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Fit in a Fun Friday – Rupaul’s Drag Race Makes Me Want to Shop!

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Okay, so I’ve said it a few times, but I generally don’t shop.  In fact, my recent black dress purchase from Goodwill was the first clothing I bought for myself in at least a year other than undergarments.  That said, two things happened this week that makes me think that I need to clean out my closet a little bit more to make room for some new outfits.

Post Caught My Eye

First, I quickly read a post this week that I can’t find again.  Help me out – I really would love to link to it.  It was a guest post or staff writer contribution on a personal finance blog about this very awesome lady that has lost 98 pounds, went from a size 22 to an 8, and just rewarded herself with a shopping trip to get a spring and summer wardrobe.  I was BLOWN away at all of the clothing she bought for $38!!!  It was 13 blouses, 3 pairs of shoes, and some other stuff too.  And it looked great.  How cool is that?!  Does anybody know what post I am talking about?  It was within the last week…


Rupaul’s Drag Race

Then I was introduced to Rupaul’s Drag Race via Season 2 on Netflix.  Yeah, most of the outfits are over the top – duh, it’s drag.  😉  BUT I was completely blown away about some of the looks!   I mean, I wasn’t surprised that some of those men make some really gorgeous women.  But I was very surprised that I sort of wanted to pop into the tv screen and snatch away some outfits for myself.  I mean, I’d have to cut a ton of fabric off to get them to fit a 5’2″ lady, but I think I could pull off at least a couple of the looks, hahaha.

My Fashion Plans

I was a size 16 in 2010, went down to a size 10-12 in 2011, and am hovering around a solid 12-ish right now.  I may be seriously trying to lose the last few pounds and maintain it from then on later this year, but I would like to dress up a bit in the meantime too.  Thanks to my sister, I just learned how to put on basic makeup properly again (a skill I used in high school and then completely forgot about).  I even bought all of the basics I needed for less than $40.  Clothing-wise, I rarely wear anything but yoga pants and a tshirt around the house and jeans and blouse outside of it.  It may be time to find a great black skirt again or maybe even some summer dresses.  I think I hear Goodwill calling my name…

Have you ever been motivated to dress up a bit more?

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9 thoughts on “Fit in a Fun Friday – Rupaul’s Drag Race Makes Me Want to Shop!

  1. I’m like you. I haven’t bought a new pair of jeans in like 3 years (I’m down to only one without holes in the knees). I haven’t bought a new pair of tennis shoes in 4 years.

    The only dressing up I’m gonna do is for my wedding next year. Luckily my fiancee doesn’t like tuxes so I’ll just be wearing a nice suit.

  2. When I got the really great administrative job at the Great Desert University, I briefly imagined I wanted to go around looking like a grown-up.

    Then reality intruded: cute shoes hurt my feet, and the hike from the parking to our office was almost a mile. We stocked Bandaids in a file drawer so the young women on our staff could patch up their feet after they limped in the door.

    Skirts and good wool pants are mighty uncomfortable. The kind of bra I had to wear to look decent in a good top: that was even more uncomfortable.

    Our office’s jobs did not require us to meet the public, and most of our interactions with the office’s faculty clients took place by e-mail.

    And except for my dean, who was privileged to park in a structure attached to her office building and who dwelt in the Halls of Power, no one else dressed to the nines for the office.

    Didn’t take long to figure out that there was no need to make myself uncomfortable. Today I dress up my Costco jeans with pretty tops and sweaters from an upscale consignment shop. Just last week I moved the “casual” rags into the master-bedroom closet and the “good” clothes into the back room’s closet. Welcome home, beloved bluejeans!

  3. I find I never need much dressing up anymore. All of my “good” clothes are slowly being used as gardening and outdoor outfits. So now I am running out of any outfits that are not paint spattered, died purple from Wound Kote, or worn down at the knees and bottom side, so its off to do some shopping for myself and growing teen soon.
    Yes, we have been thinking about going to the Goodwill Store. We will toss some bags of old clothes in the rag bag down in the garage to help with pet care, donate any with any that look good, then browse through some of the bigger Goodwill Stores next week for replacements. Only thing I do not like about going to thrift stores is the way they tear outfits apart. You have to go to the jacket section for jackets, pants for pants,….so that you never get the original sets back together, or very rarely. Even that isn’t too bad, as sometimes I can come up with one really great black, blue, or gray jacket that matches everything else I am buying. I did splurge this year on a designer dress to wear to an office party. Since it was cancelled I was going to return the dress, but its still in the closet. I think I really like that dress, now to find some place to wear it…maybe go to an afternoon ballet? The upscale entertainment is always less expensive in the afternoon.
    Hope everyone enjoys their weekend however they choose to spend it! Good luck clothes hunting Crystal!

  4. Up until last year I really had no interest clothes since I had been in high school. Then I got a job where I actually had to dress up lol. I ended up loving the confidence I felt when I put myself together so I have now rekindled my romance with clothes!

  5. I love shopping for clothes, but it got a little outta hand, so for the past two years i ‘ve had the New Year’s resolution to only buy something to replace something (I stain my clothes a lot while cooking) and then only when 8 have a serious coupon and/or sale. Lane Bryant has been mailing out coupons for $15 dollars off of $15. I’ve managed to keep every item of clothing aroung $6.

  6. I like dressing up (not formal, just fun tops and jeans and leggings) and doing my hair and makeup on the weekends. For everyday work, I don’t really dress up. I work with low-income and formerly homeless folks, so I’d feel weird dressing “fancy” and wouldn’t want to create a barrier between myself and my clients. I wear mostly nice jeans, cords, and sweaters this time of year. Sometimes I wear corduroy skirts with boots.

  7. I try to dress up everyday because appearance is quite important in my opinion. That being said, I have been itching to go to goodwill and buy a few more basics, and then buy my more fashionable clothes at Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe since it will be out of style next season. I love buying clothing though.

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