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Fit in Some Fun Challenge Results – Board Game Geek Conference

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Two weeks ago I challenged everybody to fit in something fun by today.  How did we all do?

Board Game Geek Convention (aka BGG Con)

I met my goal and spent 5 days geeking it out with board games in Dallas, TX!  It was awesome!  Overwhelming and exhausting, but totally awesome too!!!

We made it to Dallas last Wednesday afternoon to check into the Board Game Geek Convention and got home last night.  Overall, we had a blast despite the fact that Mr. BFS actually made the trip twice since his reffing crew had a playoff game to officiate in Houston on Friday.  It’s a 4 hour drive one way, so Mr. BFS ended up driving for about 16 hours of the last 100…

Day 1

The first day was very exciting because we just didn’t know what to expect.  Isabelle, Mr. BFS, and I found out there were 2100 tickets sold and the gamers had been arriving all week already and more were on their way.  We grabbed our “door prizes” for just buying a ticket (4 cool games for every attendee) and tried to get the lay of the land.  We ended up meeting a few of our board gamer friends from Houston, played a couple of games, and ate the dinner buffet offered in the hotel.  That is when we decided that we would eat away from the hotel the rest of the time since $30 for 2 people for some rubbery chicken-fried steak was a bit much.  But the sides were excellent, lol.

Day 2

Thursday was all about gaming, meeting people, and gaming some more.  I also was able to introduce Isabelle to a Waffle House for the first time.  🙂  Honestly, there isn’t a lot to say about Thursday unless you’ve heard about games like Ascension, Sentinels of the Multiverse, or even the more classic games like Smarty Party.  That and eating is pretty much what we did all day.

Day 3

Mr. BFS left around noon on Friday to make the roundtrip back to Houston for reffing.  Isabelle and I hung out, caught the shuttle bus to lunch, bought some snacks at Target, visited the vendors stations after lunch, and then played a few little games and drunk wine I brought.  I left around 7pm to play in the Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament, but I lost in about 2 hours so we just laughed and drank a little more after that.  😀

Day 4

Saturday was the catch-up day for Mr. BFS.  But somehow, he and Isabelle also got me to try an evil but cute-as-hell game called “Spellbound”.  It kicked our butts repeatedly.  Eventually, our friend John joined us and we won, but it literally took 8 tries…so we ended up playing for 4-5 hours.

Our little group of four also caught dinner together, attended the con’s closing ceremonies and drawings, and then participated in their “Game Show”.  This year’s theme was Family Feud and we ended up doing really well.  For a little while, we actually thought we had a shot for first, but a few mistakes cost us the win.  We happily took 2nd, played a game of Sentinels of the Multiverse afterwards, and headed to bed really late…like 3:30am.

Day 5

Sunday was mainly spent checking out from the hotel, grabbing lunch with friends, and heading home.  But we did play a game of “Cavemen: The Quest for Fire” before heading out and I would really like to play again despite losing.  So that is on my Christmas wishlist now.  🙂

Overall – Goal Accomplished

Despite the hotel costs being around $325 for our part, we didn’t splurge too much on anything else.  So with the tickets, hotel, driving costs in the Prius, and food, we still kept it all to $500-$600.  That’s an expensive weekend, but a cheap vacation.  Here’s a huge shout out to my in-laws for watching our pups like usual!  And for everybody at the conference that helped us truly fit in a ton of fun!!!

Your Goals

Here were some of the goals left in the comments.  How did you do?

MANDY @MONEYMASTERMOM – How did the Thai chef and friends work out?  That sounded like a really great time in the works!

CHRISTINE – Did you make it to the zoo again?  I have always loved visiting zoos…try to visit one in every major city I ever make it to…

CHRISTA – Did you attend that story hour at the library?

THOMAS S. MOORE – What free thing did you come up with?  😉

JENNA – Did you end up doing anything spontaneous?

KATHLEEN @ FRUGAL PORTLAND – Did you have fun dancing?

EMILY @ EVOLVINGPF – How did your housewarming go?  Ours was a blast!

[email protected] – Did the Polar Express train start up yet?

JEANETTE C. – Did “Lincoln” show up at the movie theaters yet?

VICTORIA @ LEND NOT BORROW  – How did your boyfriend’s birthday go?

MARIE – Sounds like movie night was a blast!

Thank you all for participating!!!  I’ll probably do another one of these after Christmas, but obviously, the point is just to remember to fit in some fun stuff.  All work and no play leads to a truly dull life (and a creepy movie apparently…).  😉

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11 thoughts on “Fit in Some Fun Challenge Results – Board Game Geek Conference

  1. Crystal – We had the Thai chef in yesterday to cater a meal for Derek, myself, and 7 of our dear dear friends. It was so great to be kid free, trying something new, and enjoying a 4 course, 4 hour dinner with friends. We got to learn new things about old friends. Can’t beat that!

  2. So of those games I have never heard of. Spellbound seems like a difficult but fun game. Not bad for such a long vacation in my opinion. Love the balance of savings and having fun.

  3. I’m proud to say we did ride the Polar Express last weekend. It is pricey, but we saved $8 a ticket doing it in November and then went out to dinner with a buy one get one half off coupon, so not too bad and our daughter had a blast.

  4. I’m happy to say that we attended a mom’s group and played with other babies. We didn’t make the story hour goal I had intended, but my dear daughter and I really enjoyed Mommy and Me!

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