of the types of discs lol – it’s way more complex than I thought originally!

  2. Never heard of disc golf. I wonder if our county has a “range” somewhere around here? We generally just walk the dogs and take photos. Or play with our new pets and take pictures. Or plant something and take pictures. Or go practice driving with our teen and try to stay positive and encouraging; but I need some more practice with the positive and encouraging part.
    Will look into this. You should try to get Academy to advertise today too, lol. I guess Amazon is pretty good though. Although I have a complaint, what’s up with the pop up ads on Amazon? You know, those creepy ads that show up at the bottom of the page. If you click em they fill the entire page. See them on Yahoo and almost everywhere. Real bummers.

  3. I love this game, but I actually call it “Frisbee Golf” I had no idea it had a more proper name? I like it because you don’t have to really be athletic to play. It is one of the few games I can beat the boys at. Plus, the pug can come along.

  4. I do an outdoor boot camp type exercise class in the summer, and one of our classes was at the disc golf course. We all had to take turns throwing the disc, and ever how many throws our team had we had to do that number of an exercise when we got to the basket. Most people really suck at disc golf, so we did lots of exercises, but it was fun. We hit cars, pedestrians, no one was off limits.

  5. Thanks for posting this. We are going to a campground, this summer, that has disc golf. We’ll definitely give it a try.

  6. The park in our town had those nets, and for the longest time I didn’t know what they were. If it’s as fun as the Wii version, then it must be a blast. Sounds like it would be a great date game too.

  7. I love disc golf! I am more of an ultimate frisbee player, but occasionally I like to play disc golf with friends. It is really fun and chill, and definitely more fun in groups.

  8. @Nunzio Bruno, cool beans! Hope you have a great time!

    @retired, I hate pop up ads. I have no idea why so many people click on them, but they get great click-through rates which is why they exist. If you ever see one here on BFS, please let me know since that means I was hacked. I won’t do that you people.

    @Emily, that is AWESOME! I actually love Ticket to Ride, which is one mentioned. 🙂

    @Melinda, your pug must be in way better shape than my poor pug, lol.

    @Tony, thanks!

    @Kim, LOL, sounds awesome!

    @Jan, have fun! We went again late today on a really fast course even though it was muddy. Still fun. 🙂

    @Rob, try it out!

    @KC, I almost replied “why wait for summer?” and then realized that you probably live somewhere with that white stuff…it’s called “snow”, right? 😉

    @CYH, yes, definitely. The more, the merrier. 🙂

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